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Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 9:30am to 12:00pm

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11:55am Al Di Meolo - "Meninas" - Flesh on Flesh (Telarc)
11:51am Gaby Moreno - "Lejos" - Illustrated Songs (Paisely)
11:48am Ella Fence - "Unknown Water" - Wanderlust (s/r)
11:42am Single Minded Pros - "Feels So Good (feat. Erratic Statik & Pace Won)" - From Now On (EV)
11:36am Fania All Stars - "Quiero Saber" - Bamboleo (Fania)
11:33am Bomba Estereo - "Mar (Lo Que Siento)" - Amanecer (Sony)
11:26am Oldominion - "Fresh Pass Home (feat. Nyqwil)" - Make Happy (s/r)
11:24am Large Pro - "Sophia Yo" - Re:Living (Fat Beats)
11:20am Olmeca - "Hasta Que Te Encontre (feat. Maya Fernandez)" - Brown is Beautiful (Acid Lab)
11:17am Baden Powell - "Canto De Ossanha" - Os Afros Sambas (Iris)
11:12am k-the-i??? - "Justified to Most Developed Moments" - Broken Love Letter (Mush)
11:09am Natalia LaFourcade - "Hasta La Raiz" - Hasta La Raiz (Sony)
11:06am La Santa Cecilia - "One" - El Valor (Universal Latino)
11:01am Boom Bap Project - "West Coast Offense (feat. Writer's Block)" - The Shakedown (s/r)
10:56am Chancha Via Circuito - "Sueno En Paraguay" - Amansara (Wonderwheel)
10:52am Mocky - "Soulful Beat" - Key Change (Heavy Sheet)
10:49am Liferexall - "Rock Rhymes (feat. Akuma & Die Young)" - Frequency Response (Smoggy Day)
10:43am Aloe Blacc - "Bailar - Scene 1" - Shine Through (Stones Throw)
10:41am Frank Vignola - "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" - Swing Zing (s/r)
10:37am Oscar Lopez - "My Destiny" - My Destiny (Narada Productions)
10:34am All Natural - "Time Piece (feat. Discover)" - No Additives, No Preservatives (All Natural Inc)
10:28am La Lucha Libra - "Pensamiento" - La Lucha Libra (s/r)
10:26am Savath Y Savalas - "Era Tu" - Golden Pollen (Anti-/Epitaph)
10:22am Lianne La Havas - "Never Get Enough" - Blood (Nonesuch)
10:19am Breez Evahflowin' & Dirt E. Dutch - "El Matador" - Troublemakers (Little Ax)
10:12am Quarter Street - "Los Golpes Ensenan" - Quarter Street (Hopestreet)
10:09am 2Mex - "Control Mexica (feat. Xololanxinxo & Fermin of Control Machete)" - B-Boys in Occupied Mexico (Meanstreets)
10:01am Maneja Beto - "Son De Amor" - Para Que Las Paredes No Se Aburran (Lengua Marron)
9:57am DJ Hoppa - "Sending My Thoughts (feat. Josh Martinez)" - Network Networth (Broken Complex)
9:55am Charlie Byrd - "Amor Flamenco" - Latin Byrd (Concord)
9:52am Gypsophilia - "Cake Walk" - Night Swimming (Forward)
9:49am Lone Catalysts - "En La Ciudad" - Good Music (B.U.K.A)
9:40am Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet - "Solar" - Intercambio (Patois)
9:36am Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe - "El Cazangero" - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Fania)
9:32am Five Deez - "Latitude" - Koolmotor (Counterflow)
9:25am Rodrigo Y Gabriela - "Temple Bar" - Re-Foc (Rubyworks)
9:21am Hector Guerra - "El Sariri (feat. Ruben Sajama)" - Gracias Por Existir (PachaMama)
9:17am J-Live - "Don't Play" - The Best Part (Triple Threat)
9:11am Groupo Fantasma - "Telarana" - El Existential (Nat Geo)
9:08am Pierre Schroeder - "Highway I" - Voyage (Navona)
9:02am Dday One - "Gradually Dawn" - Heavy Migration (Content (L)abel)
9:01am Musab - "Respect the Life" - Respect the Life (Rhymesayers)
11:57am Deceptikon - "Burning Daruma" - Presidio (Project Mooncircle)
11:53am Broadcast - "Unchanging Window" - The Noise Made By People (Warp)
11:50am Espectrostatic - "The Cold Spot" - Escape From Witchtropolis (Trouble Mind)
11:47am Joe Dub - "Renegade Music" - Pooretry (Asita)
11:40am Omid - "In(Sense) (feat. Vixen, Slant from Korea & Puzoozoo Watt)" - Beneath the Surface (Beneath the Surface)
11:37am Chihei Hatakeyama - "A Narrow Path of the Sacred Forest" - Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room 40)
11:33am Edison - "Don't Tell Us What We're Doing, We Don't Want to Know" - No Three Men Make a Tiger (s/r)
11:29am Sahtyre - "Say La Vee" - LSD (Saga) (s/r)