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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
1:00am moose- "aj theme" - s/T (moose records)
12:51am Walk On....
12:48am Neal & Jack & Me
12:44am Giles Giles & Fripp- "Newlyweds" - The Cheerful Insanity of (Deram)
12:43am The Great Deciever - Live 4-29-74 Pittsburgh (Discipline)
12:39am projeckt 4- "track 6" - projeckt 4
12:35am King Crimson- "Matte Kudasi" - Promo dance mix (Warner Bros.)
12:30am King Crimson- "Red" - Live in Berkeley (DGM)
12:27am King Crimson- "Book of Saturday" - Lark's Tongues (Atlantic Records)
12:21am Projeckt 4- "track 2" - Projeckt 4 (DGM)
12:19am Project X- "The Business Of Pleasure" - Heaven and Earth (DGM)
12:12am King Crimson- "Thela Hun Ginjeet" - live in berkeley 1982 (DGM)
12:09am Giles, Giles & Fripp- "How Do They Know?" - The Cheerful Insanity of (Deram)
12:00am King Crimson- "21st C Schizoid Man" - In The Court Of (Atlantic)
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:54pm Peter Gutteridge- "Don't Catch Fire" - Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox (Merge)
11:45pm White Hills- "Under Skin or By Name" - Glitter Glamour Atrocity (Thrill Jockey)
11:40pm Cosgrove / Shipp / Parker- "Alternating Current (for Andrew Cyrille)" - Alternating Current (Grizzley)
11:32pm Andrew Cyrille & Maono- "Spiegelgasse 14" - Metamusicians' Stomp (Black Saint)
11:29pm Kali Z. Fasteau- "Another Southpaw" - Piano Rapture (Flying Note)
11:20pm Lee Moses- "Hey Joe" - Time and Place (Sanctuary)
11:16pm Cold Blood- "Let Me Down Easy" - S/T (San Francisco)
11:13pm The Sisters Love- "Now Is the Time" - Give Me Your Love (Soul Jazz)
11:10pm The Undisputed Truth- "Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)" - Face to Face With the Truth (Gordy)
11:05pm Meridian Brothers- "El Gran Pajaro de Los Andes" - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
10:59pm Howlin' Wolf- "I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)" - Moanin' in the Moonlight (MCA)
10:56pm The Delta 72- "Satellite" - The R&B of Membership (Touch & Go)
10:53pm Blues Magoos- "She's Coming Home" - Psychedelic Lollipop (Collectables)
10:51pm Mariska Vees- "Is Het Waar" - From the Kitchen to the Garage (Distortions)
10:48pm Sonic Chicken 4- "Neon Nights" - S/T (Dusty Medical)
10:45pm G. Green- "Sex Pt. 2" - Area Codes (Mt. St. Mtn)
10:40pm Hans-a-Plast- "Rank Xerox" - Bloodstains Across Germany #2 (Bloodstains)
10:38pm Final Solutions- "In a Coma" - Songs By Solutions (Goner)
10:34pm Swell Maps- "Midget Submarines" - A Trip to Marineville (Mute)
10:30pm The Gotobeds- "Wasted on Youth / Melted Candle" - Poor People are Revolting (12XU)
10:27pm Crime- "San Francisco's Doomed" - Murder By Guitar (Superior Viaduct)
10:25pm Scraper- "Liquid Lips" - S/T (God?)
