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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:14am Willie Green- "Haunted Ocean" - Doc Savage (Backwoodz Studioz)
4:12am --- "--" - -- (--)
4:08am Fantastic Negrito- "Scary Woman" - The Last Days of Oakland (S/R)
4:02am Barbez- "Shema Koli" - Bella Ciao (Tzadik)
3:57am Blockhead- "Meet you at Tower Records" - Interludes After Midnight (Ninja Tune)
3:55am Clavvs- "Bloom" - World Underwater (S/R)
3:48am --- "--" - -- (--)
3:46am David WS- "Talarico" - Sambass 4
3:40am David WS- "Subida do Morro" - Sambass 4
3:35am Five Alarm Funk- "Power of Funk" - Sweat
3:30am --
3:26am Moon Kyung Lee (w/London Symphony Orchestra)- "Canzonetta Andante" - Tchaikovsky Works for Violin and Orchestra (Navona)
3:23am --
3:18am Ali Dineen- "Go, Stay" - Light Comes In (s/r)
3:15am Magnetic Fields- "Why I Cry" - Get Lost (Merge)
3:10am Teenage Fan Club- "Into the City" - Shadows (Merge)
3:05am Hinds- "Fat Calmed Kiddos" - Leave Me Alone (Mom and Pop)
3:04am Feelies- "Flag Day" - In Between (Bar None)
3:01am --
2:59am Webb Pierce- "Alla My Love" - The Best of Webb Pierce (MCA)
2:56am Jimmy Dean- "Daddy Stay Home" - Country Favorites with the Stonemason Family (Wyncote)
2:53am Truckstop Honeymoon- "Do You Really Have to Ask?" - Big Things and Little Things (s/r)
2:51am --
2:48am Stereo Total- "Supergirl" - monokini (KRS)
2:45am Ausmuteants- "Echo Beach" - single (Hozac)
2:43am Dead Ending- "Class War" - single (Alternative Tentacles)
2:38am Negativland- "The Violet Flame" - The Chopping Channel (Seeland)
2:36am Robin Trower- "Alathea" - For Earth Below (Chrysalis)
2:32am --
2:29am Jain- "Come" - The EP (RCA Victor)
2:26am Mayya and the Revolution Hell Yeah- "First Love" - Mayya and the Revolution Hell Yeah (s/r)
2:23am Gilligan Moss- "Ceremonial" - Ceremonial (soundcloud)
2:18am Emily Wells- "Antidote" - In the Hot (Thesis and Instinct)
2:14am --
2:10am Mod Hippie- "Up and Away" - Big Wow (Karma Frog)
2:08am Reducers- "Black Plastic Shoes" - Reducers (Rave On)
2:06am Heavy Times- "Black Sunglasses" - single (Hozac)
2:04am The Ogres- "Do The Crouch" - single (Hillsdale)
1:59am Old 97s- "Good With God" - Graveyard Whistling (ATO)
1:56am --
1:52am Nouvelle Vague!- "I Wanna Be Sedated" - I Could be Happy (Kwaidan)
1:49am Los Campesinos- "For Whom the Belly Tolls" - Sick Scenes (Wichita)
1:46am Let's Active- "In Between" - a foot (IRS)
1:42am Game Theory- "Erica's Word" - The Big Shot Chronicles (Enigma)
1:38am --
1:33am GoGo Penguin- "Branches Break" - Man Made Object (Blue Note)
1:30am Sun Kil Moon- "Among the Leaves" - Among the Leaves (Caldo Verde)
1:25am Nile Project- "Uruzi Nil" - Jinja (Zambaleta)
1:20am Kristine Barrett- "Egar Vetrar Okan Gra" - Ancestors (s/r)
1:17am --
1:14am Pentangle- "Springtime Promises" - Basket of Light (Reprise)
1:11am Mel Brooks- "Springtime for Hitler" - The Producers (movie) (RCA Victor)
1:07am Kinks- "Sunny Afternoon" - Face to Face (Castle)
1:03am Spring Break- "Slouch" - Departure Lounge (soundcloud)
1:00am --
12:51am Laurie Anderson- "O Superman (For Massenet)" - Big Science (Warner Brothers)
12:45am Peter Frampton- "Show Me The Way" - Frampton (A&M)
