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Saturday, August 2, 2014 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 7:00am - 9:00am

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These times are shown in Pacific time
5:25pm John Cale and Terry Riley - "The Soul of Patrick Lee" - Church of Anthrax (Esoteric)
5:20pm Pleasures Pale - "it could be heaven just as well" - S/T (heresy)
5:15pm Luluc - "Gold on the Leaves" - Passerby (Sub Pop)
5:03pm Poco - "Crazy Eyes" - Crazy Eyes (Epic)
5:00pm Rosanne Cash - "Night School" - The River and The Thread Thread (Blue Note)
4:55pm Neil Diamond - "Everybody's Talkin'" - Touching You,Touching Me (United Artists)
4:50pm Joseph Arthur - "Heroin" - Lou (Vanguard)
4:40pm Battlehooch - "Yeah, That" - Hot Lungs (Timberline)
4:35pm Plan B - "Mad World" - The Greenhouse Effect (RCA)
4:30pm Legendary Pink Dots - "Super" - A Homage to Neu (Cleopatra)
4:25pm Glass Animals - "JDNT" - Zaba (Harvest)
4:20pm Pimp Daddy Nash - "The Sixty Nine Affair" - year of the pimp (eighth dimension records)
4:15pm Pigeon John - "Originalz" - Originalz (S/R)
4:10pm Open Mike Eagle - "Deathmate Black" - Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group)
4:05pm Pismo - "The Game" - The Game (Shou Records)
4:00pm Heyerdahl - "Mirage" - Mirage (Red Eye Transit)
3:55pm Dan Melchior und Das Menace - "Spooky Eyes" - Hunger (Castle Face)
3:50pm Experimental Aircraft - "Outdoor Miner" - A Houseguest's Wish
3:45pm Robert Plant - "Heaven Knows" - Now and Zen (Saranza)
3:42pm Hugo Hans - "Cannibals" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
3:37pm Young Magic - "Waiting for the Ground to Open" - Breathing Statues (Carpark)
3:30pm Blue Nile - "Stay" - Walk Along The Rooftoops
3:25pm Strand of Oaks - "Plymouth" - Heal (Dead Oceans)
3:20pm David Kilgour - "You Forget" - Here Come the Cars (Flying Nun)
3:15pm Fruit Bats - "Christen My Ship" - You Be My Heart: A benefit for 826 Valencia (S/R)
3:07pm Pluramon - "Atom remix of tel.bell" - Bit Sand Riders (EFA)
3:00pm Ben Frost - "Nolan" - A U R O R A (Mute)
5:20pm Urban Verbs - "When The Dance Is Over and Jar My Blood" - Early Damage (Warner Brothers)
5:15pm Scritti Politti - "Wood Beez" - Wood Beez (Warner Brothers)
5:10pm Moonshine Continuum - "Undeniable" - Salon Edition (Total Gross National Product)
5:05pm M + A - "B song" - These Days (Monotreme)
4:55pm Hiss Tracts - "halo getters" - Shortwave Nights (Constellation)
4:50pm Ursa Minor - "nostalgia" - Number One (Soft World Music)
4:45pm Dylan Shearer - "Baggage Claim" - Garage Array (Castle Face)
4:40pm Cabin Fever Crew - "Wouldn't It Be Fine" - Indiegogo Hip Hop Sampler (Indiego)
4:35pm Eat Lights Become Lights - "Time Enough" - Into Forever (S/R)
4:30pm U-Tern - "Sippin' on Da Syrup Remix" - Cookie Jar 2 (Beat Street)
4:25pm Intuition & Equalibrium - "Best Fool" - S/T (Kinda Neat)
4:20pm US - "Niggaz" - Niggaz
4:16pm Union Wireless - "Breathing, Space" - Saturn Ascension Experiments (Elefant Records)
4:12pm Trick Mammoth - "Cold Dalmation" - Floristy (Fishrider)
4:05pm Pont des Arts - "Angels Share" - Goodbye to All That (S/R)
4:00pm Underground Lovers - "Your Eyes" - leaves me blind (guernica)
3:58pm First Aid Kit - "Shattered & Hollow" - Stay Gold (Columbia)
3:55pm Bruce Springsteen - "Used Cars" - Nebraska (Columbia)
3:50pm Strand of Oaks - "Shut In" - HEAL (Dead Oceans)
3:45pm Jet Black Crayon - "The Mentalist" - Inaccuracies of The Mind Machine (function 8)
3:35pm Field Mice - "Other Galaxies" - Waaaaah! (Bring on Bull Records)
3:30pm Hugo Hans - "Bayonet" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
