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Friday, October 21, 2016
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:04am The Meow Meows- "Rude Girl's Gone to Jail" - Typical Girls (Emotional Response)
4:01am Allah-Las- "Could Be You" - Calico Review (Kemado)
3:56am NoMeansNo- "Now" - The People's Choice (Ant Acid Audio)
3:53am Mary Timony Band- "On The Floor" - Ex Hex (Lookout)
3:51am Cayetana- "Serious Things Are Stupid" - Nervous Like Me (Tiny Engines)
3:48am Against Me!- "Crash" - Shape Shift With Me (Total Treble)
3:41am Culture- "I'm Not Ashamed" - Two Sevens Clash (VP Music)
3:38am Eye Q- "Making Life Out of Music" - Can't You Hear Me: 70's African Nuggets
3:34am Judy Clay and William Bell- "Private Number (Demo)" - Back to The River: More Southern Soul Stories (Kent)
3:30am De La Soul- "Royalty Capes" - And the Anonymous Nobody (A.O.I.)
3:30am Shonen Knife- "Making Plans For Bison" - Pretty Little Baka Guy (Oglio Entertainment)
3:25am Against Me!- "True Trans Soul Rebel - Live"
3:20am Tony Foster- "A Flower Is All You Need" - Project Paradiso: Tony Foster plays Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini (S/R)
3:17am WBrian Marsella's iMAGiNARiUM- "Better Watch What You Wish For (In These Historic Times) Part 2" - chapter one: The Clocks Have Gone Mad (Marseland Music)
3:15am Wax Tailor- "Past, Present & Future (Rock 'n' Roll)" - Dusty Rainbow From the Dark
3:08am Stromae- "Carmen" - Racine Carrée (Casablanca)
3:05am Moses Sumney- "Incantation" - Lamentations
3:00am Beautiful Nubia- "Sa Ma Jo" - Iwa (EniObanke)
2:57am Dena- "I Like You / I Lied To You" - Trust (Normal Surround)
2:56am Solange- "Interlude: Tina Taughty" - A Seat at the Table
2:53am Solange- "Don't You Wait" - A Seat at the Table
2:51am Kyle Dixon- "Nancy and Barb" - Stranger Things
2:47am --- "--" - -- (--)
2:37am Bauhaus- "Bela Lugosi's Dead" - Bauhaus 1979-1983
2:31am Blue Oyster Cult- "Joan Crawford" - Fire of Unknown Origin (CBS)
2:28am Tacocat- "Dana Katherine Scully" - Lost Time (Hardly Art)
2:26am Aye Nako- "Cut it Off" - Unleash Yourself
2:22am --- "--" - -- (--)
2:19am Shirelles- "Mama Said" - The Shirelles Anthology 1959-1967 (Rhino)
2:15am Lady Gaga- "Come to Mama" - Joanne
2:11am T Sisters- "Come Back Down" - T Sisters (Three-headed Sounds)
2:05am Neil Patrick Harris- "The Origin of Love" - Hedwig the Angry Inch - Original Broadway Cast
2:02am Medicine Moon- "Coming Out of the Moon" - Tales of an Umber Moon (Pesenta)
2:00am --- "--" - -- (--)
1:54am Joan Baez- "She Never Could Resist a Winding Road" - 75th Birthday Celebration (Great Performances)
1:50am Books- "A True Story of a Story of True Love" - The Lemon of Pink (Temporary Residence)
1:47am Kali Uchis- "Rush" - Por Vida
1:43am Opaluna- "Instinto Ornitológico" - Opaluna (Ridgeway)
1:39am --- "--" - -- (--)
1:35am Big Blu Soul Revue- "I Know" - Tongue & Groovin' (Jmco)
1:33am Shad- "Rose Garden" - Tsol (Fontana North)
1:30am Helado Negro- "It's My Brown Skin" - Private Energy (Asthmatic Kitty)
1:26am SassyBlack- "NewBoo" - No More Weak Dates (S/R)
1:23am Andrew Applepie- "I'm So" - Andrew Applepie
1:21am Seshen- "Spectacle" - Flames & Figures (Tru Thoughts)
1:18am --- "--" - -- (--)
1:13am K-OS- "Superstarr Pt. Zero" - Exit
