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Saturday, November 1, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
12:56am Mario Diaz De Leon- "The Flesh Needs Fire (excerpt)" - Enter Houses Of (Tzadik)
12:54am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:54am Orange- "Release From" - In The Midst Of Chaos (De Stijl)
12:50am Jon Appleton- "Dima Dobraisa Domoy" - Contes De La Memoire (Empreintes Digitales)
12:46am Dave Hurley- "The Anti Venom" - Outer Nebula, Inner Nebula (Porter)
12:39am Brad Mehldau & Mark Guilliana- "Elegy For Amelia E." - Mehliana: Taming The Dragon (Nonesuch)
12:33am The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble- "Giallo" - From The Stairwell (Denovali)
12:30am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:24am Miles Davis- "Tatu (Part 2)" - Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall (CBS)
12:20am Matana Roberts- "Pov Piti (excerpt)" - Coin Coin Chapter One (Constellation)
12:13am Exploding Star Orchestra- "Three Blocks Of Light (excerpt)" - Stars Have Shapes (Delmark)
12:08am Keith Jarrett- "Paris Part IV" - Testament (ECM)
12:05am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:02am Garage A Trois- "The Dream" - Outre Mer (Telarc)
Friday, October 31, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:56pm Alice Coltrane- "Universal Consciousness" - Universal Consciousness (Impulse!)
11:53pm Troy Gregory- "Dracula Has Risen from the Ppond" - Laura (Fall of Rome)
11:47pm Frightwig- "Tomorrow Never Comes" - Cat Farm Faboo (Subterranean)
11:46pm Diamanda Galas- "Do Room" - Schrel X (Mute)
11:44pm Fat White Family- "Heaven on Earth" - Champagne Holocaust (Fat Possum)
11:38pm Howlin' Wolf- "Moanin at Midnight" - Moanin' in the Moonlight (Chess)
11:36pm Ni Lemon- "Dari Djannger" - Secret Museum of Mankind vol 4 (Yazoo)
11:33pm Rudimentary Peni- "Imp of the Perverse" - Cacaphony (Outer Himalayan)
11:25pm Alice Cooper- "Black Juju" - Love it to Death (Warner Bros.)
11:17pm Thepporn Petchubon- "Saam Gler Tiew Krung" - The Sound of Siam vol 2 (Soundways)
11:10pm orchestre
11:10pm Orchestre Poly-Rythmo- "Ou C'est Lui ou C'eSt Moi" - the 1st Album (Analogue Africa)
11:03pm Djosos Krost- "Trompet" - No Sign of Bad (Quango)
11:00pm Groep 1850- "Misty Night" - Pebbles : The Continent Lashes Back! (AIP)
10:56pm Flight Reaction- "Every Time You die" - s/t (13 O'Clock)
10:52pm Dwayne Eddy- "Twistin' off a Cliff" - Twistin' & Twangin' (RCA Victor)
10:50pm Electric Eels- "Jaguar Ridet" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
10:46pm Dead Moon- "Room 213" - Fire in the Western World (Tombstone)
10:42pm eX-Girl- "Dazzle" - Kero! Kero! Kero! (s/r)
10:36pm Goldflesh- "Meltdown" - Slavestate (Earache)
10:28pm Butthole Surfers- "Cherub" - Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac (Touch & Go)
10:25pm 100 Flowers- "Reject Yourself" - Hell Comes to Your House (Bemisbrain)
10:15pm Super Boiro Band- "Se Si Sa" - Discoteque 74 (Melodie)
10:11pm Budos Band- "Tomohawk" - Burnt Offering (Daptone)
10:09pm Frankie Stein & his Ghouls- "What Kind of Ghoul am I" - Monster (Power)
10:04pm B 52s- "Planet Claire" - s/t (Warner Bros.)
10:00pm Anna Calvi- "Ghost Rider" - Strange Weather (Domino)
9:57pm Birthday Party- "Deep in the Woods" - Hits (q4 AD)
9:51pm Lothars- "Horray for Dane" - Oscillate my Metallic Sonatas (Wobbly Music)
9:47pm Kali Z. Fasteau- "Another Southpaw" - Piano Rapture (Flying Note)
9:36pm Deep Purple- "Child in Time" - Made in Japan (Warner Bros.)
