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Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
6:13pm Blevin Blechtum- "Cromis Part 1" - Emblem Album (Aagoo)
6:09pm Kid 606- "Buffalo 606 The Morning After" - Down with the Scene (Ipecac)
6:04pm Khan- "Super 8.5" - Passport (Matador)
6:00pm Dj Rashad- "Acid Kit" - Double Cup (Hyperdub)
5:55pm Hangedup- "Czech Disco" - S/T (Constellation)
5:47pm Sheng-xiang and Band- "Ah Kim Runs for Mayor" - I-Village (Wind Music)
5:43pm --- "--" - -- (--)
5:39pm Figurine- "Let's Make Our Love Song" - The Heartfelt (March)
5:38pm Nancy Adams- "Love" - Fantastic Mr. Fox (ABKCO)
5:35pm Noel Rosa- "Fita amarela" - Araci de Almeida (Continental)
5:30pm Kim Jung Mi- "Spring Spring Spring" - Now (World Psychedelia)
5:24pm Wu Tiao Ren- "Pigs in the City" - Some Other Scenery (Daoma)
5:21pm --- "--" - -- (--)
5:13pm Trio Quelque Chose- "Indiana Dunes" - Works for Horn, Piano & Violin (Kickshaw)
5:06pm Nils Frahm- "Familiar" - Spaces (Erased Tapes)
5:03pm Aisha Burns- "Nothing" - Life in the Midwater (Western Vinyl)
5:00pm --- "--" - -- (--)
4:55pm LCD Soundsystem- "Someone Great" - Sound of Silver (DFA)
4:53pm Erobique & Superschool- "Superschool" - Pop Tics (Bungalow)
4:47pm Rollerball- "Say It" - Two Feathers (North Pole)
4:45pm Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band- "Tabetai" - Take Me to the Land of Hell (Chimera Music)
4:42pm Kiln- "Jux" - Meadow: Watt (Ghostly International)
4:39pm --- "--" - -- (--)
4:35pm Yamantaka // Sonic Titan- "Saturn's Return" - Uzu (Suicide Squeeze)
4:29pm Goldfrapp- "Alvar" - Tales of Us (Mute)
4:25pm Juana Molina- "Eras" - Wed 21 (Crammed Discs)
4:15pm bvdub- "Two Hours to Forever (Just Ask Me, I'll Stay)" - Born in Tokyo (n5MD)
4:14pm --- "--" - -- (--)
4:12pm Arp- "V2 Slight Return" - More (A Small Town Supersound)
4:09pm Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra- "Visions" - Visions (Steeplechase)
4:02pm Laurel Halo- "Oneiroi" - Chance of Rain (Hyperdub)
3:55pm F/i- "Hit the Kill Switch, Eugene" - a Question for the Somnambulist (Strange Attractors Audio House)
3:54pm --- "--" - -- (--)
3:48pm Polyrhythmics- "Mr. Wasabi Rides Again" - Libra Stripes (Kept Records)
3:47pm Jacob Jarnigan- "Iceberg Marimba" - Drinking the Goat's Blood (RLR)
3:39pm Al Bilali Soudan- "Akadeija" - S/T (Clermont Music)
3:36pm Linda Thompson- "Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk (live)" - Won't Be Long Now (Pettifer)
3:33pm Georgia Gibbs- "Seven Lonely Days" - East Meets West (Fidelity Sound Archives)
3:30pm --- "--" - -- (--)
3:23pm Ivy Ling Po, Jing Ting, Liu Yun- "The Three Smiles" - The Three Smiles (EMI/Pathe)
3:20pm --- "--" - -- (--)
3:18pm Jing Ting- "When Will You Come Back Again? (The Blue and the Black)" - Shaw Movies Soundtrack (EMI/Pathe)
3:16pm Ivy Ling Po- "Jiao Dao" - Pathe 100: The Originals (EMI/Pathe)
3:13pm Jiang Guangzhao- "Riddle Song 2 (Come Drink With Me)" - Shaw Movies Soundtrack (EMI/Pathe)
