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These times are shown in Pacific time
8:53am Bark Haze - "Total Joke Era - Punchline 1" - Total Joke Era (Important)
8:50am Bad Advise - "Do Not Resuscitate" - Do Not Resuscitate (Grave Mistake)
8:47am Sector Zero - "Hiding in My Car" - Guitar Attack (Goner)
8:44am Obn Ills - "Running on Fumes" - 7' (Tic Tac Totally)
8:38am Thee Oh Sees - "Strawberries One & Two" - Floating Coffin (Castleface)
8:35am Burnt Ones - "Fountain of Youth" - You'll Never Walk Alone (Burger)
8:25am Alice Coltrane - "Lovely Sky Boat" - A Monastic Trio (Impulse!)
8:22am Lucky Dragons - "Band Hammer" - Dream Island Laughing Language (Marriage)
8:18am Alemayehu Eshete - "Ayalquem Tedenqo" - Hasabe (Mississippi)
8:15am Yellowman - "Natty Sat Upon The Rock" - Mister Yellowman (Greensleeves)
8:12am Prince Jazzbo - "Natty Ting a Ling" - Studio One Ironsides (Soul Jazz)
8:08am Wailing Souls - "See Baba Joe" - Fire House Rock (Greensleeves)
8:05am Burning Spear - "Traveling" - 7' (Clocktower)
7:56am Francis Bebey - "Akwaaba" - Akwaaba (Original Music)
7:53am Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters - "Four Your Precious Love" - 7' (UA)
7:50am Abner Jay - "The Thresher" - The Original Folk Song Style (Mississippi)
7:47am R.B. Greaves - "Don't Play That Song (You Lied)" - S/T (Atco)
7:43am Ben E. King - "That's When it Hurts" - 7' (Atco)
7:40am Charles Bradley - "Strictly Reserved for You" - Victim of Love (Daptone)
7:25am Gunn-Truscinski Duo - "Don't Lean on Door" - Ocean Parkway (Three Lobed)
7:19am Harry Taussig - "Water Verses" - Contemporary Guitar (Takoma)
7:13am William Ackerman - "The Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen" - The Search for the Turtle's Navel (Windham Hill)
7:08am Fennesz - "Surf" - Field Recordings 1995-2002 (Touch)
6:57am Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Untitled #8" - Multiples (Kranky)
6:46am Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage - "Blues Dhikr Al-Salam (Blues Al Maqam) - Excerpt" - Live at the Grimm Museum (Imprec)
6:36am Taylor Deupree - "Negative Snow" - Faint (12k)
6:14am Sultan Khan - "Raag Hemant" - Sur Tal (SCI)
6:08am Shivkumar Sharma - "Raga Sohni" - The Heavenly Sound of Santoor (EMI)
8:55am Bob Marley - "Don't Rock My Boat" - Soul Revelotion
8:49am Residual Echoes - "Lorelei" - Phoenician Flu: Ancient Ocean (Holy Mountain)
8:44am Warm Soda - "Someone For You" - S/T (Castle Face)
8:41am Thee Oh Sees - "Toe Cutter/ Thumb Buster" - Floating Coffin (Castle Face)
8:39am Traditional Fools - "Allright" - S/T (In The Red)
8:36am Peoples Temple - "Looters Game" - Looters Game (Hozac)
8:34am Legs - "Rounded Edges" - Pass the Ringo (Loglady)
8:25am Fereshte - "Shahre Khali" - Zendooni (Pharaway Sounds)
8:22am White Fence - "Beat" - Cylops Reap (Castle Face)
8:18am Erin Koray - "Yagmur" - Arap Saci (Pharaway Sounds)
8:15am Flying Lotus - "The Nightcaller" - Until the Quiet Comes (Warp)
8:13am Teebs - "Double Fifths" - Ardour (Brainfeeder)
8:10am Adventure - "Reality Shift" - Weird Work (Carpark)
8:03am The Shangri-Las - "Love You More Than Yesterday" - Boys Can Be Mean (Charly)
8:01am Rosie and Ron - "Bring Me Happiness" - East Side Story Vol. 7 (Trenton)
7:57am Charles Bradley - "Strictly Reserved for You" - Victim of Love (Daptone)
7:51am Phillip Upchurch - "Inner City Blues" - Darkness, Darkness (Blue Thumb)
7:46am Manu Dibango - "Nights in Zeralda" - Soul Makossa (Atlantic)
7:42am Horoya Band National - "Karan-Gbegne" - Authenticite: The Syliphone Years (Stern's)
7:38am Koudede - "Souveniram" - Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 (Sahel Sounds)
7:24am William Parker - "Long Hidden Part Three" - Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (AUM Fidelity)
7:20am Matthew Shipp - "Elastic Aspects" - Greatest Hits (Thirsty Ear)
7:00am Shahid Parvez - "Raag Madhuvanti" - Rehnuma (Ninaad)
