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The Soundtrack to your life story, with a twist ending. From new wave to post-apocalypse, from garage punk to garage sale.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:59pm Phillipe Petit - "Pyramid of the Moon" - Multicolored Shadows (Aagoo)
8:37pm Kluster - "Kluster 4" - 1970-1971 (Water)
8:30pm Au Pairs - "It's Obvious" - Stepping Out of Line (Castle)
8:28pm Warm Soda - "Dream I Left Behinc" - Symbolic Dream (Castle Face)
8:25pm The Mike Powers Pop - "Wonderwall" - Kitsch Lounge Riot (BMG)
8:22pm GMC & the Arcells - "The Witch" - Back From The Grave Vol 10 (Crypt)
8:19pm Cramps - "Garbageman" - Bad Music For Bad People (IRS)
7:56pm Cluster - "Sowiessoso (So Not So So)" - Sowiessoso (Water)
7:52pm Erase Errata - "Another Reason to Arrest and Imprison 'The Free'" - Lost Weekend (Under the Sun/Mission Creek Music Festival)
7:48pm Stealing Sheep - "Love" - Not Real (Heavenly)
7:40pm William Onyeabor - "Hypertension" - William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
7:35pm Pulsallama - "Ungawa Pt. II" - New York Noise Vol. 2 (Soul Jazz)
7:31pm Deadly Orgone Radiation - "Strictly the Spike" - Power Trips (Copepod)
7:25pm Joy Division - "Colony" - Closer (Rhino)
7:23pm Toiling Midgets - "Nadine" - A Smaller Life (Full Contact)
7:20pm Sextile - "A Thousand Hands" - A Thousand Hands (Felte)
7:16pm Killing Joke - "Eighties" - Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! (EG)
7:13pm B-Team - "Damage" - Buy American (s/r)
7:10pm Pylon - "Cool" - Hits (DB Recs)
7:09pm Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, & Plank - "Speed Display" - Begegnungen II (Gyroscope)
7:04pm Harmonia - "Watussi" - Musik Von Harmonia (Brainfeeder)
7:03pm Cabaret Voltaire - "Here She Comes Now" - The Living Legends (Mute)
7:00pm Human League - "Empire State Human" - Reproduction (Virgin)
6:55pm German Army - "Abbasid Golden Age" - In Transit (Dub Ditch)
6:50pm Nun - "In Blood" - Nun (Aarght)
6:44pm Tornados - "Telstar" - It's Hard to Believe (Razor and Tie)
6:41pm Joe Meek - "I Hear a New World" - I Hear a New World (Triumph)
6:40pm De La Soul - "Transmitting Live from Mars" - 3 Feet High And Rising (Tommy Boy)
6:37pm Stock, Hausen, Walkman - "Vinyl Retentive" - Hairballs (Hot Air)
6:35pm John Oswald - "MC5-Mother" - Plunderphonics (Fony)
6:28pm Negativland - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - U2 (SST)
6:20pm Flyying Colours - "I Don't Want to Let You Down" - EPX2 (Shelflife)
6:15pm Thee Oh Sees - "Lupine Ossuary" - Mutilator Defeated at Last (Castle Face)
6:13pm Arthur Brown - "Fire" - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (Retroactive)
6:09pm Ciccone Youth - "Burnin' Up" - Burnin' Up (New Alliance)
6:06pm Jam - "(You Love is Like a) Heatwave" - Setting Sons (Pol)
6:03pm Trilobites - "I Can't Wait For Summer to End" - I Can't Wait for Summer to End (Roo-Art)
8:55pm Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble - "Chapter 14" - The Gospel According to Matthew and Michael (Relative Pitch)
8:43pm Mike Osbourne - "TBC" - Dawn (Cuneiform)
8:38pm Eyes - "TAQN" - Dangerhouse Collection: Me Want Breakfast ()
8:37pm Hatepinks - "Plastic Bag Ambitions" - Plastic Bag Ambitions (TKO)
8:35pm Gasoline - "Killer Man" - Paink (Born Bad)
8:33pm Splash Four - "Shame Shame Shame" - Shame (Dionysus)
8:29pm James Bond and the Agents - "Wild Angel" - Back From the Grave Volume 10 (Crypt)
8:27pm Sinn Sisamouth - "Dance a Go Go" - Don't Think I've Forgotten (Dust to Digital)
8:24pm Lizzy Mercier Descloux - "Wawa" - New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
8:18pm Yoko Ono - "Walking on Thin Ice" - Walking on Thin Ice 12" (Geffen)
8:11pm Science Fiction Dance Party - "Monster on Saturn I" - Dance with Action (Finders Keepers)
8:07pm Stooges - "TV Eye" - Fun House (Rhino Atlantic)
8:03pm Roxy Music - "Virginia Plain" - Roxy Music (EG)