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Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:55pm Jesse Cook - "Once" - One World (e one)
2:50pm Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Melt" - A Kiss In The Dreamhouse (Geffen)
2:45pm Shlomo - "Apathy" - Dark Red (True Panther)
2:43pm Wayne Kounty - "Do U Really Like It" - Do You Really Like It (New York CRU)
2:40pm Kuf Knotz - "Vision" - A Positive Light (Ropeadope)
2:35pm Greg Grease - "Seeing Being" - Born to Lurk Forced to Work (Sound Verite)
2:30pm Koushik - "Battle Rhymes for Battle Times" - Be With (Stones Throw)
2:25pm Nikki Sudden - "Murder Valley" - Nikki Sudden & The French Revolution (Creation Records)
2:20pm Love - "Lonely Pigs" - Black Beauty (High Moon)
1:50pm Bouquet - "In a Dream" - In a Dream (Ulrike)
1:45pm Crocodiles - "Teardrop Guitar" - Crimes of Passion (Frenchkiss)
1:43pm Endless Bummer - "High Tide" - Volume One (In The Red)
1:42pm XTC - "You're the Wish You Are I Had" - The Big Express (Virgin)
1:41pm Dank - "last night" - Dank (S/R)
1:40pm Kandinksy Effect - "Annabelle Chases a Bug" - Somnambulist (Cuneiform)
1:35pm San Kazakgascar - "First Nation Spy" - First Nation Spy (Lather)
1:30pm Organized Konfusion - "Decisions" - Street Life b/w Organized Konfusion (eastwest records)
1:25pm Orgone - "Dead Reckoning" - Kilion Vaults (Ubiquity)
1:20pm Reptar - "Breezy Leafy" - Lund Glow (Joyful Noise)
1:10pm Sawn & Starr - "Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah" - Look Closer (Daptone)
1:10pm Magic Bronson - "Go Get It" - Wildlife (War Cry)
1:05pm Kariya - "Let Me Love you For Tonight" - Let Me Love You For Tonight (Alpha Magic)
1:05pm Hot Boys - "We On Fire" - We On Fire (Universal Records)
1:03pm Dabrye - "Hyped-Up Plus Tax" - Incite: 03 (XLR8R)
1:00pm Mobb Deep - "The Nighttime G.O.D." - The Nighttime G.O.D. (Loud)
1:00pm Kodak to Graph - "Glaciaa" - ISA (Family)
1:00pm Liminanas - "An Ugly Death" - I've Got Trouble in Mind: 7 (Trouble in Mind)
12:55pm Nosaj Thing - "Cold Stares" - Fated (Innovative Leisure)
12:50pm Brandi Ifgrey - "Python" - Let Mutant (Sahko)
12:45pm Avid Dancer - "I Told You So" - 1st Bath (Grand Jury)
12:38pm Hiatus Coyote - "Shaolin Monk Motherfunk" - Choose Your Weapon (Sony)
12:35pm Maya Jane Coles - "Wait for You" - Comort (I/AM/ME)
12:30pm Villagers - "Little Bigot" - Darling Arithmetic ()
12:25pm Sopwith Camel - "Walk in the Park" - Sopwith Camel ()
12:20pm Alex Puddu - "The Mover" - Soultiger (Schema)
12:17pm Split Screens - "Time to Wait" - Before the Storm (Name Drop Swamp)
12:07pm Neil Diamond - "Jungletime" - Beautiful Noise (Columbia)
12:05pm Starks - "Summer Breeze" - The Earth and The Ego (S/R)
12:55pm Divine Verbal Dialect - "The Natural" - The Natural (ABB Records)
12:50pm Phife Dawg - "Miscellaneous (DJ Hi-Tek Luv Boat Mix)" - Miscellaneous (Groove Attack)
12:45pm Alphabet Soup - "Take a Ride" - Groove Active Collection (OM Records)
12:40pm Greg Grease - "Open Caption" - Born to Lurk Force to Work (Sound Verite)
12:35pm East Flatbush Project - "Tried by 12" - Tried by 12 (Youthful Music)
12:30pm Maurice Brown - "Daydreams" - Mobetta (Brown)
12:25pm 514 - "" - ()
12:25pm 51450 - "" - ()
12:25pm 5150 - "Lovely" - Lovely (S/R)
12:20pm Mystikal - "Mr. Big Talker" - Mr. Shit Talker (Jive Records)
12:15pm Gangastagrass - "Twist It" - American Music (Rench Audio)
12:11pm John Robinson & Chief - "Deep Inside" - We The Prolific (Feelin' Music)