9:28pm Amazing Snakeheads- "Flatlining" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domino)
9:25pm Prince Far-I- "Plant Up" - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3 (Daddy Kool)
9:22pm Scratch Acid- "Cannibal" - The Greatest Gift (Touch & Go)
9:18pm Otto Statik- "XVP 2230" - Music Simulation (s/r)
9:10pm Talking Heads- "Drugs" - Fear of Music (Sire)
9:07pm Screamin' Jay Hawkins- "She Put the Whammy" - Screamin the Blues (Regal Lighting)
9:02pm Hasil Adkins- "I Need Your Head" - Out to Hunch (Norton)
8:55pm --
8:54pm John Carpenter- "Halloween Theme" - Halloween 2 (Varese Sarabande)
8:49pm Death and Vanilla- "C3" - Vampyr (Kalligrammopfen)
8:46pm Nurse With Wound- "Either Open Or Unsound" - Acts of Senseless Beauty (World Serpent)
8:33pm Ralph Jones- "Meditation On The Mond of Russ Thorn" - Slumber Party Massacre (Death Waltz)
8:30pm John Carpenter- "Hell Breaks Loose" - Prince of Darkness (Colosseum)
8:28pm Anonymous- "The Shining" - Horror Movie Hits (Madacy)
8:24pm Jay Chattaway/Joe Spinell- "Inner Voices" - Maniac (Southeast)
8:22pm Rob- "Maze" - Maniac (Death Waltz)
8:16pm --
8:14pm The Residents- "A1" - Eskimo (The Cryptic Corporation)
8:10pm Narrators- "B1" - War of the Worlds (The Longines Symphontete)
8:08pm Jery Goldsmith- "Main Title" - Jaws (MCA)
8:05pm Savage Republic- "The Hanging Garden" - Feardrop (Feardrop)
8:03pm Painkiller- "Tortured Souls" - Buried Secrets (Earache)
8:00pm Gwar- "Zombie" - Lucio Fulci (Masters)
7:57pm --
7:51pm Howard Shore- "TV Passions" - Videodrome (Varese Sarbande)
7:45pm Ruth White/Charles Beaudelaire- "The Litanies of Satan" - Flowers of Evil (Limelight)
7:43pm Rick Ulrik- "The Viper Theme" - Street Trash (Lunaris)
7:41pm Harry Manfredini- "Overlay of Evil" - Friday the 13th (Waxwork)
7:27pm John Carpenter- "Main Theme" - The Thing (BSX)
7:26pm John Carpenter- "End Credits" - Halloween (Mondo)
7:23pm Third Eye Foundation- "Sound of Violence" - Sound of Violence (Merge)
7:21pm Dying Ground- "Kripa" - S/T (Disk Union)
7:17pm Allegory Chapel Ltd.- "PxQ" - When Angels Fall (Charnel)
7:13pm --
7:03pm Anton Szandor La Vey- "The Hymn to Satan" - The Satanic Mass (Murgenstrum)
6:54pm David Lynch and Alan Splet- "Digah's Stomp" - Erasurehead (I.R.S.)
6:53pm John Carpenter & Rob Zombie- "The Fog Enters Town" - The Fog (Silva Screen)
6:47pm --
6:43pm Umberto- "Someone Chasing Someone Through a House" - Prophecy of the Black Widow (Not Not Fun)
6:39pm Jean Pierre Massiera- "H.I.A." - L'Etrange Mr. Whistler (Finders Keepers)
6:37pm Narrator- "The Headless Horseman" - Famous Ghost Stories (Pickwick)
6:36pm John Harrison- "Prologue" - Creepshow (La La Land)
6:33pm Tim Krog- "The Boogeyman Suite" - The Boogeyman (Howling Wolf)
6:20pm Pye Corner Audio- "Electronic Rhythm Number Eight" - Black Mill Tapes Volume 1-4 (Type)
6:18pm John Carpenter- "B3" - Halloween 3 (DEath Waltz)
6:14pm Ensembe Economique- "Forever Eyes" - Psychical (Video Treasures)
6:10pm Screaming Tribesmen- "Date With a Vampyre" - Date With a Vampyr (Dutch East India Trading)
6:06pm Hoodoo Gurus- "Dig It Up" - Stoneage Romeos (A&M)
5:26pm Rockin' Continentals- "Count Dracula" - Surfin' In The Midwest (Unlimited Productions)
5:23pm The Birthday Party- "Release The Bats" - A Collection (Missing Link)
5:20pm Screaming Lord Sutch- "Dracula's Daughter" - Story (7777)
5:17pm Tough Shits- "Holding A Séance" - S/T (Burger)
5:14pm Ulterior Motive- "Haunted House" - It Came From Canada (OG)
5:09pm Almighty Defenders- "Ghost With The Most" - S/T (Vice)
5:04pm Frantics- "Werewolf" - Songs The Cramps Taught Us (STCTC)