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Monday, June 4, 2012 - 9:00am - 12:00pm Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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2:58pm Dessa - "Dixon's Girl" - Castor, the Twin (Doomtree)
2:49pm Tosca - "Meixner" - Odeon (K7!)
2:45pm Sister Crayon - "Headline" - Cynic EP (Fake Four Inc)
2:42pm Grieves - "Like Child" - Winter & the Wolves (Rhymesayers)
2:39pm Saintseneca - "Only the Young Die Good" - Dark Arc (Anti-)
2:32pm The Flaming Stars - "Who's Out There?" - Songs From the Bar Room Floor (Vinyl Japan)
2:28pm Aceyalone - "The Hurt" - A Book of Human Language (Project Blowed)
2:24pm Single Minded Pros - "You Know It's Like That (feat. Pace Won)" - From Now On (EV)
2:21pm Sacred Hoop - "Smokebomb" - Sleepover (Gurp City)
2:15pm Boardwalk - "What's Love" - s/t (Stones Throw)
2:09pm Colourmusic - "Feels Good to Wear" - My ____ Is Pink (Memphis Industries)
2:07pm Teebs - "NY Pt. 2" - Estara (Brainfeeder)
2:05pm Roland Vincent - "L..S.D Party" - Shake Sauvage (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
2:02pm The Herbaliser - "Mission Improbable" - Very Mercenary (Ninja Tune)
1:55pm The Moments - "Love on a Two-Way Street" - Best Of (Rhino)
1:52pm Bad Cop/Bad Cop - "Rodeo" - Boss Lady (Fat Wreck Chords)
1:49pm Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - "Stain" - Single's Round-Up (Damaged Goods)
1:46pm Nick Waterhouse - "Well It's Fine" - Holly (Innovative Leisure)
1:39pm We Stain Porcelain - "Artificial Intelligence (feat. Tachichi)" - First Flush Compilation (Camobear)
1:34pm Caural - "Sipping Snake Blood Wine" - Stars on My Ceiling (Chocolate Ind.)
1:30pm Brigitte Fontaine - "Il Se Passe Des Choses" - Est... Folle (Superior Viaduct)
1:27pm Stevie Wonder - "Light My Fire" - My Cherie Amour (Motown)
1:23pm Greenhouse - "Willing to Bleed" - Bend But Don't Break (Weightless)
1:20pm Os Mutantes - "Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour" - Everything is Possible: the Best Of (Lukka Bop)
1:13pm The Cyrkle - "Terry's Theme" - The Minx OST (Sundazed)
1:09pm Asheru - "Life After the Show" - Sleepless in Sowetu (Guerilla Arts)
1:02pm Ibio Sound System - "Prodigal Son" - s/t (Soundway)
12:57pm PremRock - "Can't Make It Stop" - A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (self-released)
12:53pm Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Crow Jane" - Murder Ballads (Reprise)
12:46pm Souljazz Orchestra - "Celestial Blues" - Inner Blue (Strut)
12:42pm Oddjobs - "Twinkvizomy" - Drums (Third Man)
12:37pm Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra - "Halfway Road" - Too Big to Fail (self-released)
12:32pm Duke Pearson - "Sweet Honey Bee" - Sweet Honey Bee (Blue Note)
12:30pm Citizen Cope - "The Watchdog" - Citizen Cope (self-released)
12:26pm Myka 9 - "Soul Beat" - 1969 (Fake Four Inc.)
12:22pm Adeem & DJ MF Shalem - "Good Company" - Transitions (Childproof)
12:15pm Tycho - "Awake" - Awake (Ghostly International)
12:12pm Serge Gainsbourg - "69 Annee Erotique" - Comic Strip (Mercury)
12:08pm Ecid - "Beautiful Smile" - 100 Smiles & Running (Fill in the Breaks)
12:05pm Belle Brigade - "Be Like Him" - Just Because (ATO)
12:00pm Leon Thomas - "The Creator Has a Master Plan" - Anthology (Soul Brother)
11:58pm Viva La Muerte - "Obscuro" - All the Birds (Ex Umbra)
12:54pm Ikue Asazaki - "Obokuri-Eeumi" - Utabautayun (Universal Japan)
12:50pm Sisa - "Joc De Boles (Simfonia Atomica)" - Orgia (Discmedia SA)
12:43pm Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Lovely Creature" - Murder Ballads (Reprise)
3:28am Portishead - "Sour Times" - Dummy (Go!)