6:52am William Tyler - "Cadillac Desert" - Impossible Truth (Merge)
6:43am The Bark Haze - "Total Joke: Punchline 1 (Excerpt)" - Total Joke Era (Important)
6:40am Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Untitled #2" - Multiples (Kranky)
6:36am Ingenting Kollektiva - "Visions Obscurcies" - Lost Beyond Telling (Invisible Birds)
6:29am Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble - "The Ensemble Chord in C with a Major 7th and a Guitar Base (Excerpt)" - Organized Pitches Occuring in Time (Important)
6:24am Eleh - "Night of Pure Energy (Excerpt)" - Radiant Intervals (Important)
6:20am Zomes - "Equinox" - Time Was (Thrill Jockey)
6:02am John Coltrane - "Africa" - Africa Brass (Impulse)
8:53am Kurt Vile - "Was All Talk" - Walkin on a Pretty Daze (Matador)
8:45am Louis Xavier - "Suite" - Spiritual Jazz Volume II: Europe (Jazzman)
8:42am Black Pus - "All Out of Sorts" - All My Relations (Thrill Jockey)
8:40am Lovely Bad Things - "Darth Lauren" - The Late Great Whatever (Volcom)
8:36am Marnie Stern - "Year of the Glad" - The Chronicles of Marnia (KRS)
8:29am Thee Oh Sees - "Minotaur" - Floating Coffin (Castle Face)
8:27am Golden Grrrls - "Paul Simon" - S/T (Slumberland)
8:24am Milk Music - "Cruising with God" - Cruise Your Illusion (Fat Possum)
8:20am Purling Hiss - "Lolita" - Water on Mars (Drag City)
8:17am Replica - "You Can't Stop the Weather/ Big Black Boots" - S/T (Prank)
8:15am Slayer - "Piece by Piece" - Reign in Blood (Def Jam)
7:58am Willie Nelson - "Things to Remember" - Crazy: The Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill)
7:56am Willie Nelson - "Man with the Blues" - Nite Life (Rhino)
7:50am George Jones - "Party Pickin'" - Down Home With (Buckboard)
7:48am George Jones - "Big Harlan Taylor" - Country Hit Maker (Ambassador)
7:46am George Jones - "Settin' the Woods on Fire" - Salutes Hank Williams (Mercury)
7:43am George Jones - "It Scares Me Half to Death" - Sings Like the Dickens (Razor & Tie)
7:41am Ferlin Husky - "How Much are You Mine" - Green, Green Grass of Home (Hilltop)
7:36am The Black Twig Pickers - "Jack of Diamonds" - Rough Carpenters (Thrill Jockey)
7:27am Peggy Honneywell - "Faint" - Faint Humms
7:22am Dan Lambert - "Charleytown" - Hot Time on the Old Town Tonight (Houndstooth)
7:22am William Tyler - "The Last Residents of Westfall" - Impossible Truth (Merge)
7:14am Big Mama Thorton - "School Boy" - In Europe (Arhoolie)
7:08am Furry Lewis - "Good Morning Judge" - Been Here All My Days (Mississippi)
7:05am Ted Lucas - "Raga in D" - Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli (Numero)
7:01am Cosmas & Alexia Magaya - "Nhemamusasa" - Shona Mbira Music (Nonesuch)
6:53am James Blackshaw - "A Momentary Taste of Being" - Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death (Important)
6:51am Israel Martinez - "Bohemia" - The Minutes (Aagoo)
6:47am Olekranon - "Etude (Excerpt)" - Helminth (Inam)
6:43am Machinefabriek - "Part Three (Black and White) (Excerpt)" - Secret Photographs (Important)
6:36am Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble - "The Ensemble Chord in Eb with a Minor 7th and a Pump Organ Base (Excerpt)" - Organized Pitches Occuring in Time (Important)
6:33am Christina Kubisch - "Mono Fluido (Excerpt)" - Mono Fluido (Important)
6:04am Laurie Spiegel - "The Expanding Universe" - The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
8:50am Zakir Hussain - "Ahmedabad, January 1999" - Selects (Moment)
8:45am Grave Babies - "Count Cuts" - Crusher (Hardly Art)
8:43am Wire - "Fragile" - Pink Flag (Harvest)
8:40am Beach Fossils - "Crashed Out" - Clash The Truth (Captured Tracks)
8:37am Traditional Fools - "Davey Crockett" - S/T (In The Red)
8:35am Warm Soda - "Only in Yr Mind" - Someone For You (Castle Face)
8:32am Andy Human - "Land of the Dinosaurs" - Freeze (CWR)
8:27am Bill Withers - "Everybody's Talkin'" - Just As I Am (Sussex)