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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
1:34pm Cilantro Boombox- "Onan's Disciples" - Shine (S/R)
1:25pm Changui Majadero- "Vamos Pa'l Guaso/ Guantanamera Changusera" - El Changui Majadero (S/R)
1:23pm The Five Chances- "Nagansaki" - Bump N Jive V.5 (?)
1:17pm DJ Dunya- "Xyloswing" - Electro Swing Fever (Wagram)
1:09pm Prince- "Purple Music (jamie 326 rmx)" - SunSunSun (?)
1:01pm Nackt- "Night System" - Night System (The Night Owl Diner)
12:55pm Fela Kuti- "Opposite People (timmy regisford rmx)" - ? (?)
12:46pm Orchestre Laye Thiam- "Kokorico" - Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)
12:41pm Ondatropica- "Estar Contigo" - Baile Bucanero (Soundway)
12:35pm Beats Antique- "Burn Dub" - Shadowbox (S/R)
12:29pm Massive Attack- "Face A La Mer" - Les Negresse Vertes (Virgin France)
12:23pm Haroumi Hosono- "Barato Yajuu" - Lovin Mighty Fire (BGP)
12:16pm XTC- "Down In The Cockpit" - English Settlement (?)
12:11pm West Philedelphia Orchestra- "Flying Solo" - Tour de Fili (Fly Bottle)
12:05pm Capsule- "Denki Soroban" - Hakara Girl (Contemode)
11:55am Jackson Browne- "The Load-Out/Stay" - Running On Empty (Elektra)
11:50am Gene Pitney- "Backstage (I'm Lonely)" - Backstage (Musicor)
11:46am Z-Man & Elon- "Poorly Promoted (feat. Lady Fingaz)" - The Opening Act (Gurp City)
11:43am Brother Ali- "Back Stage Pacin'" - Shadows on the Sun (Rhymesayers)
11:37am XX- "Performance" - I See You (Young Turks)
11:30am Deep Puddle Dynamics- "I Am Hip Hop (Move the Crowd)" - The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel (Anticon)
11:25am Greenhouse Effect- "Feedback (feat. Illogic)" - Life Sentences (Weightless)
11:21am Karriem Riggins- "Keep It On" - Headnod Suite (Stones Throw)
11:17am Ayentee- "Fan of the Average Fan (feat. Logic)" - The Manual (Day by Day)
11:13am Banana- "Banana D" - Live (Leaving)
11:08am Peter Allen- "Quiet Please, There's a Lady On Stage" - Taught By Experts (A&M)
11:07am Common Grackle- "At the Grindcore Show" - The Great Depression (Fake Four Inc.)
11:00am Big D & the Kids Table- "Faded" - Beijing to Boston (s/r)
10:58am Les Savy Fav- "Pots and Pans" - Let's Stay Friends (Frenchkiss)
10:51am Daydream Machine- "The Show Must Not Go On" - The Show Must Not Go On (Picture In My Ear)
10:47am Applesauce Tears- "Bouncer" - Commuters (Black Cottage)
10:45am Dem One- "Underground Rap Show" - Audio Still Life (Sticky Note)
10:40am Substance Abuse- "Front Row (Good Times Mix)" - Background Music: the Redux (Feed the Peeps)
10:34am Erik Applegate- "Standing Room Only" - Two's Company (Artist Alliance)
10:30am DJ Alibi- "Live at the Rex" - One Day (Tresor)
10:25am Count Basie- "Blues Backstage" - Count Basie, Vol. 2 (1954) (Ancha)
10:22am Ugly Duckling- "Opening Act" - Taste the Secret (s/r)
10:16am The Arcs- "Opening Band" - Molt (s/r)
10:13am Sixo- "Nothing to Fear About" - The Odds of Free Will (Fake Four Inc.)
