Sherry Darling

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Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 7:00am - 9:00am

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time
5:25pm ImpLOG - "On B'Way" - On B'Way (Lust/UnLust)
5:20pm Pinkcourtesyphone - "Falling Star" - A Ravishment of Mirror (Dragon's Eye)
5:15pm O+S - "Haunts" - S/T (Saddle Creek)
5:10pm Washed Out - "Pull You Down" - Pull You Down (Sub Pop)
5:05pm The Orchids - "yawn" - epicurean (Sarah Records)
4:55pm Ill Al Skratch - "Yo Love" - Yo Love
4:50pm Ilacoin - "Keep Street" - Keep it Street (Game Recordings)
4:45pm The Orlons - "Guitar Man" - South Street (Campark Records)
4:40pm Nirvana - "Tiny Goddess" - Cult (Burger Records)
4:35pm Shoes This High - "the nose one" - the nose one (Siltbreeze)
4:30pm Psychadelic Furs - "Shock" - Midnight to Midnight (Columbia)
4:25pm Soft Bombs - "Strike Back" - Altered Sierra (Soundport)
4:21pm Imagining Yellow Suns - "Sea of Salt" - S/T (Dr. Dream)
4:18pm Ichi Ni San Shi - "Gene" - Slow Thought (Super Secret)
4:15pm Dinosaur Jr - "Chunks" - Just Like Heaven
4:10pm Lashes - "Garden" - What Am I Doing? (Felte)
4:05pm Impulse - "Mystic Soul" - One-Six-Four-One-Seven (!K7Records)
4:00pm Orgone - "Dialed Up" - The Killion Floor (Ubiquity)
3:55pm Schoolboy Q - "Blind Threats" - Oxymoron (Top Dawg Entertainment)
3:52pm Innersoul - "It's The Right Time" - It's the Right Time
3:50pm Rodney O and Joe Cooley - "Nobody Disses Me" - Greatest Hits (Thump Records)
3:45pm Sam Smith - "Latch (Acoustic)" - Sampler (Capitol)
3:41pm Geoffrey Oryema - "Payira Wind" - Beat the Border (Real World Records)
3:38pm Cocteau Twins - "The Spangle Maker" - The Pink Opaque (4AD)
3:35pm Warpaint - "CC" - S/T (Rough Trade)
3:25pm Influx - "Humble" - Influx (S/R)
3:20pm Ill Mondo and Neal Rames - "The Jump Off" - S/T (S/R)
3:15pm Perera Elsewhere - "Dimmed Down" - Everlast (Friends of Friends)
3:10pm Brandi Ifgrey - "Python" - Le Mutant (Sahko)
3:05pm War on Drugs - "Under the Pressure" - Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian)
5:25pm Blur - "Parklife" - Parklife (SBK Records)
5:20pm Bow Wow Wow - "W-O-R-K" - Twelve Original Recordings (Harvest)
5:10pm Asheru - "Life After the Show" - Sleepless in Soweto (Guerilla Arts Ink)
5:05pm Linton Kwesi Johnson - "Forces of Vicktay" - Independent Intavenshan (Island Records)
5:00pm East Flatbush Project - "Tried by 12" - Tried by 12
4:55pm UB40 - "Burden of Shame" - Signing Off (Graduate Recordings)
4:50pm Love & Rockets - "Ball of Confusion" - Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
4:45pm Zounds - "Can't Cheat Karma" - The Best of The Zounds
4:40pm Prodigy - "Voodoo People" - Music for the Jilted Generation (XL Recordings)
4:30pm The Servants - "The Thrill of It All" - Small Time/Hey Hey (Captured Tracks)
4:28pm 13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me" - The Psychadelic Sounds of (International Artists)
4:25pm CJ Ramone - "Waitin' For The Man" - Reconquista (Pirates Press)
4:20pm The Stooges - "1970" - funhouse
4:15pm Bronze - "Quality" - World Arena (Not Not Fun)
4:10pm The Cult - "The Rain" - Love (Sire)
4:05pm Madness - "Baggy Trousers" - Absolutely
4:00pm Dread Zeppelin - "I Can't Quit You Baby" - UN-led-ED
3:50pm Steve Daubenspeck - "Been to the Middle" - Driftin' With Our Shadows (Magnetic)
3:45pm Kinks - "Summer Afternoon" - Ripples Vol. 1: Look at the Sunshine (Sequel Records)
3:40pm Santana - "No One To Depend On" - Santana III
