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These times are shown in Pacific time
11:57pm Weezer - "Jamie" -
11:52pm Gerling - "Smash the Emergency Glass" - Bad Blood!!! (Fenway)
11:47pm St Etienne - "I'm Too Sexy" - The Fred EP (Columbia)
11:40pm Runaways - "Johnny Guitar" - Queens of Noise (Phonogram)
11:38pm Kim Fowley - "Bubble Gum" - Outrageous (Imperial)
11:34pm King Khan & The Shrines - "Darkness" - Idle No More (Merge)
11:31pm Happy Fangs - "That Activity" - S/T (S/R)
11:29pm Runaways - "School Days" - Waitin' for the Night (Mercury)
11:25pm Suzi Quatro - "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" - If You Knew Suzi... (RSO)
11:23pm Black Bug - "Reflecting the Light" - Reflecting the Light (Hozac)
11:19pm Soviet Sex - "Everything is Beautiful" - S/T (Secret Society)
11:16pm Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - "Love Me Two Times" - Love Me Two Times (The Hit List)
11:09pm Skinny Puppy - "Inquisition" - Inquisition (Nettwerk)
11:05pm The Cunts - "Apocalyptic Breakfast" - Apocalyptic Garage Rock: Anthology 1978-Onward (Disturbing)
11:00pm Joan Jett - "Do You Want to Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" - Bad Reputation (Boardwalk)
10:56pm Superhumanoids - "Do You Feel That?" - Exhibitionists (Innovative Leisure)
10:51pm Giorgio - "Knights in White Satin" - Knights in White Satin (Repertoire)
10:39pm Jackson and his Computerband - "Billy" - Glow (Warp)
10:36pm Alice Cooper - "Identity Crisises" -
10:33pm Runaways - "I Love Playin' with Fire" - Queens of Noise (Mercury)
10:31pm Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs - "Cut Off Your Head" - Girl (Possibility)
10:27pm Cold Cave - "Oceans With No End" - Oceans With No End (Deathwish)
10:23pm Jackson and his Computerband - "Blow" - Glow (Warp)
10:18pm Gary Lucas - "Fellini's Casanova/Lullaby from Rosemary's Baby" - Cinefantastique (Northern Spy)
10:13pm Moonface - "November 2011" - Julia With Blue Jeans On (Jagjaguwar)
10:08pm Moonface - "Faraway Lightning" - With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar)
10:02pm Moonface - "Loose Heart = Loose Plan" - Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped (Jagjaguwar)
9:54pm Voodoo Organist - "Kill the Rat Race" - Vampire Empire (S/R)
9:52pm Space Art - "Speedway" - S/T (If)
9:48pm Haim - "Let Me Go" - Days Are Gone (Columbia)
9:44pm Nouvelle Vague - "Fade to Grey" - Bande a Part (Luaka Bop)
9:36pm New Weather - "Heat Death" - S/T (Butterscotch)
9:33pm Sparks - "Sherlock Holmes" - Angst in My Pants (Atlantic)
11:54pm Caretaker - "A Summer Romance" - Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom (V/VM)
11:51pm Gothic Archies - "Ever Falls the Twilight" - The New Despair (Merge)
11:45pm Black Sabbath - "Into the Void" - Master of Reality (Warner Brothers)
11:39pm Prayer - "Deception" - Temptation (CNG)
11:35pm Verma - "Chrome" - Ragnaraak (Hozac)
11:31pm Oneohtrix Point Never - "Boring Angel" - R Plus Seven (Warp)
11:28pm Drug Church - "Reading Youtube Comments" - Paul Walker (No Sleep)
11:21pm Divine - "I'm so Beautiful" - Maid in England (Dance Trax)
11:18pm Charta 77 - "50 Krig" - S/T (Birdskrr)
11:13pm Jackson and his Computerband - "G.I. Jane" - Glow (Warp)
11:00pm Queen - - Flash Gordon soundtrack (Elektra)
11:00pm Violent Femmes - "Good Feeling" - S/T (Slash)
10:51pm Voodoo Organist - "Synthesist" - Vampire Empire (S/R)
10:46pm Giorgio - "Oh L'Amour" - Knights in White Satin (Repertoire)
10:42pm Gary Glitter - "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" - Glitter and Gold (Epic)
