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Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:57am Oingo Boingo - "Forbidden Zone" - Forbidden Zone OST (Varese Sarabande)
11:53am Knxwledge - "time&tide" - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
11:50am Buck 65 - "So Dirty" - Laundromat Boogie (s/r)
11:47am The Tamlins - "Hard to Confess" - Channel One Story (VP)
11:43am Relache - "Twilight in Turkey" - Comix Trips (Meyer Media)
11:40am Speak Easy - "Pink Elephants" - Speak Easy (Dumptruck)
11:37am The Three Suns - "En Un Mercado Persa" - Moonlight & Roses (Vintage)
11:32am Billy Woods - "African Dodger (feat. Elucid)" - Today, I Wrote Nothing (Backwoodz Studioz)
11:30am Gillian Hills - "Tut, Tut, Tut, Tut" - Tres Chic! (Ace International)
11:26am Pigeon John - "Identity Crisis" - Is Dating Your Sister (Bassment)
11:25am OU - "I Like You" - Scrambled! (Spoot Music)
11:22am Andre Popp - "Le Polka Du Colonel" - Delirium in Hi-Fi (Basta Audio-Visuals)
11:20am Max Bygraves - "You're a Pink Toothbrush" - Classic Max (Legend World)
11:14am Tyondai Braxton - "Studio Mariacha" - HIVE1 (Nonesuch)
11:12am Zzbra - "Stunt Driver" - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Camobear)
11:09am 11 Acorn Lane - "Sugar and Cream" - Time for Tea (Wooden Hat)
11:07am Animaniacs - "The Senses" - The Animaniacs Faboo! Collection (Fox Kids Network)
11:05am Mel Blanc - "Tweet and Toot" - Greatest Hits (Capitol)
11:04am Tommy V. - "Blind Optimism" - Travel Size Drawing Board (Fake Four Inc)
11:01am Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip?" - The Loneliest Punk (Delicious Vinyl)
10:58am Elmo, Big Bird & Snuffleupagus - "Elmo's Song" - Sesame Street Platinum Classics (Disney)
10:49am K.I.T.S & P.I.T.S - "Boyz N Da Hood (Watts Up)" - Gumbo (s/r)
10:45am Dorothy Ashby - "Canto De Ossanha" - Dorothy's Harp (Cadet)
10:44am Brycon - "Here, Take My Gun" - The Adventures of Whoopin' Crane Pts. I-III (Megakut)
10:40am Thirsty Fish - "Ducks Fail" - Watergate (Mush)
10:38am Jake Kaufman - "DuckTales Theme & Credit Medley" - DuckTales: Remastered (Walt Disney)
10:32am Esquivel - "Lazy Bones" - Exploring New Sounds in Stereo (RitmoDisc)
10:29am Sound Directions - "One for J.J/Harlem Clavinet" - The Funky Side of Life (Stones Throw)
10:26am Myka 9 & Factor - "Stand Still" - Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet)
10:22am The Bob Crewe Generation - "A Lover's Concerto" - Music to Watch Girls By (Varese Sarabande)
10:18am BPos - "Dope" - The Pos Tapes (One League)
10:12am Jean-Jacques Perrey - "The Elephant Never Forgets" - Mood Indigo (Vanguard)
10:09am Junk Science - "Track 2" - And the Hundred Dollar Sandwich (Modern Shark)
10:06am Gypsophilia - "Long Shadows" - Night Swimming (Forward)
10:01am Sun Ra's Arkestra - "Pink Elephants on Parade" - Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music From Vintage Disney Films (A&M)
9:57am Controller 7 - "Xylophone" - The Lost Tapes (1997-1998) (s/r)
9:51am DJ Hoppa - "Sneakers (feat. Livin' Poetry)" - Network Networth (Broken Complex)
9:49am Don Byron - "Powerhouse" - Bug Music (Nonesuch)
9:42am Fort Knox Five - "Fire In My Belly (feat. Ashley Slater)" - Pressurize the Cabin (Fort Knox)
9:38am Busdriver & Radioactive with Daedelus - "Pen's Oil" - The Weather (Mush)
9:35am Alvin & the Chipmunks - "Alvin's Orchestra" - Sing Again With the Chipmunks (Capitol Records)
9:30am Damaged Bug - "The Mirror" - Cold Hot Plumbs (Castle Face)
9:28am Jonti - "Frightened Mice (Dots)" - Twirligig (Stones Throw)
9:23am Aceyalone - "Accepted Eclectic" - Accepted Eclectic (Nu Groove)
9:21am Os Mutantes - "Portugal De Navio" - Jardim Electrico (Universal Music Japan)
9:19am Tommy V. - "Son of a Gun" - Mockingbird (Fake Four Inc)
9:15am Francis Bebey - "Sunny Crypt" - Psychedelic Sanza (Born Bad)
9:12am Daedelus - "Lights Out" - Denies the Day's Demise (Mush)
9:09am Las Chic - "Tic a Tic a Toc Toc" - Chicas Vol. 2 (Vampi Soul)
9:05am Raw Produce - "Fruit of Our Labor" - Selling Celery to Get a Salary (Pro Se)