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The Soundtrack to your life story, with a twist ending. From new wave to post-apocalypse, from garage punk to garage sale.


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5:59pm Cosgrove/Shipp/Parker - "Victoria" - Alternating Current (Grizzley)
5:53pm Blevin Blectum - "Warm Machines" - Irradiance (Estuary)
5:44pm John Coltrane - "Crescent" - Crescent (ABC Impulse)
5:31pm Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble - "Solea" - Sketches of Spain (Revisited) (3Sixteen)
5:26pm Matthew Shipp - "I've Been to Many Places" - I've Been to Many Places (Thirsty Ear)
5:23pm Chain Gang - "Son of Sam" - Perfumed (Matador)
5:19pm Mary Monday & the BItches - "Popgun" - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie (Hozac)
5:15pm Clash - "Armagideon Time" - Hits Back (Legacy)
5:09pm National Wake - "Walk In Africa" - Walk In Africa 1979-81 (Light In the Attic)
5:06pm Bob Marley and the Wailers - "War" - Rastaman Vibration (Tuff Gong)
4:56pm John Cale and Terry Riley - "The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles" - Church of Anthrax (Esoteric)
4:49pm Current 93 - "I Could Not Shift The Shadow" - I Am The Last of All The Field That Fell (Spheres)
4:46pm Blue Angel Lounge - "As Cold As The Moon" - A Sea of Trees (A)
4:40pm Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - "For The Rest of Your Life" - Through The Devil Softly (Nettwerk)
4:34pm Bananamen - "Love Me/Surfin' Bird" - The Crusher (Ace)
4:31pm 2 Bobs - "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" - Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (Smog Veil)
4:29pm fEEDTIME - "Fractured" - Fractured (Aberrant)
4:25pm Flesheaters - "Digging My Grave" - A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
4:20pm Dry Heeves - "Chew Through Bone" - Boogie Till Ya Puke (s/r)
4:19pm Four Slicks - "56 Jewel" - s/t (Slick)
4:14pm Crash Worship - "Procession" - ADRV (Charnel House)
4:08pm Zoviet France - "Ram" - Collusion (Grey Area of Soleilmoon)
3:59pm Laurie Anderson - "O Superman" - Live at Town Hall NYC Sept 19-20, 2001 (Nonesuch)
3:50pm Pierre Henry - "Le Temple D'Emese" - Fragments For Artaud Prismes (Mantra)
3:46pm Otto Statik - "XPV 2230" - Music Stimulation (s/r)
3:38pm Cabaret Voltaire - "Walls of Jerico" - The Living Legends (Mute)
3:34pm Harmonia - "Veterano" - Musik Von Harmonia (Brain)
3:27pm Stagnant Pools - "Decoder" - Geist (Polyvinyl)
3:21pm Space Waves - "Bleeding Tears" - Sing My Song (Mindwave)
3:17pm Gears - "Let's Go To The Beach" - Rockin at Ground Zero (Hepcat)
3:15pm Four Speeds - "RPM" - Pebbles Vol. 4 (BFD)
3:13pm Wailers - "Wailin'" - Instrumental Madness (Ostrich)
3:11pm Snowmen - "Ski Storm" - Cowabunga (Rhino)
3:09pm Robert Mitchum - "The Ballad of Thunder Road" - Shut Down (Capitol)
3:05pm Phono-Comb - "53rd & 3rd" - The Cross and the Switchblade (Quarterstick)
3:04pm Centurions - "Bullwinkle Part II" - Bullwinkle Part II (Del-Fi)
3:00pm Radio Birdman - "Aloha Steve and Danno" - The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978) (Sub Pop)
5:55pm Trilobites - "I Can't Wait For Summer to End" - I Can't Wait for Summer to End (Roo-Art)
5:49pm Signal Problems - "We're All In It Together" - s/t (pfMentum)
5:48pm Zongo Junction - "Invented History" - No Discount (Electric Cowbell)
5:42pm Cosgrove/Shipp/Parker - "Victoria" - Alternating Current (Grizzley)
5:33pm Ben Frost - "Venter" - Aurora (Mute)
5:31pm Otto Statik - "Objective Sequence" - Music Stimulation (s/r)
5:28pm Xeno & Oaklander - "Lastly" - Par Avion (Ghostly International)
5:25pm Teribal Anamal - "The Rub" - New Creature (s/r)
5:19pm Honey Ltd. - "Eli's Coming" - The Complete LHI Recordings (Light in the Attic)
5:17pm Krzysztof Komeda - "Main Title" - Dance of the Vampires (Bronze Rat)
5:13pm Xela - "Savage Ritual" - The Dead Sea (Type)
5:03pm Neu - "Hollo Gallo" - s/t (Astralwerks)
4:56pm Land Observations - "On Leaving the Kingdom For the Well-Tempered Continent" - The Grand Tour (Mute)