10:21pm Philip Glass - "NYC : 73-78 (Beck)" - Rework (Orange Mountain Music)
10:17pm INVSN - "Vasterbotten" - S/T (Razor & Tie)
10:13pm Falco - "Helden von Heute" - Einzelhaft (A&M)
10:09pm Emika - "Wicked Game" - DVA (Ninja Tune)
10:05pm Giorgio - "Knights in White Satin" - Knights in White Satin (Repertoire)
9:59pm Moonface - "Julia with Blue Jeans On" - Julia with Blue Jeans On (Jagjaguwar)
9:49pm Anna Calvi - "Love Won't Be Leaving" - S/T (Domino)
9:46pm Haim - "Don't Save Me" - Days Are Gone (Columbia)
9:40pm Barbie & The Kens - "Just a Gigolo" - Just a Gigolo (Unidisc)
9:34pm "Pretty" Tony - "Jam The Box" - Street Jams: Electric Funk Part 3 (Rhino)
9:31pm Sparks - "There's No Such As Aliens" - Hello Young Lovers (In The Red)
11:46pm Future Blondes - "Fehe'R A Tuz" - Feather 17 (Blind Prophet)
11:43pm Monkees - "Mommy and Daddy" - The Monkees Present (Rhino)
11:38pm Klaus Dinger & Rheinita Bella Dusseldorf - "America" - Neondian (Captain Trip)
11:35pm The Mops - "Somebody to Love" - Psychedelic Sounds in Japan (Perfect Sound 6)
11:34pm Cock & Swan - "Myself Inside" - Secret Angels (Hush Hush)
11:31pm Monkees - "She" - More of the Monkees (Rhino)
11:28pm Las Kellies - "Post Post" - Total Exposure (Fire)
11:23pm Glaxo Babies - "Flesh" - Put Me On the Guest List (Heartbeat)
11:19pm Gary Glitter - "Rock On" - The Leader (Epic)
11:16pm Monkees - "Never Tell a Woman Yes" - The Monkees Present (Rhino)
11:11pm Prince Rama - "Receive" - Top Ten Hits of the End of the World (Paw Tracks)
11:08pm Earle Mankey - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - S/T (Select)
11:04pm Johnny Moped - "Cycledelic" - 3D Time
11:00pm Black Bug - "Onskestenen" - Reflecting the Light (Hozac)
10:58pm Steel Pole Bath Tub - "Paranoid" - Lurch (Boner)
10:51pm Necro Deathmort - "Kingdom" - EP1 (Distraction)
10:48pm Hamster Theatre - "Jeanne-Marie" - Carnival Detournement (Cuneiform)
10:46pm Urban Surf Kings - "Three-Five-Zero-Zero" - Hair: Surf Tribal Love Rock Musical (Omom)
10:42pm Lou Reed - "Real Good Time Together" - Street Hassle (Arista)
10:39pm Haim - "Don't Save Me" - Days Are Gone (Columbia)
10:30pm Gary Numan - "Love Hurt Bleed" - Love Hurt Bleed (Machine Music)
10:26pm Soft Metals - "Lenses" - Leses (Captured Tracks)
10:21pm Fuck Buttons - "Year of the Dog" - Slow Focus (ATP)
10:14pm Crispin Glover - "Selected Readings from Oak Mot Part IV" - The Big Problem (Restless)
10:09pm Oneohtrix Point Never - "Americans" - R Plus Seven (Warp)
10:06pm David Lynch - "Last Call" - The Big Dream (Sacred Bones)
10:02pm Emika - "Wicked Game" - DVA (Ninja Tune)
9:57pm Dress for Success - "Do It For You" - S/T (Paragon Artists)
9:54pm Holograms - "Wolves" - Forever (Captured Tracks)
9:51pm Brothers in Law - "Lose Control" - Hard Times for Dreamers (Watta Lab)
9:45pm Monkees - "Zor and Zam" - the Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees (Colgems)
9:40pm Chris Spedding - "Ain't Superstitious" - Hurt (Rak)
9:36pm Salvia Plath - "Bardo States" - The Bardo Story (Domino)
9:33pm Sparks - "Happy Hunting Ground" - Indiscreet (Island)
11:58pm Boney M. - "Rasputin" -
11:54pm Holograms - "Laughter Breaks the Silence" - Forever (Captured Tracks)
11:45pm His Electro Blue Voice - "Spit Dirt" - Ruthless Sperm (Sup Pop)
11:40pm Sigue Sigue Sputnik - "Sex Bomb Boogie" - Sex Bomb Boogie (EMI)
11:28pm Tangerine Dream - "Vengeance" - Sorcerer soundtrack (MCA)
11:26pm Lyn Todd - "Metropolis Suite" - S/T (Vanguard)
11:21pm Borghesia - "Am I?" - Escorts and Models (Play It Again Sam)