3:25pm Pete Molinari - "Hang My Head In Shame" - Theosophy (In Grooves)
3:20pm The Universal Congress of - "All Your Love" - This Is Mecolodics (SST Records)
3:15pm Dan Melchior Und Das - "Town Feeling" - Hunger (Castle Face)
3:10pm Open Mike Eagle - "Doug Stamper" - Dark Comedy (Mello Group Music)
3:00pm U-Sheen - "new skete" - U-Sheen/Delarosa Split (Fluid Ounce Records)
5:20pm Petur Ben - "Kings of the Underpass" - Made in Iceland VII (IMX)
5:15pm Modern English - "Hands Across the Sea" - Richohet Days (Sire)
5:12pm Tomas Barfod - "Sell You (feat. Night Beds)" - Love Me (Secretly Canadian)
5:08pm Slowdive - "Avalyn I" - Slowdive (Creation)
5:05pm Haley Bonar - "Heavens Made For Two" - Last War (Graveface)
4:55pm Killing Joke - "Feast of Blaze" - Killing Joke (Editions EG)
4:51pm Trentemoller - "Never Stop Running" - Never Stop Running (In My Room)
4:48pm The revellers - "Dinah" - The Cabaret Years (EMI)
4:45pm Spies - "Egyptian Bird Song" - The Battle of Bosworth Terrace (Siltbreeze)
4:40pm Meta Meta - "Man Feriman" - Metal Metal (Mals Um Discos)
4:35pm Killarmy - "Swinging Swords" - Swinging Swords (Priority)
4:33pm Holmes Brothers - "Drivin' in the Drivin' Rain" - Brotherhood (Alligator)
4:30pm Chaka Kahn - "Message in the Middle of a Bottle" - Chaka Kahn (Warner Brothers)
4:25pm Intuition & Equalibrium - "Weight is Gone" - s/t (Kinda Neat)
4:20pm Kid Capri - "Unity" - Unity
4:15pm Parquet Courts - "Dear Ramona" - Sunbathing Animal (What's Your Rapture)
4:10pm King Blank - "Blind Box" - The Real Dirt (Situation Two)
4:05pm Felice Brothers - "Katie Cruel" - Favorite Waitress (Dualtone)
4:00pm Bobb King - "Got to Keep Moving" - Live and Let Live
3:55pm Dolly Parton - "Try" - Blue Smoke (Sony Classical)
3:50pm Aspera and Astra - "Godspeed" - Insound Tour Support v. 1 (Insound)
3:45pm Amen Dunes - "Everybody Is Crazy" - Love (Sacred Bones)
3:41pm Killer Shrews - "Imp of the Perverse" - Killer Shrews (Enemy Productions)
3:38pm Lilac Time - "Laundry" - & Love For All (Fontana)
3:35pm Hans Hugo - "Broken Arms" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
3:28pm Kid Loops - "The Microphone Fiend" - The Microphone Fiend (Ultra Records)
3:25pm Paul Kelly - "Poor But Proud" - Dirt (Warner Bros Recorrds)
3:20pm Joe Henry - "Nico Lost One Small Buddha" - Scarlatti & Cage: Sonatas (Mammoth)
3:15pm Glass Animals - "Wyrd" - Zabra (Harvest)
3:10pm Open Mike Eagle - "Qualifiers" - Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group)
3:00pm Kinesthesia - "German" - Vol 1
5:30pm Jeff Hackworth - "Vaya Con Dios" - Soul to Go! (Big Bridge Music)
5:25pm Look Blue Go Purple - "Cactus Cat" - LBGPEP2 (Flying Nun)
5:20pm Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With a Purpose)" - Floristry (Fishrider)
5:15pm Ocean Blue - "Between Something and Nothing" - The Ocean Blue (Sire)
5:10pm Red Hot Lover Tone - "Wanna Make Moves Trakmasterz Remix" - Wanna Make Moves (Select Records)
5:10pm White Sea - "Flash" - In Cold Blood (Crush Music)
5:05pm Taylor McFerrin - "Already There" - Early Riser (Brainfeeder)
4:55pm Amon Tobin - "Lost & Found" - ISAM (Ninja Tune)
4:50pm Little River Band - "Every Day of My Life" - Diamantina Cocktail (Harvest)
4:45pm Once and Future Band - "Brain (Watching Your Eyes)" - Brain (Mouth)
4:40pm EVP - "Stasis II" - Cream of the Drop (zerobpm recordings)
4:35pm Clipping. - "Work Work" - CLPPNG (Sub Pop)
4:30pm Jurassic Park - "What's Golden" - What's Golden (Interscope)
4:25pm Guapo como Mandela - "Anonimo consejo" - Cuban Hip-Hop All Stars v.1 (Papaya Records)
4:20pm Brownout - "The Wizard" - Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity)