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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, February 2, 2015 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:57pm Tuxedo - "Do It" - s/t (Stones Throw)
12:53pm Mark Ronson - "Feel Right (feat. Mystikal)" - Uptown Special (Columbia)
12:50pm Shuko - "Heatwave (feat. Talib Kweli & Leslie Clio)" - For the Love of It (Peripherique)
12:47pm Klaus Layer - "Our Hearts" - Restless Adventures (Redefinition)
12:43pm Ceschi & Factor - "This Won't Last Forever" - Broken Bone Ballads (Fake Four Inc)
12:57am Tuxedo - "Do It" - s/t (Stones Throw)
12:53am Mark Ronson - "Feel Right (feat. Mystikal)" - Uptown Special (Columbia)
12:50am Shuko - "Heatwave (feat. Talib Kweli & Leslie Clio)" - For the Love of It (Peripherique)
12:47am Klaus Layer - "Our Hearts" - Restless Adventures (Redefinition)
12:43am Ceschi & Factor - "This Won't Last Forever" - Broken Bone Ballads (Fake Four Inc)
12:39am B. Dolan - "Natural Born Trouble" - House of Bees Vol. 3 (Strange Famous)
12:33am Freez & Mike Frey - "Southside Shit" - Freez's Frozen French Freys (Soul Tools)
12:30am Ken Starr - "The Definition (feat. Melanie Rutherford)" - Square One (Mello Music)
12:27am BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface - "Ray Gun (feat. DOOM)" - Sour Soul (Lex)
12:22am Goldini Bagwell - "Climb Trees" - Smoker's Jacket (Heaven Noise)
12:15am Zavala - "Only You" - n/a (Fake Four Inc)
12:11am Tammer - "Running Off" - Running Off (Fake Four Inc)
12:07am Doomtree - "Final Boss" - All Hands (Doomtree)
12:04am Nacho Picasso x Blue Sky Black Death - "Bastard in a Basket" - Stoned & Dethroned (SRFSCHL)
12:01am Ecid - "Sign Me Up" - Pheromone Heavy (Fill in the Breaks)
12:58am Ka - "Decisions" - Grief Pedigree (s/r)
12:53am Neila - "Feather Glue" - n/a (s/r)
12:48am Metermaids - "Advice I Know You Won't Follow" - We Brought Knives (Strange Famous)
12:41am Qwel & Maker - "Word to the Wise" - Owl (Galapagos4)
12:39am Ugly Duckling - "Right Now" - Audacity (Fat Beats)
12:36am Soul Position - "Cool Thing to Do" - Things Go Better With RJ & Al (Rhymesayers)
12:33am Hellsent & Batsauce - "Wake Up" - Bat Outta Hell (Galapagos4)
12:29am The Red, Gold & Green Machine - "Alarm Clock" - Planet Africa (Water the Plants)
12:25am Acid Reign - "Total Control" - Diversity (Uncommon)
12:22am Kruse - "Gain Control" - True Stories (Permanent)
12:16am Mega-Ran & K-Murdock - "CONtact" - Forever Famicon (s/r)
12:13am Open Mike Eagle - "Doug Stamper (feat. Hannibal Buress)" - Dark Comedy (Mello Music)
12:10am Cool Calm Pete - "Brush P.S.A (feat. Jungle Mike)" - Lost (Embedded)
12:07am Jean Grae - "PLANES: The Trilogy" - That's Not How You Do That: An Educational Album for Adults (s/r)
12:03am Illegimate Children - "Safety Tips" - My Girlfriend Beats Me EP (s/r)
12:00am Roosevelt Franklin - "Dropping Mad Science Yo" - Something 's Gotta Give (Third Earth)
12:58am QM - "I'm Feelin' Good (When the Alcohol Hits) (feat. Lightbulb)" - n/a (Routine Fly)
12:54am Paper Tiger - "The Fortunate Wayfarer" - Summer EP (Doomtree)
12:49am Atmosphere - "National Disgrace" - Seven's Travels (Rhymesayers)
12:42am Sims - "Sink or Syncopate" - Bad Time Zoo (Doomtree)
12:39am Ron Contour & Factor - "Prairie Wind" - Saffron (Fake Four Inc)
12:35am Scarub - "Skies the Limit (feat. Bambu DePistola & Mimi Fresh)" - Want For Nothing (s/r)
12:31am Brother Ali - "Walking Away" - The Undisputed Truth (Rhymesayers)
12:27am Xperience - "Story of Us" - William the VIII (s/r)
12:24am Ex Vandalz - "Karma Killz" - s/t (s/r)
12:18am The Other Guys - "15 Cents" - Seeds of Ambition (HipNott)
12:15am Supa Dave West - "Roll Call" - Beat Boxing (Redefinition)
12:11am Air - "Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson Remix) (feat. Rhymefest)" - Surfing on a Rocket EP (Parlophone)
12:08am Dangerdoom - "Space Hoes" - The Mouse & the Mask (Epitaph)
12:05am Tommy V. - "Check the Fridge" - Travel Size Drawing Board (Fake Four Inc)