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Saturday, September 6, 2014 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:20pm Throbbing Gristle - "Adrenalin" - Postpunk Chronicles (Entertainment Chronicles)
5:15pm Shabazz Palaces - "Motion Sickness" - Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
5:10pm PC Worship - "Behind the Picture" - Social Rust (Northern Spy)
5:05pm The Rentals - "Irrational Things" - Lost in Alphaville (Polyvinyl)
5:00pm Telephone - "Les Dunes" - Un Autre Monde (Virgin Records)
4:55pm Young Widows - "The Last Young Widow" - Easy Pain (Temporary Residence)
4:50pm Thatcher on Acid - "Another Girl" - The Moondance (Mad 14)
4:45pm Total Control - "Liberal Party" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
4:40pm Old Smokey - "Transylvania Link" - Western Easter (Cloud)
4:35pm Kate Bush - "Room for the Life" - The Kick Inside (EMI America)
4:30pm Gulp - "Grey Area" - Season Sun (Everloving)
4:25pm Film School - "A Taste of Dust" - Brilliant Career (S/R)
4:20pm Neov - "Laketown" - Music Finland With The Line of Best Fit (Music Finland)
4:15pm Tekitha - "You Remix" - You (Digital Recordings)
4:10pm Burial - "Shell of Light" - Hyperdub 10.2 (Hyperdub)
5:55pm Blondie - "Youth Nabbed as Sniper" - Plastic Letters (Chrsalis)
5:50pm Cold Beat - "Collapse" - Over Me (Crime on the Moon)
5:45pm Fad Gadget - "Collapsing New People" - ()
5:40pm Shabazz Palaces - "Divine of Form" - Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
5:35pm Think Differently - "Lyrical Swords" - Lyrical Swords ()
5:30pm Cameo - "Feel Me" - Feel Me (Chocolate City)
5:25pm The Green Seed - "All The Same" - Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels)
5:20pm Yello - "Bostich" - Disco Not Disco 2 (Strut)
5:15pm Klaus Johann Grobe - "Aufstand" - Im Sinne Der Zeit (Trouble in Mind)
5:10pm The Things - "It's Not That Way" - Coloured Heaven (Vox Records)
5:05pm Bob Mould - "The War" - Beauty and Ruin (Merge)
5:00pm Swervedriver - "Sandblasted" - Rave Down (Creation Records)
4:55pm Verve - "Gravity Grave (extended version)" - Gravity Grave (Hut Recordings)
4:50pm Boytoy - "Shark in the Sun" - S/T (Papercup)
4:40pm Eno/Hyde - "cells & bells" - High Life (Warp)
4:35pm Simple Minds - "Alive and Kicking" - Once Upon a Time (Virgin A&M)
4:30pm Dana Buoy - "Preacher" - Preacher (Middle West)
4:25pm Neu - "isi" - Neu! (Gronland)
4:20pm Gulp - "Clean & Serene" - Season Sun (Everloving)
4:14pm Freeman - "I Know a Girl" - S/T (Partisan)
4:11pm Joe Tex - "Blessed Are These Tears" - The History of Joe Tex (MGM Records)
4:08pm The Mumlers - "tangled up in you" - Don't Throw Me Away (Galaxia)
4:05pm Eddie Giles - "Losing Boy" - Sweet Soul Music (Sire Records)
4:00pm Ben Watt - "The Gun" - Hendra (Unmade Road)
3:51pm Christopher Denny - "Radio" - If The Roses Don't Kill Us (Partisan)
3:48pm Strand of Oaks - "For Me" - HEAL (Dead Oceans)
3:45pm Chad Vangaalen - "She Calls for Me" - I Want You Back (Sub Pop)
3:40pm Thatcher on Acid - "Girl" - S/T (All The Madmen Records)
3:35pm Total Control - "Glass" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
3:26pm Then Jericho - "Fault (Club Mix)" - Fault (Club Mix) (London)
3:23pm 3108 - "Go To Hell" - S/T (Trouble in Mind)
3:20pm Third Circle - "Last Night Was The Best Night of My Life" - Last Night Was The Best Night of My Life (Rouska)
3:10pm Portishead - "Mourning Air" - Help (Polygram)
3:00pm Jenny Gillespie - "Holidays (Makr Remix)" - Chamma (Narooma)
5:25pm The Mallard - "Shreds" - Shreds/Glass Dream RIPS (Mt. St. Mtn.)