Posted on 8/18/2016

Live play-by-play of Cal Bears football games, both home and away.

Nick Burnett doing field work. Photo credit: Rosemary Romero
Tuesday, September 27th - 9:00am
Posted on 9/21/2016

Join us for a new episode of The Graduates on Tuesday, September 27th @ 9AM as we speak with biologist Nick Burnett about his work in biomechanics. Nick is a PhD candidate in the Department of Integrative Biology. His research focuses on the biomechanics of intertidal sea kelp in the Pacific Ocean, and more specifically, what makes them able to survive in such a tumultuous environment. During the interview, Nick also talks about applying his research to other things that tangle, such as hair, and what it's like when your field site is in the ocean. 

Friday, September 30th - 9:00pm
Posted on 9/23/2016

Tune in on Friday, September 30th @ 9PM to hear guest-DJ Last Will interview Frank Portman during DJ Alisa's show! Dr. Frank is a former KALX DJ and the leader of the Mr. T Experience, the band that inspired the late 1980s East Bay pop punk scene from which Green Day emerged. He is also the author of the young adult novel King Dork. Frank and MTX are releasing "King Dork, Approximately," a new novel and album.