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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, June 8, 2015 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:57am Mestizo - "Killer in the Home" - De'Nir (Machina Muerte)
12:52am Hot Sugar - "You'll See Them In Your Sleep" - God's Hand (Break Records)
12:48am Neila - "Stone" - Undedicated (s/r)
12:46am Billy Woods - "Bicycles (feat. Henry Canyons)" - Today, I Wrote Nothing (Backwoodz)
12:42am Open Mike Eagle - "Pissy Transmissions" - Unapologetic Art Rap (Mush)
12:37am MF Grimm - "Give" - American Hunger (The Last Supper) (Day by Day)
12:32am Culture Cry Wolf - "Tattooed to You" - The Wesley Opus Sessions (s/r)
12:30am Chicharones - "Taco Wagon" - Swine Country EP (Camobear)
12:26am Aesop Rock - "Racing Stripes" - Skelethon (Rhymesayers)
12:20am Glen Porter - "The Smell of Blood" - The Open Road and the Smell of Blood (Content (L)abel)
12:19am Qwazaar & Batsauce - "Shake (Batsauce Remix)" - Bat Meets Blaine: the Remixes (Galapagos4)
12:18am Playdough - "No Angel" - Hotdoggin' (s/r)
12:09am Sacred Hoop - "Future Ruined" - Go Hogwild (Gurp City)
12:07am Buck 65 - "Dang" - Situation (Strange Famous)
12:04am Spork Kills - "Blast From the Past" - Beaches Love Us (s/r)
12:02am Tone Tank - "King of Surf Guitar Rap" - The King of Surf Guitar Rap (Embedded)
12:54am The Nothing - "Willful Robot (feat. The Goldenhorn)" - Late On Set (s/r)
12:50am Danger Zone - "Judge" - Dangerous Styles (Dove Ink)
12:47am El-Fudge - "Realise (feat. J-Live)" - Chronic Irresponsibility (SureShot)
12:42am Masterminds - "Stone Planet" - Stone Soup (Third Earth)
12:40am Tommy V. - "Drop the Needle (feat. Gel Roc & Regret)" - Travel Size Drawing Board (Fake Four Inc)
12:36am MarQ Spekt & Blockhead - "Elephant Balls" - Justplaywitit (HipNott)
12:33am Dday One - "Like a Jungle" - Dialogue With Life (Content Label)
12:31am Billy Woods - "Warmachines" - Today, I Wrote Nothing (Backwoodz)
12:29am Kill the Vultures - "A Long Way Down (Part II)" - Midnight Pine (Hip Hop Core)
12:25am Neila - "Lost" - Marked for Breath (s/r)
12:22am Asphate - "Impasse" - Closed Doors to an Open Mind (Galapagos4)
12:19am Ceschi - "Choke Parade" - Broken Bone Ballads (Fake Four Inc)
12:16am Lord Finesse - "Twilight Soul" - The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening (Slice-of-Spice)
12:14am PremRock - "Intro (Foundation) (feat. DJ Addikt)" - The Build (s/r)
12:11am Electric - "Respect Life" - Life's a Struggle (Sun Moon)
12:08am Klaus Layer - "Spiel Mir Eine Alte Melodie" - Restless Adventures (Redefinition)
12:04am Bop Alloy - "Coming Home (feat. Steph, the Sapphic Songstress)" - Another Day in the Life Of... (Absolutezero)
12:01am Elon.is - "Night Time in the City" - Beat City (s/r)
12:57am Lapalux - "1004" - Lustmore (Brainfeeder)
12:54am PremRock - "Photosynthesis" - A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (s/r)
12:50am Shinsight Trio - "Where's There a Moon That Is Mine" - Where's There a Mine That is Mine (Bad News)
12:47am M.A.E - "Provide (feat. Baldi)" - Honor Roll (Modern Shark)
12:42am Mr. Nemo - "Submerge (feat. 2Mex)" - Nemomusic (Permanent)
12:36am Self Advocate - "The Tiller" - CC5: Collected Compliments (Study Music)
12:32am Zoen - "Bonsoir" - One Night Between (Milled Pavement)
12:28am Acid Reign & Gebo - "Humanimals (feat. Ariano)" - Losaka (Acid Lab)
12:21am Dark Time Sunshine - "Forgive Them" - n/a (Fake Four Inc)
12:17am Moe Pope + Rain - "Spit vs. Ramo (feat. Reks)" - Let the Right One In (Brick Lane)
12:15am Greg Grease - "On a Limb (feat. P.O.S & Proper T)" - Born to Lurk Forced to Work (Sound Verite)
12:13am CashUs King - "Church Of..." - Church Of (The Good Thief) (s/r)
12:11am Oddisee - "CounterClockwise" - The Good Fight (Mello Music)
12:07am The Doppelgangaz - "Nexium" - Lone Shark (Groggy Pack)
12:01am Livestock One - "All the Girls" - Plague Language Compilation (Plague Language)
12:57am Giant Panda - "Do the Robot in Cyberspace" - Electric Laser (Tres)