3:11pm Jing Ting- "Yao Yao (Rock Rock Rock)" - Shaw Movies Soundtrack (EMI/Pathe)
3:08pm Jing Ting / Qun Xing- "Kabao Mountain Song (My Dreamboat)" - Shaw Movies Soundtrack Compilation (EMI)
3:05pm Koo Mei- "Bu Liao Qing" - The Lark (EMI)
3:03pm --- "--" - -- (--)
3:00pm Koo Mei- "The Girl from Alishan" - The Lark (EMI/Pathe)
2:51pm Dark- "Zero Time" - Round the Edges
2:45pm Chelsea Wolfe- "Flatlands"
2:41pm Todd Rundgren- "I Saw the Light"
2:38pm Carly Simon- "No Secrets"
2:36pm Bobby Vinton- "There've I've Said it Again"
2:28pm U.S. Girls- "Another Color" - Gem
2:24pm My Bloody Valentine- "Blown a Wish" - Loveless
2:22pm Matt Baldwin- "Sketch for Winter"
2:20pm Vashti Bunyan- "Glow Worms"
2:16pm Psychic Reality- "Momo"
2:14pm Arthur Russell- "Momo"
2:05pm Psychic TV- "Smile" - Towards Thee Infinite Beat
1:58pm Roxy Music- "Bob (the Medley)"
1:54pm Royal Baths- "After Death" - Litanies
1:50pm Prince Rama- "Raghupati" - Shadow Temple
1:47pm The Chocolate Watchband- "No Way Out"
1:36pm Harold Budd- "Juno" - The Pavilion of Dreams
1:34pm Psychic Reality- "Fanta" - Vibrant New Age
1:32pm Minimal Man- "All the Answers"
1:27pm New Order- "Mesh"
1:22pm Wire- "I Should Have Known Better"
1:14pm Chelsea Wolfe- "We Hit a Wall"
1:11pm Cocteau Twins- "Wax and Wane" - Garlands
1:09pm Tatsuya Yoshida- "Drums/Voice I" - Solo Works
12:59pm Jesus and the Mary Chain- "Psycho Candy" - BArbed Wire Kisses
12:56pm Beck- "Asshole" - One Foot in the Grave
12:53pm Captain Beefheart- "Electricity"
12:51pm Chrome- "Don't Move Like That"
12:44pm Shangri Las- "I Can Never Go Home Anymore"
12:43pm The Endeavors- "I've Got a Feeling" - Zell's Girls
12:40pm Baby Washington- "I've Got a Feeling" - Baby Washington
12:37pm Blood Orange- "Uncle Ace" - Cupid Deluxe
12:33pm Hank Williams- "Lost Highway"
12:27pm Arthur Brown- "Confusion" - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
12:25pm Matt Baldwin- "In the Black Channel" - Night in the Triangle
12:13pm Wolf Eyes- "Chattering Lead" - No Answer: Lower Floors
12:04pm Om- "Haqq al Yaqin" - Adviatic Songs
11:56am exclusiveOr- "World on a Wire" - Archaea (Carrier)
11:54am - "---"
11:51am Sharp Objects- "Left Without a Heart" - S/T (Modern Action)
11:48am Nightbirds- "Maimed for the Masses" - Maimed for the Masses (Fat Wreck Chords)
11:45am Engine 88- "Manclub" - Snowman (Caroline)
11:40am Jerome Miniere- "Un avis de defaite" - S/T (Lithium)
11:38am Percy Mayfield- "Life is Suicide" - For Collectors Only (Specialty)
11:36am Orquestasde Cuerdas- "El Gato Negro" - The End of a Tradition (Arhoole)
11:34am - "---"
11:31am Maybellines- "Drama Queen" - Chatfield Holiday (Best Friends)
11:27am Stiff Little Fingersq- "Wasted Life" - All the Best (EMI)
11:25am Paint It Black- "Headfirst" - Invisible (No Idea)
11:22am Neurosis- "A Sun that Never Sets" - A Sun that Never Sets (Relapse)
11:18am Nice Strong Arm- "You'll Never Know Me" - Mind Furnace (Homestead)