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The Soundtrack to your life story, with a twist ending. From new wave to post-apocalypse, from garage punk to garage sale.


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:52pm Charlie Haden & Gonzalo Rubalcaba - "Sandino" - Rubalcaba (Impulse!)
8:39pm Tony Williams Lifetime - "Sangria For Three" - Emergency! (Esoteric)
8:34pm La Luz - "Black Hole Weirdo Shrine" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
8:31pm Psychic Baos - "Wallet is Dead" - Society's Lien on Peace of Mind/Can't Keep Us Down (Magnetic South Recordings)
8:29pm The Ghastly Ones - "Banshee Beach" - Halloween Hootenanny (Zombie a go-go)
8:25pm Fist City - "SuRatsrf's Up" - Everything is a Mess (Transgressive)
8:23pm Pink Fingers - "Man In Pain" - We're Loud: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns (Slovenly)
8:19pm Warlocks - "Beware" - Back From The Grave Volume 0 (Crypt)
8:13pm Brown Spiders - "That Was Then, This Is Now" - It's Something to Do (Hozac)
8:08pm Avengers - "Car Crash" - Dangerhouse Collection Vol. 2 (Frontier)
8:05pm Buzzcocks - "Fast Cars" - Product (EMI)
8:03pm Husker Du - "In A Free Land" - Everything Falls Apart And More (Rhino)
7:56pm Ministry - "Every Day is Halloween" - New Wave Halloween (Rhino)
7:48pm Vivien Goldman - "Private Armies Dub" - Sherwood at the Controls Volume 1: 1979-1984 (On U Sound)
7:45pm Public Image Limited - "Flowers of Romance" - The Greatest Hits So Far (Virgin)
7:41pm Toiling Midgets - "If You Choose to Live" - A Smaller Life (Full Courage)
7:38pm Sleepers - "Mirror" - The Less An Object (Tim/Kerr)
7:34pm Nun - "Uri Geller" - Nun (Aarght)
7:30pm Maxwell Gualtieri - "A Dance" - For Los Angeles (Pfmentum)
7:25pm Guapo - "Obscure Knowledge (Part II)" - Obscure Knowledge (Cuneiform)
7:20pm Wire - "Heartbeat" - Chairs Missing (EMI)
7:13pm Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - "The Sun Roars Into View" - Never Was The Way She Was (Constellation)
7:08pm SPK - "In Flagranto Delicto" - The Tyranny of the Beat (Mute)
7:05pm Chasms - "Soft Opening" - Subtle Bodies (Sleep Genius)
6:57pm Julia Holter - "My Love, My Love" - Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs of Karen Dalton (Tomkins Square)
6:50pm Violators - "Gangland" - The No Future Years (World Famous Harry May Company)
6:47pm Cockney Rejects - "Bad Man" - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (EMI)
6:45pm Hard Left - "New Year" - We Are Hard Left (Future Perfect)
6:39pm Tampax - "UFO Dictator" - Killed By Death #6 (Redrum)
6:35pm Chrome - "Chromosome Damage" - Alien Soundtracks (Touch & Go)
6:31pm Destruction Unit - "The World on Drugs" - Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)
6:23pm Carlton Melton - "Peaking Duck" - Out to Sea (Agitated)
6:12pm Jesu - "man/woman" - Jesu (Hydra Head)
6:07pm Slowdive - "Albatross" - Holding Our Breath (Creation)
6:01pm Siouxsie & the Banshees - "Dazzle" - Hyaena (Geffen)
8:57pm Andre Stordeur - "Memories" - Complete Analog & Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000 (Sub Rosa)
8:51pm Henry Threadgill - "Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket" - Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket (About Time)
8:40pm Exploding Star Orchestra - "Fire Agents of Sound" - Galactic Parables: Volume 1 (Cuneiform)
8:35pm Sinn Sisamouth - "Dance a Go Go" - Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll (Dust to Digital)
8:32pm La Luz - "You Disappear" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
8:29pm The Hotbeats - "Listen" - Back From The Grave Vol. 10 (Crypt)
8:26pm Nomeansno - "Dad" - The People's Choice (AntAcidAudio)
8:21pm King Crimson - "The Great Deceiver" - Starless and Bible Black (Caroline)
8:10pm Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufield - "The Rest Of Us" - Never Were the Way She Was (Constellation)
8:03pm Joy Division - "Shadowplay" - Unknown Pleasures (Rhino)
8:03pm Sugarcubes - "Birthday" - Birthday (One Little Indian)
7:59pm Westkust - "Jonna" - Last Forever (Run For Cover)
7:56pm Seapony - "A Place We Can Be" - A Vision (s/r)
7:52pm Lord Crazy - "Witchy Bitchy" - Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium 8 ()
7:49pm Syd Dale - "Disc a Go Go" - Music For TV Dinners - the 60s (Scamp)