12:38am Kleeer- "Tonight" - Intimate Connection (Atlantic)
12:35am Young-Holt Unlimited- "Wah Wah Man" - Born Again (Atlantic)
12:26am Zapp- "I Can Make You Dance" - III (Warner Brothers)
12:22am Pete Drake- "Paradise" - Forever (Smash)
12:16am Afrika Bambaataa- "Planet Rock" - Don't Stop...Planet Rock (Tommy Boy)
12:10am Kraftwerk- "Trans Europe Express" - Trans Europe Express (Capitol)
12:02am Newcleus- "Computer Age (Push the Button)" - Jam On Revenge (Jam-On Recordings)
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:52pm Sleepytime Gorilla Museum- "Freedom Club" - ...of Natural History (Web of Mimicry)
11:49pm mic break
11:45pm Zeena Parkins- "Coda" - Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics (Good Child)
11:39pm Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld- "With the dark hug of time" - Never Were The Way She Was (Constellation)
11:37pm Dana Jessen- "Carve (postlude)" - Carve (Innova)
11:32pm Jet Black Pearl- "Waltzheimer" - Flop (Jet Black Pearl)
11:20pm Daniel Schmidt- "And the Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn" - In My Arms, Many Floewrs (Recital)
11:15pm mic break
11:10pm Hafler Trio- "The Real Name / Open Bank Is Closed" - The Man Who Tried To Disappear (Ossosnossos)
11:05pm Emily Wells- "Put It Down On Me" - In The Hot (Thesis & Instinct)
10:56pm Lawrence English- "side A (excerpt)" - The Peregrine (Experimedia)
10:52pm Mica Levi and Oliver Coates- "Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time" - Remain Calm (Slip)
10:49pm mic break
10:47pm Negativland- "Almost Every Time" - The Chopping Channel (Seeland)
10:43pm Leonard Cohen- "Leaving the Table" - You Want It Darker (Columbia)
10:38pm Hanne Hukkelberg- "The Pirate" - Rykestrasse 68 (Nettwerk)
10:32pm Olafur Arnalds- "Hjálmar Lárusson & Jónbjörn Gíslason: Jómsvíkingarímur - Ýta Eigi Feldi Rór -- Juliana Barwick: Forever" - LateNightTales (LateNightTales)
10:30pm Residents- "Smelly Tongues" - Meet the Residents (Ralph)
10:27pm mic break
10:17pm Crossing- "To the knees" - Seven Responses (Innova)
10:12pm Phillippe Petit- "The Dark Passenger" - Una Symphonia Della Paura (Utech)
10:03pm Daniel Menche- "Crawling Towards The Sun (excerpt)" - Crawling Towards The Sun (Soleilmoon)
9:57pm Kristine Barrett- "Oh Shenandoah" - Ancestors (Kristine Barrett)
9:53pm mic break
9:48pm Areon Flutes- "Dry Wind" - Thrive (Innova)
9:42pm Coelacanth- "Mud Wall (excerpt)" - Mud Wall (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
9:33pm Nordic Affect- "[:n:]" - Raindamage (Sono Luminus)
9:28pm Majesty's Monkey- "Criss Cross Applesauce" - unreleased (unreleased)
9:24pm mic break
9:20pm Joni Davis- "Silent At Sea" - A Bird's Heart (Joni Davis)
9:15pm Black Bird Stitches- "Sara Lane" - Black Bird Stitches (Black Bird Stitches)
9:09pm Jesca Hoop- "The Coming" - Memories Are Now (Sub Pop)
9:05pm Faun Fables- "Old Village Churchyard" - Early Song (Drag City)
8:55pm Negativland- "Everything's Fine" - The Chopping Channel (Seeland)
8:50pm Country Bears- "The Blue Grass Boys/Country Bear Jamboree" - The Official Album of Disneyland (Disneyland)
8:45pm Festus- "Talks Girls" - Sing's 'n Talks 'bout Dodge City 'n Stuff (Pickwick)