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Sunday, August 9, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:55pm De Lux - "Living in an Open Place" - Generation (Innovative Leisure)
2:50pm Swallow - "Follow me Down" - Blow (4AD)
2:45pm Venera 4 - "black paws" - Eidolon (RPUT)
2:42pm Shamir - "In For the Kill" - Ratchet (XL)
2:40pm Madness - "Wings of The Dove" - Keep Moving (Geffen Records)
2:36pm SLUG - "Eggs and Eyes" - Ripe (Memphis Industries)
2:33pm Steroid Maximus - "Life in the Greenhouse Effect" - Steroid Maximus (Big Cat UK Records)
2:30pm Scott Amendola - "Pucker" - Pucker (Sazi)
2:25pm Necropolis of Love - "Dance" - Dance (S/R)
2:20pm Yukon Blonde - "Saturday Night" - On Blonde (Dine)
2:15pm Peter Murphy - "Deep Ocean Vast Sea" - Deep (Beggars Banquet)
2:10pm Myka 9 & Factor - "Coastal" - Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet)
2:04pm Einleit - "Air" - France Rocks v. 2 (Bureau Export)
1:55pm Stereolab - "Nihilist Assault Group" - Wow and Flutter (Telephonic Ultra High Frequency Discs)
1:50pm Michal Menert - "Everything Shines" - Space Jazz (Superbest)
1:45pm Mad Villian - "America's Most Blunted" - Madvilliany (Stones Throw)
1:40pm Chemical Brothers - "Reflexion" - Born in the Echoes (Astral Werks)
1:35pm Looper - "Impossible Things #2" - These Things (Album Sampler) (Mute)
1:30pm Rodrigo Amarante - "Hourglass" - Cavalo (Easy Sound)
1:26pm Calvin Love - "Down the Well" - Super Future (Arts & Crafts)
1:23pm Thompson Twins - "You Killed the Clown" - Here's to the Future Days (Arista)
1:20pm Active Child - "1999" - Mercy (Vagrant)
1:15pm 2econd Class Citizen - "Blue Dragonfly" - A Hall of Mirrors (Content (L)abel)
1:10pm Dead Can Dance - "Black Sun" - Aion (4AD)
1:05pm Joy Wellboy - "The Final Still" - Wedding (B Pitch Control)
12:55pm Bird and the Bees - "Los Angeles" - Recreational Love (Rostrum)
12:50pm Steely Dan - "Everybody's Going to the Movies" - Katy Lied (ABC Records)
12:46pm Little Wings - "Fat Chance" - Explains (Woodist)
12:43pm Richard Swift - "Ballad of Old What's His Name" - The Atlantic Ocean (Secretly Canadian)
12:40pm Neuhuman - "Take Me Home" - How To Stop Time (S/R)
12:35pm Emiliana Torrini - "Easy" - Rarities (Virgin)
12:30pm LA Priest - "Oino" - Inji (Domino Records)
12:25pm The Pack - "Vans" - Vans (Sky Records)
12:20pm Wume - "Two Birdges" - Maintain (Ehse)
12:10pm Moebius & Plank - "Infiltration" - Material (Sky Records)
12:00pm Blanck Mass - "No Lite" - Dumb Flesh (Sacred Bones)
2:55pm Kris Kristofferson - "Sunday Morning Coming Down" - The Essential Kris Kristofferson (Sony Music)
2:50pm Halfway - "Sunlight on the Sills" - Any Old Love (Plus One Records)
2:45pm Miracle Legion - "Out to Play" - Out to Play (Morgan Creek)
2:40pm Van Morrison and Mick Hucknall - "Streets of Arklow" - Duets: Re-Working the Catalog (RCA)
2:35pm Colin Meloy - "The Gymnast High Above the Ground" - Colin Meloy Sings Live (Kill Rock Stars)
2:30pm Win Win - "Don't Freak Out" - Primaries (Arts & Crafts)
2:28pm Mac McCaughin - "Your Hologram" - Non-Believers (Merge)
2:25pm Blondie - "Hanging on the Telephone" - Paralel Lines (Chrysalis)
2:20pm Birds of Paradise - "Baby Daughters" - Love is Confusion (Dusty Medical)
2:15pm Love Is All - "Trying Too Hard" - 9 Times That Same Song (S/R)
2:10pm Maribou State - "Natural Fools" - Portraits (Counter)
2:00pm Robert Glasper - "The Worst" - Covered (Blue Note)
1:55pm Substance Abuse - "What the F*** You Rhyming' For" - What Time Is It? (Ground Control)
1:50pm Metronome - "Desertrix" - Insomnia (S/R)