1:11am Laura Mvula- "Phenomenal Woman" - The Dreaming Room
1:07am Sammus- "1080p" - 1080p
1:00am Blood Orange- "Love Ya" - Freetown Sound (Domino)
1:00am --- "--" - -- (--)
12:59am --
12:56am Sepultura- "Bestial Devastation" - Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation (Roadrunner)
12:52am Voivod- "Too Scared to Scream" - Killing Technology (Noise International)
12:49am Assassin- "Speed of Light" - The Upcoming Terror (Steamhammer)
12:45am Flotsam and Jetsam- "Desecrator" - Doomsday for the Deceiver (Metal Blade)
12:42am Whiplash- "War Monger" - Power and Pain (Combat)
12:41am --
12:37am Exodus- "A Lesson In Violence" - Bonded By Blood (Combat)
12:31am Metallica- "Leper Messiah" - Master of Puppets (Elektra)
12:28am Megadeth- "Wake Up Dead" - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying (Capitol)
12:27am --
12:24am Dark Angel- "The Burning of Sodom" - Darkness Descends (Combat)
12:21am Slayer- "Jesus Saves" - Reign In Blood (Def Jam)
12:18am Slayer- "Altar of Sacrifice" - Reign In Blood (Def Jam)
12:15am Kreator- "Death To Your Savior" - Pleasure To Kill (Noise International)
12:14am --
12:09am Ozzy Osbourne- "The Ultimate Sin" - The Ultimate Sin (CBS)
12:06am AC/DC- "D.T." - Who Made Who (Atlantic)
12:01am Iron Maiden- "Deja Vu" - Somewhere In Time (Capitol)
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:30pm Plaid- "Dilatone" - The Digging Remedy (Warp)
11:25pm Squarepusher- "Port Rhombus" - Big Loada (Warp)
11:20pm Ilkae- "Proem Mix" - Pistachio Island
11:10pm Cherushii- "Nobody's Fool" - Nobody's Fool EP (S/R)
11:05pm DRC Music feat. Bokatola- "Lingala" - Kinshasa One Two
10:36pm Vidiian- "Samurai" - Spacial Relations (Jacktone)
10:30pm Michael Claus- "The Pull Through" - Michael Claus (Jacktone)
10:20pm Samaris- "Wanted 2 Say" - IMx: Made In Iceland Vol. 8
10:15pm Lavender- "Stagnation of the Servant" - Horizons Beneath the Surface
10:05pm Mouse on Mars- "Chromatic" - Instrumentals
10:00pm Quantic- "El Desorden" - Flowering Inferno
9:55pm Eek-A-Mouse- "Wa Do Dem" - Eek-Ology
9:50pm Alborosie- "Send Dem Dub" - Sound the System
9:45pm The Orb & Alan Parker- "Grey Clouds" - Grey Clouds EP
9:40pm The Orb- "Little Fluffy Clouds" - U.F. Off (Island)
9:35pm Future Sound of London- "Papua New Guinea" - Papua New Guinea 12" (Jumpin N Pumpin)
9:30pm Orbital- "The Girl With The Sun In Her Head" - In Sides (FFRR)
8:59pm --- "--" - -- (--)
8:55pm Defibulators- "Pay For That Money" - Debt'll Get Em (Pig Cow)
8:52pm Kacey Musgraves- "Pagent Material" - Pagent Material (Mercury)
8:48pm Cactus Blossoms- "Stoplight Kisses" - You're Dreaming (Red House)
8:46pm Imelda May- "Psycho" - Mayhem (Decca)
8:43pm Dwight Yoakum- "Liar" - Second Hand Heart (Reprise)
8:33pm Cracker- "Torches And Pitchforks" - Berkeley To Bakersfield (429 records)
8:29pm Willie Dunn- "I Pity the Country" - Akwesasne Notes (Trikont)
8:24pm Robbie Fulks- "America Is A Hard Religion" - Upland Stories (Bloodshot)
8:19pm --- "--" - Camp Cal (--)
8:12pm Carne Cruda- "I Love You More Than Tacos" - I Love You More Than Tacos (Round Whirled)
8:09pm Mojo Nixon- "UPS My Heart To You" - Sock Ray Blue (Shanachie)
8:02pm Sidestepper- "Come See Us Play" - Supernatural Love (Real World)