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12:58pm My Mine - "Hypnotic Tango" - 003 (Radius Records)
12:55pm Daydream - "Crazy" - Crazy (ZYX)
12:50pm Slip - "Don't Leave Me This Way" - Don't Leave Me This Way (Hansa)
12:46pm Elvin - "You Set My Heart on Fire" - Luggi Luggi Ludwig
12:42pm Punch - "Love Me" - Love Me (Clockwork)
12:50am Slip - "Don't Leave Me This Way" - Don't Leave Me This Way (Hansa)
12:47am Elvin - "You Set My Heart on Fire" - Luggi Luggi Ludwig (Bellaphon)
12:42am Punch - "Love Me" - Love Me (Clockwork Records)
12:38am East Wall - "Ice of Fire" - Silence
12:32am Peter Richard - "Walking in the Neon" - Walking in the Neon (Ariola)
12:27am Kermesse - "Mrs. Moon" - Mrs. Moon (Fingers)
12:23am Brand Image - "Are You Loving?" - Are You Loving? (Zyx)
12:20am San Giovanni Bassista - "Summer Sweat" - (Hot Elephant)
12:15am DF & Pam - "On The Beat" - On The Beat (Crash)
12:12am Guisy Ravziza - "Light" - Sensation Records Compilation no. 1 (Sensation)
12:08am Wax - "Wax Dance (Dupe Edit)" - Wax Dance (Bordello a Parigi)
12:05am Loopside ft Miko Mission - "Starman" - Starman (Fouri di Testi)
(All day) Frank Tavaglione - "Tumidanda" - Tumidanda
11:00am Knight Action - "Single Girl" -
10:55am David Bowie - "Lady Grinning Soul" - Aladin Sane (Ryko)
10:50am Creative Adult - "Control My Eyes" - Psychic Mess (Run for cover)
10:45am Amanda Lear - "Blood and Honey" -
10:42am Diamond Version - "Feel The Freedom" - CIrcular Doorway (Mute)
10:40am Revisto - "On the Beach" - Rev Up
10:35am OOIOO - "Jesso Testa" - Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
10:27am Sea Monster - "Sex God Chant" - Something in The Water (Winged Disk)
10:22am Man Parrish - "Man Made" - Man Made
10:15am Brooklyn Rider - "Funeral Doina" - A Walking Fire (Mercury)
10:10am Ben Frost - "Secant" - Aurora (Mute)
10:05am Soft Cell - "You Only Live Twice" - Soul Inside (Sire)
10:00am Golden Donna - "Pale Dream Rider" - II (100% Silk)
9:50am Massara - "Margherita" - Disco Discharge: Euro Disco (Harmless)
9:45am Children of the Stones - "Tethered" - The Stars and the Silence (Saint Marie)
9:40am Lydia Lunch - "What Is a Memory" - Shotgun Wedding (Atavistic)
9:35am Mark Lane - "Just Because" - Minimal Wave Tapes Vol 1 (Stones Throw)
9:30am Honey Ltd - "Eli's Coming" - The Complete Recordings (Light in the Attic)
9:25am Neurox - "A Raving Night" - A Raving Night (Moustache Records)
9:20am Hauschka - "Agdam" - Abandoned City (Temporary Residence)
9:12am Celluloid and the Invisible - "Alien Activity from the 45th Parallel" - Reflecting on the first watch (Green Mountain Records)
9:04am Legendary Pink Dots - "The Collector" - Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (Bias 41)
10:57am Yello - "Bostich" - I Love You
10:50am Black Devil - "One to Choose" - Disco Club
10:47am Kali Mutsa - "Magic Cavarita" - Souvenance (Shock Music)
10:42am Big Ben Tribe - "Tarzan Loves the Summer nights" - Tarzan Loves the Summer nights (Dark Entries)
10:34am Illusion of Safety - "Ready to Give Up" - Surrender (No Part of It)
10:28am Shortwave Mystery - "Pilots" -
10:15am Swans - "Kirsten Supine" - To Br Kind (Young God)
10:12am Shakane - "Love Machine" - Velvet Tinmine (RPM)
10:06am Trust - "Four Gut" - Joyland (Arts & Crafts)
10:00am Magazine 60 - "Rendezvous Sur La Costa Del Sol" - "
9:55am Spider Compass' Good Crime Band - "Pancreatic Organ Sirens" - All Vulture
9:45am Moths & Locusts - "Theme from Zombie Ants" - Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaerse (Noiseagonymayhem)
9:37am Current 93 - "Ballad of the Pale Christ" - Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow
9:30am Ministry - "I Wanted To Tell Her" - With Sympathy (Arista)
9:24am Kelis - "Change" - Food (Ninja Tune)
9:24am Knight Action - "Single girl" -
9:20am Cocktail Naif - "Love Concert" - Love Concert (n/a)
9:15am Prostate - "The Church or the World" - Rip Vip (Phage Tapes)
9:07am Colourmusic - "Dreamgirl '82" - May You Marry Rich (Memphis Industries)
9:00am The Residents - "The Gingerbread Man" - Icky Flix (Cryptic)