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Friday, August 22, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:55pm Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- "Man On Fire (Adam Freeland Remix)" - Spark: A Burning Man Story Soundtrack
11:54pm Mastodon- "Diamond in the Witch House" - Once More Round the Sun (Reprise)
11:53pm mic break
11:50pm Annette Funicello- "Blame it On the Bossanova" - The Best of Annette (Vista)
11:48pm Astrud Gilberto- "Maria Quiet" - Look to the Rainbow (Polygram)
11:44pm Ron Geodert- "Backbone" - Breaking All the Rules (Polydor)
11:42pm Scorpions- "Twentieth Century Man" - Animal Magnetism (Mercury)
11:36pm Deathrays- "Insect Bones" - Songs from a Vacuum (S/R)
11:30pm Sadistik- "1984" - Ultraviolet (Fake Four Inc)
11:25pm The Green Seed- "Road Trip" - Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels)
11:20pm Boogie Down Productions- "Illegal Business" - By All Means Necessary (Jive)
11:18pm The Hellbenders- "Have a Good Funeral" - Spaghetti Vol. 1: Duck You Suckers! (One Million Dollar Records)
11:15pm Red Nichols & His Five Pennies- "Fan It" - Swing- Small Groups (BBC/ABC)
11:12pm Carroll Gibbons- "I'm Going to Get Lit Up" - Forties Dance Band Favorites (Empress Recording Co.)
11:07pm Elephant- "Ants" - Sky Swimming (Memphis Industries)
11:05pm Les Calamites- "Le Supermarche" - A Bride Abattue (New Rose)
11:02pm Helen Love- "I Love Indiepop" - Space Escapade (Elefant)
10:59pm Stavely Makepeace- "(I Wanna Love You Like a) Mad Dog" - I Wanna Love You Like a) Mad Dog (Pyramid)
10:56pm Hello- "The Wench" - The Glam Singles Collection (7T's)
10:51pm Slowclub- "Complete Surrender" - Complete Surrender (Wichita)
10:48pm Eight Minutes- "Here's Some Dances" - Homeschooled: The ABC's of Kid Soul (Numero Group)
10:46pm X-Ray Spex- "I am a Poseur" - Germ Free Adolescents (Virgin)
10:42pm Agony Bag- "Rabies is a Killer" - Rabies is a Killer (Earmark)
10:40pm Crisis of Conformity- "Fist Fight" - Fist Fight (Drag City)
10:34pm Muffs- "Weird Boy Next Door" - Whoop De Doo (Burger)
10:30pm Shonen Knife- "Bad Luck Song" - Overdrive (Good Charamel)
10:27pm Thin Lizzy- "Bad Reputation" - Bad Reputation (Mercury)
10:24pm Rose Tattoo- "Bad Boy for Love" - S/T (Mirage)
10:21pm Bad Boy- "Disco" - The Band that Made Milwaukee Famous (United Artists)
10:15pm Thunderball- "The Panther" - White Martini (Water Music)
10:09pm Kushti- "Stromboli" - Freestyle (Octopus)
10:01pm Fania Allstars- "Son Cuero Y Boogaloo" - We Got Latin Soul! (Charly)
9:57pm Amazing Snakeheads- "Swamp Song" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domino)
9:52pm Filter Free Radio- "Apes with Shapes" - Tossed Salad (Dear Tear)
9:49pm Status Quo- "Pictures of Matchstick Men" - Nuggets II (Rhino)
9:46pm Chiapet- "Hey Baby" - Hey Baby (Kokopop)
9:42pm Raven- "Hell Patrol" - Rock Until You Drop (Neat Records)
9:36pm Judas Priest- "Halls of Valhalla" - Redeemer of Souls (Columbia)
9:30pm Weirdos- "Helium Bar" - Weird World 1977-1981 (Frontier)
9:28pm The Eyes- "TAQN" - Me Want Breakfast (Dangerhouse)
9:23pm Black Slate- "Wisdom" - World Citizen (Unit 8)
9:21pm Freddie McGregor- "Bobby Bobylon" - Bobby Bobylon (Studio One)
9:18pm Dave & Ansel Collins- "Double Barrel" - Double Barrel (Techniques)
9:14pm Momo-Sei- "One Toke Over the Line" - More Superhits of the Seventies (Mike Shell)
