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3:11am Godspeed You Black Emperor - "We Drift Like Worried Fire" - Alleleujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)
2:51am Golden Retriever - "Observer" - Light Cones (Root Strata)
2:42am Wadada Leo Smith - "Divine Love" - Divine Love (ECM)
2:21am Miles Davis - "Lonely Fire" - Big Fun (Columbia)
1:59am Matmos - "The West" - The West (Autofact)
1:48am Thrones - "Googander" - Alraune (The Communion Label)
1:24am Dreams Of Dying Stars - "Devourer Of Worlds" - Stardance (NULLL)
1:03am Yes - "Gates Of Delirium" - Relayer (Atlantic)
3:18am Philippe Petit - "Movement 4" - Extraordinary Tales Of Lemon Girl — Chapter 2: Fire-Walking To Wonderland (Aagoo)
3:13am Yasunao Tone - "Part II" - Solo For Wounded CD (Tzadik)
3:06am Actress - "Grey Over Blue" - Ghettoville (Ninja Tune)
3:01am Giraffes? Giraffes! - "Scorpion Bowls At The Hong Kong" - Pink Magick (S/R)
2:57am Wavves - "Beach Goth" - Wavvves (Fat Possum)
2:51am Ulver - "Christmas" - Blood Inside (The End)
2:41am Takeshi Nakamura - "inferior_article#2" - Inferior Aritcles
2:37am Thrones - "Coal Sack" - Day Late, Dollar Short (Southern Lord)
2:31am Zavoloka - "Moment of Serenity Flows" - Vedana (Kvitnu)
2:26am Daedelus - "At Attentions" - Drown Out (Anticon)
2:24am tehn - "Modernize (On The Discreditation Of Hyper-Progress)" - tomorrowperhaps
2:09am Kelvox 1 - "Stephen" - Grazed Red (Aagoo)
2:04am Telephone Jim Jesus - "Two Clasping What They Believe Is One Another" - A Point Too Far To Astronaut (Anticon)
1:57am Chaz Damier & Stacey Pullen - "Forever Monna" - Forever Monna (Balance)
1:52am Patternclear - "Dread (Highgate Mix)" - Synapticon (Fich-Art)
1:47am Lucrecia Dalt - "Mirage" - Syzygy (Ear Music)
1:43am Chris Watson - "Bosque Seco, Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica" - Stepping Into The Dark (Touch)
1:38am Chris Watson - "Vultures, nine birds feeding on zebra carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya" - Outside the Circle of Fire (Touch and Go)
1:32am Dick Pasty - "Richard Drugs" - Richard Drugs (S/R)
1:27am Preghost - "Siusin" - Ghost Story (n5MD)
1:26am Gato Barbieri - "Last Tango In Paris Suite: Part 19" - Last Tango In Paris OST (United Artists)
1:22am The Notwist - "Signals" - Close To The Glass (Sub Pop)
1:14am Cherushii - "Partykanone" - Queen Of Cups (100% Silk)
1:05am Blevin Blectum - "Cromis Part 1 - Part 2" - Emblem Album (Aagoo)
3:16am Roy Montgomery - "Fantasia On A Theme By Sandy Bull" - Harmony Of The Spheres (Drunken Fish)
3:13am Doseone - "Forests&Foes" - The SamuraiGUNN EP (S/R)
3:09am Tstewart - "No Fun King" - Living Exponentially (Merck)
3:03am Dntel - "(this is) the dream of evan and chan" - Life is Full of Possibilities (Plug Research)
3:01am Jacques Greene - "The Look (Machinedrum Remix)" - Another Girl (LuckyMe)
2:58am Giacinto Scelsi - "C'est bien la nuit" - Okanagon (hatART)
2:54am Marty Dowers & Dave Mazza - "Love Theme" - Smut (N/A)
2:49am Dert - "Aurora Jolie" - Talk Strange: A Beat Tape Inspired by Bjork (S/R)
2:46am DDB - "I messed up on drums" - Oakland (S/R)
2:43am R-Garcia - "Sheila's Got A Drum Machine (Homework Mix)" - Gluteus Freq (Kikapu)
2:38am Rashad Becker - "Take Me To Your Lead Out" - No End of Vinyl (Cronica)
2:34am The Detroit Escalator Co. - "City Lights" - Black Buildings (Peacefrog)
2:33am TV On The Radio - "Ending of a Show" - OK Calculator
2:20am Xinlisupreme - "Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella" - Tomorrow Never Comes (Fat Cat)
2:14am Eero Johannes - "Finnrexin" - Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
2:09am Sovacusa - "Osloka" - Intelligent Toys (Sutemos)
2:04am Animal Collective - "Bat You'll Fly" - Spirit They've Gone Spirit They've Vanished (Fat Cat)
1:56am The Glitch Mob - "Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul" - Drink The Sea (Glass Air)