10:23pm Synthetic ID- "At an Impasse" - Escapement (Crime on the Moon)
10:17pm Miriam- "Questioningly" - Nobody's Baby (Norton)
10:15pm Valerie Masters- "He Didn't Fool Me" - Let's Go: Joe Meek's Girls (RPM)
10:13pm Ohio Express- "Mary-Ann" - S/T (Buddah)
10:10pm The Rantouls- "Little Green Hat" - Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered)
10:07pm Games- "Little Elise" - Little Elise (Hozac)
10:04pm Vehicle Flips- "Requiem for a Canceled Program" - The Premise Unraveled (Magic Marker)
9:56pm Wipers- "Romeo" - Over the Edge (Trap)
9:54pm Ty Segall- "The Crawler" - Manipulator (Drag City)
9:52pm Terry Malts- "Let You In" - Insides (Slumberland)
9:49pm Sourpatch- "You Knew" - You Knew (7777777)
9:46pm Flesh World- "A Line in Wet Grass" - A Line In Wet Grass (Iron Lung)
9:43pm The Fireworks- "Runaround" - Runaround (Shelflife)
9:37pm The Great Unwashed- "Born in the Wrong Time" - Singles (Flying Nun)
9:35pm Hamish Kilgour- "Here It Comes" - All of It and Nothing (Ba Da Bing)
9:32pm This Kind of Punishment- "Out of My Hands" - 5 by 4 (Ajax)
9:27pm Dean & Britta- "Teenage Lightning (and Lonely Highways)" - 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (Double Feature)
9:23pm Greg Ashley- "Bruises" - Another Generation of Slaves (Trouble in Mind)
9:20pm Sonny & the Sunsets- "Strange Love" - Tomorrow Is Alright (Fat Possum)
9:13pm The Slits- "Instant Hit" - Cut (Island)
9:10pm Extra Classic- "Moons of Jupiter" - Showcase (Nopal)
9:07pm Prince Far I & the Arabs- "The Right Way" - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter (Danceteria)
9:01pm Horace Andy- "Stop the Fussing" - Dancehall Style (Wackie's)
8:54pm Mark Turner Quartet- "Lathe of Heaven" - Lathe of Heaven (ECM)
8:49pm Sparks- "Fill-Er-Up" - Big Beat (Columbia)
8:47pm Spinal Tap- "Stinkin Up the Great Outdoors" - Break Like the Wind (MCA)
8:45pm Spooky Tooth- "Offering" - Ceremony (An Electronic Mass) (Island)
8:41pm Goat- "The Light Within" - Commune (Sub Pop)
8:37pm Aurelio Valle- "Superhawk" - Acme Power Transmission (Neuvo Leon)
8:31pm Steely Dan- "The Caves of Altimira" - "Royal Scam" (ABC Impulse)
8:28pm Valery Gore- "July" - Idols of the Dark Heart (S/R)
8:24pm The Bad Plus- "Epistolary Echoes" - Inevitable Western (Okeh)
8:18pm Erik Dolphy- "Hay and Beard" - Out to Lunch (Blue Note)
8:12pm Squarepusher- "Square Rave" - Selection Sixteen (Nothing)
8:08pm Spaceheads- "Smash the God Offensive" - Round the Outside (S/R)
8:04pm My Brightest Diamond- "Presssure" - This is My Hand (Asthmatic Kitty)
8:00pm The Bug- "Ascension" - Angels & Devils (Ninja Tune)
7:55pm My Bloody Valentine- "Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)" - Isn't Anything (Relativity)
7:52pm The Hollies- "Away Away" - Dear Eloise (Epic)
7:48pm Babybird- "Married" - The Happiest Man Alive (Chrysalis)
7:45pm Waylong Jennings- "Good Hearted Woman" - "Live" (RCA)
7:42pm Dubliners- "Tramps and Hawkers" - Anthology...The Dubliners (Transatlantic)
7:39pm Lambert, Hendricks & Ross- "Bijou" - The Hottest New Group In Jazz (Columbia)
7:36pm World Saxophone Quartet- "Loopology" - Rhythm and Blues (Elektra Nonesuch)
7:31pm Concept 2- "Cause n' Effect" - The Speed of Sound (Ram)
7:26pm M.S. Subbulakshmi- "Bruhi Mukundeti" - The Sounds of Subbulakshmi (World Pacific)
7:21pm Eccodek- "Money Tree (ft. Onkar Singh)" - Singing in Tongues (Big Mind/Black Swan)
7:17pm Atash- "Mistereph" - Everything is Music (S/R)
7:10pm Starpoint- "It's So Delicious" - It's So Delicious (Elektra)
7:07pm Carla Thomas- "Got My Mojo Workin" - The Stax/Volt Revue Vol. 2 Live in Paris (Stax)
7:04pm BB King- "You Upset Me Baby" - Live at the Regal (MCA)
7:01pm Pat Lundy- "Only Mama That'll Walk the Line" - Only Mama That'll Walk the Line (King)
6:58pm Bernadette Caroll- "He's Just a Playboy" - Stop Look Listen (Impact)
6:52pm Space Ponch- "Batanga Cha Cha Cha" - World Shopping With... (Moikai)
6:49pm The White Noise- "Firebird" - An Electric Storm (Antilles)
6:46pm Jon Hassell- "Gift of Fire" - Dream Theory in Malaya (Editions EG)
6:43pm Pjusk- "Falmet" - Solstov (12K)
6:40pm Andy Haas- "Our Drunken Universe" - Taballah (Resonant)
6:34pm Spaghetti Western- "Eastwood's Italy" - We Do Right By People (Adonis)
6:31pm Gemma Ray- "The Wheel" - Milk for Your Motors (Bronze Rat)
6:29pm Roseanne Cash- "Land of Nightmares" - Interiors (Columbia)
6:26pm Orenda Fink- "You Are a Mystery" - Blue Dream (Saddle Creek)
6:23pm El May- "Science" - The Other Person is You (S/R)
6:20pm The Pentagle- "Light Flight" - Basket of Light (Reprise)