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Live in the KALX studio, local musicians of varied styles perform at the beginning of the show (9 pm to approximately 10:30 pm). Then at around 10:30 pm there will be a live broadcast from a local club and/or rerun of a previously taped live performance from a local venue.

Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 9:00pm - 11:59pm

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time
11:40pm Chonk - "Kalx Live! archive" - 12-8-12 (KALX)
11:34pm Terry Maltz - "Kalx Live! archive" - 10-27-12 (KALX)
11:28pm Chonk - "Kalx Live! archive" - 12-8-12 (KALX)
11:07pm Brightside - "Kalx Live! archive" - 11-4-06 (KALX)
10:35pm Clydesdales - "Kalx Live! archive" - 3-14-08 (KALX)
10:17pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Interview with dj Bison Run" - kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
10:11pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Down at Albert Brown's" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
10:09pm Aireene Espiritu - "Live Long Young and Free" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
10:04pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Boom and Bust" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
10:00pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Bag Woman" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:54pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Only Rock and Roll" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:48pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Wide Open" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:43pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Fortune Lady" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:35pm Aireene Espiritu - "Hooded Hoodlum Judge" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:31pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Put Back Charlie" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:28pm Aireene Espiritu with Brian Judd - "Falling For You" - Kalx Live! studio performance (KALX)
9:03pm Chris Stroffolino - "Kalx Live! archive" - 7-7-07 (KALX)
11:25pm Dogon Lights - "KALX Live Archive" - 02/03/2013 (KALX Live)
11:09pm The Crux - "Interview" -
10:58pm Mayya Feygina - "KALX Live Archive" - 07/08/2013 (KALX Live)
10:57pm mic break - -
10:53pm The Crux - "He Don't Understand Love" - Live (KALX Live)
10:48pm The Crux - "Everybody Knows My Name" - Live (KALX Live)
10:42pm The Crux - "Badge On" - Live (KALX Live)
10:39pm The Crux - "Jig" - Live (KALX Live)
10:35pm The Crux - "Veredictum" - Live (KALX Live)
10:31pm The Crux - "Drink Up" - Live (KALX Live)
10:25pm The Crux - "Dogs Made of Rust" - Live (KALX Live)
10:19pm The Crux - "Someone I Know" - Live (KALX Live)
10:13pm The Crux - "Phaedrus" - Live (KALX Live)
10:09pm The Crux - "Old Joe January" - Live (KALX Live)
10:01pm mic break - -
9:39pm Yard Sale - "Archive Performance" - 09-12-2009 (KALX Live)
9:38pm mic break - -
11:25pm Fracas - "kalx live archived performance" -
9:34pm Spider Garage - "kalx live studio performance" -
9:05pm Foxtail Brigade - "kalx live archived performance" -
11:50pm Marquis Melody - "11-24-2007" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
11:20pm The Deadbeats - "3-12-2011" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
11:01pm David Bowie - "Rebel Rebel" - Diamond Dogs (RCA)
10:40pm ShellShag - "6-6-2004" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:32pm Spider Heart - "Fire" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:29pm Spider Heart - "Love & War" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:23pm Spider Heart - "Blood In The Water" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:18pm Spider Heart - "Bullet" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:13pm Spider Heart - "Dirt" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:11pm T Rex - "Mambo Sun" - Electric Warrior (Reprise)
10:09pm Spider Heart - "Under the Gun" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:09pm The Kills - "At The Back Of The Shell" - No Wow (Rough Trade)
10:06pm Spider Heart - "Spark" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
10:05pm Cat Power - "American Flag" - Moon Pix (Matador)
10:02pm Spider Heart - "Little Doll" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
9:35pm Space Blaster - "5-9-2009" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
9:07pm Death By Excess - "7-23-2005" - KALX Live! (KALX Live)
11:59pm Meatypaws - "End of Show" - xx (xx)
11:45pm Trainwreck Riders - "KALX Archive 3-5-2011" - KALX (KALX Live)
11:42pm Laura Benitez and Heartache - "I Know You're Bad" - KALX (KALX)
11:16pm Neckbeard Boys - "Interview" - xx (xx)
11:14pm B Stars - "No Work Blues" - KALX (KALX Live)
11:11pm Drifter Sisters - "Act Naturally" - KALX (KALX Live)
11:08pm Moonshine Maybelline - "Luxury Liner" - KALX (KALX Live)
11:03pm Those Darlins - "White Light White Heat" - KALX (KALX Live)
11:01pm Uni And Her Uklele - "My Favorite Letter Is KALXq" - KALX (KALX LIVE!)
10:55pm Neckbeard Boys - "Wicked Games" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:50pm Neckbeard Boys - "Fiddlin' Dirty" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:46pm Neckbeard Boys - "Damn You O'Shaugnessy" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:42pm Neckbeard Boys - "Sad Songs" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:39pm Neckbeard Boys - "Hollywood" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:34pm Neckbeard Boys - "Godot Bro" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:31pm Neckbeard Boys - "Somebody Owes Me" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:28pm Neckbeard Boys - "Drinkin'" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:24pm Neckbeard Boys - "Joshua" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:20pm Neckbeard Boys - "Fight Your Way Back" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:16pm Neckbeard Boys - "Crazy Tom" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:12pm Neckbeard Boys - "Whiskey's Gone" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:08pm Neckbeard Boys - "Barclay Street" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:06pm Neckbeard Boys - "Mountain Girls" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
10:03pm Neckbeard Boys - "Backwood Shiver Spine" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live)
9:57pm Vandella - "Laying Down To Die" - KALX (KALX Live)
9:22pm Kit And Her Branded Men - "KALX Archive 11-26-2011" - KALX (KALX Live!)
9:17pm Deborah Crooks - "KALX Hesitation Blues" - KALX (KALX Live)
9:03pm Eight Belles - "Archive Show 6-2-2012" - KALX (KALX Live!)
9:00pm Meatypaws - "Start Of Show" - xx (xx)
11:38pm Triage - "Interview with dj Bison Run" - live on air performance (KALX)
11:13pm Tomihira - "Kalx Live! archive" - 2005 (KALX)
11:05pm Triage - "That's A Plenty" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:56pm Triage - "Fly Me To The Moon" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:50pm Mads Tolling - "Blue In Green" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:45pm Triage - "Bye Bye Blackbird" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:39pm Triage - "Putting On the Ritz" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:32pm Triage - "Europa" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:26pm Triage - "You Won't See Me" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:22pm Triage - "Beguine the Beguine" - live on air performance (KALX)
10:20pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Donna Lee" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:17pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Just About This Time Last Night" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:14pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Jealous/Swinging Down the Lane/Breezing Along With the Breeze" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:11pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Happy Stranger" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:08pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Deed I Do" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:06pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Cabin In the Sky" - 1947 (Hindsight)
10:03pm Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - "Robin's Nest" - 1947 (Hindsight)