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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:54pm Ohio Players - "Players Balling" - Pain (Westbound)
11:47pm Algiers - "Blood" - Algiers (Matador)
11:44pm Creeping Pink - "Mirror Woods" - Mirror Woods (Castle Face)
11:40pm Boredoms - "Poy (Mockin' Fuzz 1)" - Pop Tatari (Reprise)
11:36pm Bonemen of Barumba - "Is It That Time Again?!" - Bonemen of Barumba (Barumba)
11:31pm Mission of Burma - "Peking Spring" - Mission of Burma (Taang!)
11:26pm Girls - "Jeffrey I Hear You" - Reunion (Brasch)
11:19pm Armando Travajoli - "Sessonmatto" - Easy Tempo (Easy Tempo)
11:17pm The Inner Space - "Kamera Song" - The In-Kraut, Vol. 2 (Marina)
11:13pm Lothar and the Hand People - "It Comes on Anyhow" - Lothar and the Hand People (Capitol)
11:10pm The Books - "Tokyo" - Lemon Of Pink (Tomlab)
11:07pm Stolen Jars - "Kept" - Kept (S/R)
11:03pm Gossamer - "Print" - Automation (Innovative Leisure)
10:58pm The Prams - "I Wanna Be Unemployed" - Sick Sad World (Discos Kirlian)
10:56pm Strawberry Story - "Close My Eyes" - Caroline (Parasol)
10:53pm Fist City - "Shotgun" - Everything Is a Mess (Transgressive)
10:51pm Radioflyer - "Logstar" - Millefeville (Beikogu Ongaku)
10:47pm Birds of California - "Minute on the Dancefloor" - One and Only (Jigsaw)
10:43pm Scrabbel - "Pillowmint" - Scrabbel (Kittridge)
10:36pm ALRN - "What's The Matter?" - ALRN (S/R)
10:33pm The Buzzcocks - "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" - Everybody's Happy Nowadays (UA)
10:29pm Thomas Function - "Relentless Machines" - Celebration (Alive)
10:26pm Royal Headache - "High" - High (What's Your Rupture?)
10:24pm The Ponys - "Lets Kill Ourselves" - Laced With Romance (In the Red)
10:21pm Deaf Wish - "Sunset's Fool" - Pain (Sub Pop)
10:16pm Frederic & the Rangers - "I'm on the Outside" - German Measles, Vol. 1 (Cree)
10:13pm Yo - "I See Beyond" - Charmed World (Deadbeat)
10:11pm Sourpatch - "Outer Space" - Sourpatch (HHBTM)
10:09pm Alligator - "Cycles" - Runners (Et Mon Cul C'est Tofu?)
10:06pm Sportique - "Anatomy of a Fool" - Black Is a very Popular Color (Matinee)
10:04pm Chapter 24 - "Spindle" - Spindle (Oddbox)
10:02pm Tyvek - "Underwater" - Nothing Fits (In the Red)
9:56pm Wounded Lion - "Pony People" - Wounded Lion (In the Red)
9:53pm The Troggs - "Anyway That You Want Me" - The Best of... (Rhino)
9:51pm Adventures in Stereo - "The Attic Walk" - Adventures in Stereo (Creeping Bent)
9:48pm La Luz - "Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
9:45pm Harlem - "Friendly Ghost" - Hippies (Matador)
9:39pm Wau Y Los Arrghs!!! - "Todo lo Voy a Romper" - Todo Roto (Slovenly)
9:36pm The Hemingers - "What's a Heminger?" - What's a Heminger? (Magnetic South)
9:34pm The Catalinas - "Banzai Washout" - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar (Sundazed)
9:32pm The Chevelle 5 - "Come Back Bird" - Basement Walls (Antar)
9:29pm Supercharger - "Phobia" - Supercharger (Radio X)
9:26pm Figures of Light - "It's Lame" - Smash Hits (Norton)
9:23pm Uh Bones - "Everyday Killer" - Honey Coma (Randy)
9:17pm Iron Knowledge - "Showstopper" - Chains & Black Exhaust (Jones)
9:12pm Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - "Mi Vi Wa Se" - Echos Hypnotiques Vol. 2 (Analog Africa)
9:08pm William Onyeabor - "Heaven & Hell" - William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
9:02pm Gary Burton - "Vibrafinger" - Good Vibes (Atlantic)
11:56pm Exploding Star Orchestra - "Collections of Time" - Galactic Parables: Vol. 1 (Cuneiform)
11:52pm Kisswhistle - "Boy Meets Girl" - Beikoku-Ongaku, Vol. 14: Millefeville (Beikoku-Ongaku)