3:30pm Mogwai - "Tell Everybody that I Love Them" - Tell Everybody that I Love Them (Sub Pop)
3:25pm Ich Ni San Shi - "Slow Truth" - Slow Truth (Super Secret)
3:20pm Killing Joke - "Empire Song" - Revelations (Jem Records)
3:15pm Black Arabs - "Anarchy in the UK/God Save the Queen" - Great Rock and Roll Swindle (Warner Bros. Records)
3:08pm Michael Kiwanuka - "Waitin' Around to Die" - You've Got Nothing to Lose (Third Man)
3:00pm Congos - "Fisherman" - Heart of the Congos (Blood and Fire)
5:00pm Empress - "for trains" - The Sounds They Made (Pehr)
4:55pm The Melodic - "Dreams of Air" - Effra Parade (Anti-)
4:45pm Rage Agak st - -
4:45pm PMD - "Kool Kat" - Business is Business (Relativity)
4:40pm Killing Jokes - "Love Like Blood" - Night Time (EG Records)
4:40pm Rage Against The Machine - "Mic Check" - The Battle of Los Angeles (Epic)
4:35pm Circus Devils - "It Floors the Jane" - My Mind Has Seen the White Trick (Happy Jack)
4:20pm Cocteau Twins - "Aikai Guinea" - Cocteau Twins (Capitol)
4:15pm Perera Elsewhere - "Giddy ft Gonjasufi" - Everlast (Friends of Friends)
4:12pm Barb - "Nile" - S/T (yep roc)
4:10pm Anoraak - "Behind Your Shades" - Chronotropic (Grand Blanc)
4:05pm Kraftwerk - "The Robots" - The Man Machine (Capitol)
3:50pm Michael Kiwanuka - "Waitin' Around to Die" - You've Got Nothing to Lose (Third Man)
3:45pm Tom Petty - "I Won't Back Down" - Full Moon Fever
3:40pm Appleseed Cast - "Steps and Numbers" -
3:35pm The War on Drugs - "In Reverse" - Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian)
4:45pm Sean McArdle - "Medicate" - Kiss and Ride (S/R)
4:45pm Scott and Charlene's Wedding - "Epping Line" - Two Weeks EP (Critical Heights)
4:40pm Warpaint - "Biggy" - S/T (Rough Trade)
4:35pm Angelo Spencer - "L'Argent" - L'Argent (K Records)
4:30pm Dieselhed - "Baby's Song" - Tales of a Brown Dragon (Amarillo Records)
4:20pm Sean McArdle - "Crooked" - Kiss and Ride (S/R)
4:15pm Ceramic Dog - "Lies My Body Told Me" - Your Turn (Northern Spy)
4:10pm Walkabouts - "Soul Thief" - Soul Thief
4:05pm Roofwalkers - "Cut Every Corner" - Cut Every Corner (Taps and Dies)
3:57pm Richard Hawley - "Remorse Coder" - True Love's Gutter (Mute)
3:55pm Michael Kiwanuka - "You've Got Nothing To Lose" - You've Got Nothing To Lose (Third Man)
3:50pm Big Star - "Way Out West" - #1 Record (EMI Records)
3:48pm Young Hunting - "Annabelle" - Annabelle (Gold Robot)
3:43pm Scott H Biram - "Jack of Diamonds" - Nothin' But Blood (Bloodshot)
3:40pm Sean McArdle - "Worry" - Kiss and Ride (S/R)
3:25pm Ichi Ni San Shi - "Primitive Care" - Slow Truth (Super Secret)
3:20pm Fad Gadget - "Jump" - Gag (Mute Records)
3:15pm Author & Publisher - "Miles from Home" - Women & Children (Seventh Rule)
3:00pm Einsturzende Neubauten - "Yu Gung" - Yu Gung (Some Bizarre)
8:50am Scritti Politti - "The Sweetest Girl" - The Sweetest Girl (Record Technology Inc)
8:45am Doseone - "I Fell" - G is for Deep (Doseone)
8:40am Cibo Matto - "Deja Vu" - Hotel Valentine (Chimera Music)
8:25am Can - "Mother Sky" - Soundtracks (Spoon)
8:20am Happy Mondays - "Delightful" - Delightful (Factory Records)
8:15am Bettye Swann - "Either You Love Me or You Leave Me" - Complete Atlantic Recordings (Real Gone)
8:10am Funki Porcini - "Theme From Sugar Daddy" - The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds (Ninja Tunes)
8:00am Gene Ess - "Ascent" - Fractal Attraction (SIMP)
7:50am Cherushii - "1 Hundred Percent Silk" - Queen of Cups (100% Silk)