9:10pm Mungo Jerry- "In the Summertime" - S/T (Janus)
9:08pm Gert Wilden & Orchestra- "Title Theme" - Schulmadchen Report (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
9:05pm Heidelinde Weis- "Hans Emmerich" - So Sing Ich (Intercord)
9:03pm Die Candy Kids- "Hey Annabella-Susann!" - Youpi-Youpi (Fontana)
8:57pm 69Cats- "People Are Strange" - Transylvanian Tapes (Cleopatra)
8:56pm --
8:53pm Obn Ill's- "Off the Grid" - Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
8:50pm Jon Langford and His Sadies- "Shipwreck" - Mayors of the Moon (Bloodshot)
8:47pm Cat Power- "You May Know Him" - Moon Pix (Matador)
8:44pm Braianna Corrigan- "Simply Beauitful" - When My Arms Wrap You Round (Sony)
8:40pm --
8:37pm Chuck Cirino- "Come Out and Play" - Chopping Mall (Waxwork)
8:32pm Gregg Weisman- "A1" - Crystal Odyssey (CBS)
8:30pm Howard Shore- "Welcome to Videodrome" - Videodrome (Varese Sarabande)
8:27pm Dave Porter- "Baby's Coming" - Breaking Bad (Spacelab 9)
8:21pm Blevin Blectum- "Entombed Zeros" - Irradiance (Estuary)
8:15pm Mo'Fone- "Wind Pile" - Fondogy (S/R)
8:14pm --
8:11pm Morgan Delt- "Obstacle Eyes" - S/T (Trouble in Mind)
8:08pm Ravonettes- "When Night Is Almost Done" - Pe'Ahi (Beat Dies)
8:05pm --
7:58pm Aphex Twin- "SAWIIE2" - Selected Ambient Vol. 2 (Warp)
7:56pm Greater Than One- "Slave" - London (K=K)
7:54pm Brad Fiedel- "Tunnel Chase" - Terminator (Enigma)
7:49pm Steinski- "The Payoff Mix" - What Does It All Mean? (Illegal Art)
7:46pm Leon Whitey Thompson- "Life of Crime" - The Unfinished Tattoo (S/R)
7:41pm Future Blondes- "Feather 17" - Feather 17 (Blind Prophet)
7:32pm --
7:27pm Sleep- "Evil Gypsy/Soloman's Theme" - S/T (Earache)
7:25pm Telly Savalas- "If" - S/T (MCA)
7:22pm Virginia Dare- "You Kill Me" - Baby Got Away (Absolutely Kosher)
7:18pm J. Mascis- "Trarling Off" - Ties to a Star (Sub Pop)
7:10pm --
7:06pm Pink Floyd- "Echoes" - Meddle (Harvest)
7:04pm Bessie Smith- "Downhearted Blues" - The Collection (Columbia)
7:01pm Doc Watson- "Deep River Blues" - S/T (Vanguard)
6:58pm Smokey Babe- "Rabbit Blues" - S/T (Arhoolie)
6:50pm Iron Butterfly- "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - Manhunter (MCA)
6:48pm Bakersfield Boogie Boys- "Get Off of My Cloud" - S/T (Rhino)
6:42pm Matmos- "The Purple Island" - Quasi-Objects (Vague Terrain)
6:36pm Pye Corner Audio- "Perfect Secrecy Forever" - Intercepts (Ectastic)
6:34pm Beach Day- "I'm Just Messin' Around" - Native Echoes (Kannine)
6:32pm Periscopes- "Beaver Shot" - Louie's Limbo Lounge (Strip)
6:29pm Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas- "Sorry I Stole Your Man" - Secret Evil (Instant)
6:23pm --
6:20pm Kline Coma Xero- "Photo Falling" - S/T (Medical)
6:17pm Strychnine- "Ex Bx" - Paink: French Punk Anthems (Born Bad)
6:14pm National wake- "Mercenaries" - Walk in Africa 1979-81 (Light in the Attic)
6:11pm Richard Cheese- "Airbag" - OK Bartender (Coverage)
6:08pm Sam Cooke with Soul Stirrers- "Mean Old World" - That's Heaven to Me (Speciality)
6:05pm Beck- "Devel's Haircut" - Odelay (Geffen)
6:01pm JIm Baccus- "DElicious" - FRolic Diner Vol. 3 (Romulan)
5:56pm Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions- "Trouble"
5:50pm The Byrds- "The Only Girl I Adore"
5:47pm Grey Reverend- "Everlasting" - A Hero's Lie (Ninja Tune)
5:42pm Michael Brook- "Ultramarine" - Cobalt Blue (4AD)