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Friday, October 24, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
6:56pm Celebration- "Tomorrow's Here Today" - Albumin (Bella Union)
6:47pm The Equity & Social Justice Quartet- "Bese Saka" - The Whisper of Flowers (Edgetone)
6:37pm Ritmos Unidos- "Chawaleke" - S/T (Patois)
6:34pm Tommy Guerrero- "The Lone Pistolero" - No Mans Land (Too Good)
6:28pm Dynamo Productions- "We're Through" - Analogue (Illicit Recordings)
6:24pm JJ- "Fagelsangen" - V (Secretly Canadian)
6:21pm Sorceress- "Freeldadoubt" - Dose (Wonderwheel)
6:13pm Moniquea- "Casanova (Let You Go)" - Yes No Maybe (Mo Funk)
6:10pm The Bar-Kays featuring 8Ball and MJG- "They Wanna Be Like Me" - Take Me to the River (Stax)
5:59pm The Soul Investigators- "Outer Space" - Outer Space (Master Groove)
5:30pm KALX News- "Evening News" - -- (KALX)
5:26pm Drums- "Face Of God" - Encyclopedia (Minor Records)
5:22pm Scars- "All About You" - Author! Author! (STIFF)
5:19pm Baby Bird- "Goodnight" - Ugly Beautiful (The Echo Label)
5:16pm KVB- "From Afar" - Out Of Body (A.)
5:04pm Asphodells- "A Love From Outer Space" - Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust (Rotters Golf Club)
4:59pm DJ Spooky- "Bass Pressure Mix" - Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix (Thirsty Ear)
4:51pm Deadline- "Makossa Rock" - Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987 (Strut)
4:47pm Turner Bros.- "Cause I Love You" - No Categories 3 (Ubiquity)
4:35pm Manuel and his Strings- "Amor Amor" - Twenty-One Channel Sound (MGM)
4:31pm Marisol- "Tengo El Corazon Contento" - Tengo El Corazon Contento (Philips)
4:30pm Los Telstars- "Que Familia Mas Original" - Skanish Sound: Jamaican-Influenced-Music-From-Spain (Vampi-Soul)
4:26pm Montefiori Cocktail- "So, What's New (Peroni Spot Version)" - Raccolta No. 1 (IRMA)
4:21pm Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra- "Chroniques Marxiennes" - Pulsion (Ubiquity)
4:11pm Korallreven- "Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)" - Honey Mine EP (Acephale)
4:08pm Glass Candy- "Rolling Down the Hills" - After Dark
4:05pm Mr. Twin Sister- "Rude Boy" - S/T (Twin Group)
4:02pm Helado Negro- "Queriendo" - Double Youth (Asthmatic Kitty)
3:58pm Call Super- "Dovetail" - Suzi Ecto (Houndstooth)
3:51pm Spirojazz- "Chi-Town Roll" - City of Dreams (S/R)
3:49pm Comic Wow- "Bad Ballet" - Music for Mysteries of Mind Space and Time (S/R)
3:46pm The Brass Ring- "Phoenix Love Theme" - Love Theme From The Flight of the Phoenix (Dunhill)
3:43pm Danny Guglielmi- "I'll Remember April (Vocals By Dena)" - Adventure In Sound (Tops)
3:36pm Wildest Dreams- "Pleasure Swell" - S/T (Smalltown Supersound)
3:26pm Lykke Li- "Tonight" - Youth Novels (LL Recordings)
3:21pm SPC ECO- "Found" - Sirens and Satellites (Saint Marie)
3:14pm Tricky- "Something In The Way" - Adrian Thaws (!K7)
3:10pm Mo Kolours- "Biddies" - EP1: Drum Talking (One-Handed Music)
3:02pm Sneaker Pimps- "6 Underground (Two Lone Swordsmen Instrumental Mix)" - 6 Underground Rewired EP (Clean Up)
2:57pm Klaus Johann Grobe- "Kothek" - Im Sinne Der Zeit (Trouble in Mind)
2:53pm Vladimir Cosma- "Bowery Mood" - Shake Sauvage (Crippled Dick)
2:48pm Japancakes- "Version One" - Split with Eight Track Gorilla (French Lick)
2:44pm Casiotone for the Painfully Alone- "Graceland" - Advance Base Battery Life
2:41pm Hospitality- "Rockets and Jets" - Trouble (Merge)
2:35pm Eureka California- "No Mas" - Crunch (HHBTM)
2:31pm Weezer- "Jamie" - Blue Album Deluxe Edition (Geffen)
2:29pm Holly Golightly- "Box Elder" - Singles Round Up (Damaged Goods)
2:25pm King Lollipop- "Thru The Woods One Day" - Woodland Whoopee Songs of Ol' Callowhee! (1-2-3-4 Go!)