10:09am Jeff Tweedy- "The Ballad of the Opening Band" - Songs for Slim (New West)
10:02am Drive-By Truckers- "The Opening Act" - Brighter Than Creation's Dark (New West)
9:56am Alabama- "The Fans" - Greatest Hits (Sony)
9:55am Hand Habits- "Greater LA (Scene)" - Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (Woodist)
9:53am Open Mike Eagle- "Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn)" - Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group)
9:49am Deep Rooted- "Live On Stage" - The Second Coming (Clear Label)
9:45am J-Live- "Hush the Crowd" - Can I Get It? / Hush the Crowd (Raw Shack)
9:39am Tuxedo- "Back In Town" - II (Stones Throw)
9:37am Turtles- "The Battle of the Bands" - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands (Sundazed)
9:34am Gus "The Groove" Lewis- "Let the Groove Move You" - New Orleans Funk Vol. 4 (Soul Jazz)
9:30am Cunninlynguists- "The W.W.K.Y.A Tour (Remix) (feat. Substantial & EFamm)" - Strange Journey Vol. 2 (A Piece of Strange)
8:57am --- "--" - -- (-)
8:52am Girl Band- "Paul" - Holding Hands With Jamie (Rough Trade)
8:48am Emptyset- "Body" - Borders (Thrill Jockey)
8:47am Clark- "Spring But Dark" - Death Peak (Warp)
8:45am --- "--" - -- (--)
8:41am Antonio Williams- "Changes" - 25th Street Sessions (Ghost Ramp)
8:36am Egyptian Lover- "I Cry (Night After Night)" - On the Nile (Egyptian Empire)
8:32am Berserk in a Hayfield- "Start of Something" - Cold Waves of Color Volume 4 (Dark Entries)
8:30am --- "--" - -- (--)
8:25am Shannon and the Clams- "If I Could Count" - Dreams in the Rat House (Hardly Art)
8:23am The Shirelles- "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" - The Best of The Shirelles (Gusto)
8:19am Julee Cruise- "Animal" - Sing Each Other's Songs For You (Not Just Religious Music)
8:17am Connie Frances- "Schoner Fremder Mann" - Die Liebe Ist Ein Seltsames Spiel (Polydor)
8:16am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:54am The March Violets- "Crow Baby" - The Botanic Verses (Jungle)
7:52am The Damned- "Melody Lee" - Machine Gun Etiquette (Ace)
7:50am The Buttertones- "Neon Cowboy" - Gravedigging (Innovative Leisure)
7:49am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:43am Blonde Redhead- "Give Give" - 3 o'clock (Ponderosa)
7:41am Nat King Cole- "Quizás Quizas Quizas" - Cole Espanol (Capitol)
7:37am Kelley Deal 6000- "Scary" - Boom! Boom! Boom! (Nice)
7:33am Bleached- "Can You Deal?" - Can You Deal? (Dead Oceans)
7:30am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:26am Luna- "This Time Around" - Pup Tent (Elektra)
7:23am Chook Race- "Hard to Clean" - Around The House (Trouble In Mind)
7:21am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:13am The Beautiful Pea Green Boat- "The Vase" - Future Tense (Third Mind)
7:10am Slowdive- "Sugar For The Pill" - Single (Dead Oceans)
7:08am Equators- "Drifting III" - Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here (It's Just Great)
7:06am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:02am Parade Ground- "Moans" - Cut Up (PIAS)
6:58am Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark- "Of All The Things We've Made" - Dazzle Ships (Virgin)
6:55am The Cars- "Since You're Gone" - Shake It Up (Elektra)
6:52am Wyatt Blair- "Cherry Pie" - Point Of No Return (Burger/Lollipop)
6:50am --- "--" - -- (--)
6:38am Les Rallizes Denudes- "Enter The Mirror" - Heavier Than A Death In The Family (ODL)
6:36am Debris of Titan- "Astra Genesis" - Astron: The Fallen (S/R)
6:34am --- "--" - -- (--)
6:29am Gareth Dickson- "Atmosphere" - Orwell Court (12k)
6:25am Mount Kimbie- "Break Wall" - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (Warp)
6:22am --- "--" - -- (--)
6:17am Grant Cutler- "Georgia" - Self Portrait (Innova)
6:04am Kurt Vonnegut- "Harrison Bergeron" - Justin Franco (S/R)
5:59am Michael Franti- "Soulshine" - Stay Human (Six Degrees)
5:58am --- "--" - -- (--)
5:54am Fratellis- "Halloween Blues" - We Need Medicine (BMG)
5:52am Serge Gainsbourg- "Bonnie and Clyde" - Comic Strip (Mercury)
5:43am Diaspora Yeshiva Band- "The Kotel Song" - Live From King David's Tomb (CBS)
5:42am --- "--" - -- (--)
5:37am Nico- "Mutterlein" - Desertshore (WEA)