Sex 14s and Dollar Bin present the Best of… 1972!

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Wednesday, February 6 - 6:00pm

Coming up on Wednesday, February 6th @ 6PM-9PM KALX DJ's Sex 14s and Dollar Bin travel 40 years back in time to the KALX of 1973 to do a Best of 1972 show. Nixon's just been sworn in for his second term, Liza and Marlon are up for Oscars, Kurt Cobain is 5 years old. Sex and Dollar sift through the dross and discover that 1972 is one of the best years for recorded music EVER.

Think Neil Young's "Harvest," Pink Floyd's "Obscured by Clouds," Can's "Ege Bamyas;" Randy Newman's "Sail Away;" Sandy Denny's "Sandy;" Roxy Music's debut album, the Stones' "Exile;" Miles' "On the Corner"… it goes on and on. We WILL run out of time, but we'll try our best to hit the highlights.