2:20pm Allo Darlin'- "We Come From The Same Place" - We Come From The Same Place (Slumberland)
2:14pm Better Half Dozens- "I Could Have Loved Her" - Louisiana Punk Groups From The Sixties (Eva)
2:10pm Earls of Suave- "In My Dreams" - In My Dreams (Vinyl Japan)
2:08pm Broncho- "Taj Mahal" - Just Enough Hip to Be Woman (Dine Alone)
2:06pm The Party Brothers- "Every Night" - Prae-Kraut (Toy-Tonic)
2:02pm Semantics- "Here's Johnny" - Bwana Junction (Blackberry Way)
1:58pm Virna Lindt- "Attention Stockholm" - Attention Stockholm (Compact)
1:51pm Gonjasufi- "Sheep" - A Sufi and a Killer (Warp)
1:47pm Frog Eyes- "Your Holiday Treat" - Carey's Cold Spring (Paper Bag)
1:44pm Olivia Tremor Control- "Spring Succeeds/Theme For A Very Delicious Grand Piano" - Dusk at Cubist Castle (Flydaddy)
1:39pm C.B Mamas- "Good Looking Experiment" - Jumbo (Bright Orange Biscuit)
1:38pm Amy Linton + Stewart Anderson- "Romance, Baby I Don't Care" - The Lights are Out (Slumberland)
1:28pm Bodies of Water- "Under the Pines" - A Certain Feeling (Secretly Canadian)
1:24pm Dry Heeves- "Chew Through Bone" - Boogie Till Ya Puke (S/R)
1:21pm Los Vidrios Quebrados- "Ficciones" - Mas Rock and Roll (Electro Harmonix)
1:19pm Mean Jeans- "Throwin Stones" - Are You Serious? (Dirtnap)
1:16pm Elvis Christ- "Rock & Roll Savior" - Rock & Roll Savior (1-2-3-4 Go!)
1:10pm Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens- "Everybody Knows" - Cold World (Daptone)
1:06pm Brothers and Sisters- "the Mighty Quinn" - Dylan's Gospel (Light in the Attic)
1:04pm Conquerors- "Since You've Been Gone" - The Soul of Detroit (Lu Pine)
1:01pm The Goodees- "Girl Crazy" - Condition Red! (Ace)
12:59pm Peter Cook and Dudley Moore- "Bedazzled" - The Score (Mojo)
12:56pm Los Mutables- "Pasos En La Luna" - Back to Peru (Vampi Soul)
12:51pm Reverend Gary Davis- "Candy Man" - Classic African American Songsters (Smithsonian Folkways)
12:48pm Boduf Songs- "Full of Cherry Blossom In Long Shadows Of Twilight" - Lion Devours the Sun (Kranky)
12:44pm Blonde Redhead- "No More Honey" - Barragán (Kobalt)
12:40pm Martin Gore- "Candy Says" - Counterfeit2 (Reprise)
12:30pm Greg Bowers- "Eurydice Returns" - Rational Measures (Navona)
11:57am You'll Never Get to Heaven- "By This River" - Adorn (Psychic Handshake)
11:53am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:43am Tungsten74- "Waltz" - BInaurally Yours (Technical Echo)
11:39am Philip Perkins- "Rainyrail" - Mister Anyhow (Fun Music)
11:35am Zola Jesus- "It's Not Over" - Taiga (Mute)
11:33am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:30am Feng Fei-fei- "Niuli Ge" - Taiwan Minyao (Wind)
11:27am Abner Jay- "I'm So Depressed" - S/T (Mississippi)
11:21am Atahualpa Yupanqui- "Amalaya el Cielo / Madre Del Monte" - Madre del Monte (Lechant Du Monde)
11:13am Third Eye Foundation vs. Glanta- "When I Dance" - I Poopoo on Your Juju (Merge)
11:11am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:06am Nanang Tatang- "On Me Forever" - Muki (Tiger Style)
11:00am Eccodek- "Singing in Tongues" - Singing in Tongues (Big Mind / Black Swan Sounds)
10:57am Liu Yun- "Nine Men" - Love Bird (EMI/Angel)
10:55am Stavely Makepeace- "(I Wanna Love You Like A) Mad Dog" - Punk 45: Sick On You (Soul Jazz)
10:52am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:49am Akiko Yano- "Rose Garden" - Tokyo Mobile Music (Mobile Suit Corporation)
10:47am Hypo- "Rudduddu" - Karaoke a Capella (Active Suspension)
10:42am My Brightest Diamond- "Pressure" - This Is My Hand (Asthmatic Kitty)
10:35am Natural Food- "Granny on the Gramophone" - S/T (Porter/Seeds)
10:32am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:27am Danny Frankel- "Purple Go-Go Fruit" - New Thing on Jupiter (Win)
10:25am Tatsuya Nakatani- "track8" - Abiogenesis (H+H Productions)
10:20am myrmyr- "Dancing in Captivity" - Amber Sea (Digitalis)