3:22am Psapp - "Your Hot Knife" - What Makes Us Glow (State 51 Conspiracy)
3:17am The Milennium - "Karmic Dream Sequence No. 1" - Begin (Sundazed)
3:14am Radical Face - "Reminders" - The Family Tree: the Branches (Nettwerk)
3:05am Ceschi - "Same Old Love Song (feat. 2Mex & Awol One)" - Same Old Love Song (Fake Four Inc)
3:02am Qwel & Maker - "Pitching Pennies (Doc Delay Remix)" - Owl Remixes & Rarities (Galapagos4)
3:00am 2econd Class Citizen - "Memory Page" - The Small Minority (Equinox)
2:56am Red Martina - "Warning Sound" - Intransit (Badtape)
2:53am Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Vanities" - IRM (Elektra/Asylum)
2:49am Morcheeba - "Under the Ice" - Head Up High (Pias)
2:41am Os Mutantes - "El Justiciero" - Everything is Possible: the Best Of (Lukka Bop)
2:37am Ayentee - "Thru Her Eyes" - Peasant Symphony (self-released)
2:35am Jean-Jacques Perrey - "In the Heart of the Rose" - Amazing Electronic Pop Sound Of (Vanguard)
2:31am Nate Krooks - "The Real" - Still True (self-released)
2:28am Sadistik - "Searching for Some Beautiful" - The Balancing Act (self-released)
2:26am Ennio Morricone - "Questa Specie D'Amore" - Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange? (RCA Victor)
2:19am Foret - "Je Tombe Avec Le Pluie" - s/t (Simone)
2:17am Factor - "Pulling the Wings Off of Angels" - 13 Stories (Oooh! That's Heavy!)
2:14am Jesse Woods - "Tumbleweeds" - Get Your Burdens Lifted (Guns in the Sun)
2:10am Jose Gonzalez - "Hand on Your Heart" - Stay in the Shade (Imperial)
2:08am Badawi - "Etheric Uprise" - Safe (Asphodel Ltd)
2:04am Mac Lethal - "Royals Cap (Number the Stars)" - Irish Goodbye (Black Clover)
1:57am Nick Drake - "Things Behind the Sun" - Pink Moon (Island)
1:54am Tired Pony - "All Things At Once" - The Ghost of the Mountain (Heaneyville)
1:52am The Zombies - "Leave Me Be" - Absolutely the Best (Fuel 2000)
1:49am Inf - "Soul Check Mate" - Music for Crime Scenes (Beats Broke)
1:45am Syntax - "Hello Tomorrow" - Dialog'a'Rhythmic (Cocoon Movements)
1:39am Beck - "Everybody's Gotta Learn Some Time" - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind OST (Hollywood)
1:31am JB Nimble - "Eye Water (Deacon LF Remix) (feat. Rahman Jamaal & Browse)" - Eye Water (Ear Peace)
1:27am The Whatnauts - "Help is On the Way" - Modern Soul 5 (Goldmine)
1:25am Maria Taylor - "Broken Objects" - Something About Knowing (Saddle Creek)
1:21am Jorge Ben - "Domingas" - s/t (Dusty Groove)
1:19am Pat Maine - "Doomsday Charades" - Doomsday Charades (Alive + Well)
1:11am No Bird Sing - "And War" - Definition Sickness (Strange Famous)
1:09am King Crimson - "Moonchild" - In the Court of the Crimson King (Virgin)
1:06am Reanimator - "Just Imagine" - Music to Slit Wrists By (Grand Good)
1:00am Kiln - "Willowbrux" - Meadow: Watt (Ghostly International)
12:38am Wolf Hotel - "A Dead River's Calling" - Good Bye (Member's Only)
12:34am Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - "Between Two Trees" - Mammoth Swoon (self-released)
12:29am Evil Ebenezer - "Trip the Wire" - Howl (Camobear)
12:25am Widowspeak - "Calico" - The Swamps (Captured Tracks)
12:21am Lazerbeak - "Bound" - Legend Recognize Legend (Doomtree)
12:18am Soulcrate Music - "See Today" - Kick Rocks Collection (self-released)
12:11am nosunofood - "until the day your keys own you" - s/t (self-released)
12:07am Policia - "Warrior Lord" - Shulamith (Mom + Pop)
12:03am Boom Bip - "All Hands" - Zig Zaj (Lex)
7:00pm The Moments - "I'm Willing" - The Best Of (Rhino)
6:53pm Morcheeba - "Do You Good" - Head Up High (Pias)
6:47pm PremRock & Willie Green - "Jogger (feat. Open Mike Eagle)" - s/t (Isolated Wax)
6:42pm David Axelrod - "Solitario" - Axelrod Chronicles (Fantasy)
6:40pm Louis Logic - "Don't Care" - Look on the Blight Side (Fake Four Inc)
6:38pm The Zombies - "Whenever You're Ready" - Absolutely the Best (Fuel 2000)
6:31pm Red Martina - "Warning Sound" - Intransit (Badtape)
6:26pm Thes One - "Pan-Am 2" - Lifestyle Marketing (Tres)
6:23pm 2Mex & Maiselph - "Jockin' My Crew" - Like Farther... Like Sun... (Grimm Image)