1:48am Trees Are Neurons - "The Nature Of The Impermanence Of Things" - Trees Are Neurons (N/A)
1:41am Demdike Stare - "Null Results" - Testpressing#004 (Modern Love)
1:33am Actress - "Krabstrakt" - No Tricks (Werk Discs)
1:22am Keith Fullerton Whitman - "080114" - Aggregate PulseRipper (Damaged IIII) / 080114 (Amish)
1:18am Luke Slater - "Spadang" - In order To Dance Vol. 5 (R & S)
1:13am Outlander - "Double D" - In Order To Dance Vol. 5 (R & S)
1:12am DAT Politics - "GeeGee" - Minicomp (Sneakmove)
1:11am Restiform Bodies - "atur" - Minicomp (Sneakmove)
1:06am Masonna - "Maso" - Japan Bashing Volume 3 (Public Bath)
1:05am UFO Or Die - "Space Disco" - Japan Bashing Volume 1 (Public Bath)
3:17am Israel Martinez - "Side A" - Two Espressos in Separate Cups (Aagoo)
3:11am New Weather - "6EQUJ5" - New Weather (Butterscotch)
3:01am CHVRCHES - "You Caught The Light" - The Bones Of What You Believe (Glassnote)
2:58am Totems - "Could Be" - The 420 Tape (S/R)
2:52am Brian McBride - "Overture [ for Other Halfs ]" - When the Detail Lost Its Freedom (Kranky)
2:51am Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - "Avec Les Fleurs... Avec L'Absinthe (With Flowers and With Women)" - Absinthe - La Folie Verte (Athanor)
2:43am Dozen Draft - "Ebony Grief" - Hands (Already Dead Tapes 'n Records)
2:39am AlunaGeorge - "Superstar" - Body Music (Island)
2:35am Oh Land - "Green Card" - Wish Bone (Tusk Or Tooth)
2:33am RxRy - "Baulkn Slihts" - RxRy (S/R)
2:31am Splinter Test - "Track 89" - Electric Newspaper (Invisible)
2:28am The Skygreen Leopards - "Come Down Off Your Mountain, Moses" - Life & Love In Sparrow's Meadow (Jagjaguwar)
2:23am Dalglish - "Donsfe" - Niaiw ot Vile (PAN)
2:07am Nine Inch Nails - "Copy Of A — Disappointed" - Hesitation Marks (Columbia)
2:05am Merzbow - "Track 4" - Merzbuta (Important)
2:02am Mount Eerie - "The Air In The Morning" - No Flashlight - Songs Of The Fulfilled Night (P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.)
1:54am Demdike Stare - "Fail" - Testpressing#004 (Modern Love)
1:46am Bibio - "Fire Ant" - Ambivalence Avenue (Warp)
1:42am Liam Hayes - "SSBB / Counter SSBB Suite" - Dams La Tete De Charles Swan III (Night Fever Music)
1:37am G-Flux - "Ritmo Universal" - Ritmo Universal (Electric Cowbell)
1:32am DJ Baku - "Void It Out" - Dharma Dance (Popgroup)
1:26am Viktor Vaughn - "Vaudeville Villain" - Vaudeville Villain (Sound-Ink)
1:20am Gap Dream - "Chill Spot" - Chill Spot (Burger)
1:16am Michael Perkins - "Stations" - Mr 666 (Ghost Arcade Ltd)
1:12am exclusiveOr - "Landing" - Archaea (Carrier)
1:09am Philippe Petit - "Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl — Chapter 2: Fire-Walking to Wonderland" - Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl — Chapter 2: Fire-Walking to Wonderland (Aagoo)
1:05am Cryptopsy - "Carrionshine" - Once Was Not (Century Media)
3:19am James Fei - "For Bass Saxophone" - Solo Works (Leo Lab)
3:15am Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble - "Travellers 4, Churchy Entertainment" - Book of Days (ECM)
3:13am Four Tet - "Circling" - There Is Love In You (Domino)
3:09am Leauge Of Synaptic Redemption - "6" - Nipple Echo 3 (S/R)
3:06am Bibio - "Looking Through The Facets Of A Plastic Jew" - Fi (Mush)
3:03am Sesame Street - "Monster's Lullaby" - The Sesame Street Monsters! A Musical Monster-osity (Children's Television Workshop)
2:55am Fennesz - "010±4.40" - +47' 56' 37" - 16' 51' 08" (Touch)
2:51am Nina Kraviz & Luke Hess - "Remember (Epic Moment Mix)" - Mr Jones (Rekids)
2:45am Jonsson/Alter - "En melodi" - 2 (Kontra-Musik)
2:42am Slow Magic - "Toddler Tiger" - (triangle symbol) (LebensStrasse)
2:34am Nganasan - "Farewell Song" - Shamanic And Narrative Songs Of Siberian Arctic (Buda)
2:33am Demdike Stare - "Falling Off The Edge" - Elemental: Rose (Modern Love)
2:27am Karenn - "Chaste Down" - Untitled (Works The Long Nights)