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VASAS artwork
Saturday, October 1st - 9:00pm
Posted on 9/27/2016

Tune in to KALX Live! on Saturday, October 1st @ 9PM to hear a live in-studio performance by VASAS!

Friday, September 30th - 9:00pm
Posted on 9/23/2016

Tune in on Friday, September 30th @ 9PM to hear guest-DJ Last Will interview Frank Portman during DJ Alisa's show! Dr. Frank is a former KALX DJ and the leader of the Mr. T Experience, the band that inspired the late 1980s East Bay pop punk scene from which Green Day emerged. He is also the author of the young adult novel King Dork. Frank and MTX are releasing "King Dork, Approximately," a new novel and album.

Nick Burnett doing field work. Photo credit: Rosemary Romero
Tuesday, September 27th - 9:00am
Posted on 9/21/2016

Join us for a new episode of The Graduates on Tuesday, September 27th @ 9AM as we speak with biologist Nick Burnett about his work in biomechanics. Nick is a PhD candidate in the Department of Integrative Biology. His research focuses on the biomechanics of intertidal sea kelp in the Pacific Ocean, and more specifically, what makes them able to survive in such a tumultuous environment. During the interview, Nick also talks about applying his research to other things that tangle, such as hair, and what it's like when your field site is in the ocean. 

Photo of Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes
Thursday, September 22nd - 6:30pm
Posted on 9/20/2016

Join DJ Meaty Paws on Thursday, September 22nd @ 6:30PM when he hosts Prairie Home Companion favorites, Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes for an in-studio performance and interview! Through masterful vocal harmonies, finger style guitar work, and powerful fiddle playing, the West Virginian duo create old-time, Appalachian inspired music with a modern twist.

Message from the City and County of San Francisco
Friday, September 23rd - 12:00pm
Posted on 9/19/2016

On the next Method to the MadnessSeptember 23rd @ noon, host Lisa Keifer interviews Jamie Brooks, the United States-based campaign manager for the Think Beyond the Pump campaign in partnership with the Canadian effort Our Horizon.

Spiral Groove logo
Saturday, September 24th - 10:30pm
Posted on 9/19/2016

Tune in on Saturday, September 24th @ 10:30PM after the Cal football game to hear Allen Perkins, owner and turntable designer of the Berkeley company Spiral Groove, interviewed by DJ Bison Run! Together, they'll be playing records and exploring the subject of vinyl.

Photo of bass guitars
Monday, September 19th - 11:59pm
Posted on 9/13/2016

On September 19th @ 11:59PM, DJ Amazing Grace presents another installation of her African Rock series on Radio Dunya! She plays her recent discoveries, 1960s to the present, from Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and even a jump north to Algeria.

Flags of the world
Tuesday, September 20th - 11:59pm
Posted on 9/13/2016

National Anthems will be the theme for Midnight Express airing on September 20th @ 11:59pm! DJ Amazing Grace brings you a collage of anthems from some 25 countries via brass bands, music boxes, singing choirs, orchestras, William Shatner, shouting choirs, and more surprise versions.

Photo of band Smokin' Ziggurats
Saturday, September 17th - 4:00pm
Posted on 9/12/2016

Tune in on Saturday, September 17th @ 4PM for an in-studio performance by the SF psychedelic garage rock band Smokin' Ziggurats! Originally recorded for KALX Live! on September 10th, the performance includes an interview with host DJ Matsu.

Photo of Amy Strom
Tuesday, September 13th - 9:00am
Posted on 9/7/2016

The Graduates is back for the Fall semester! Join us on Tuesday, September 13th @ 9AM for the first episode of the new school year, when we speak with Amy Strom from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology! Amy's work focuses on understanding how DNA is packaged, and how that packaging changes over time. In particular, Amy studies changes associated with aging and longevity. In the episode, Amy also talks about her past as a music minor, her days in the lab with fruit flies, and her work in science education and outreach.