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Friday, October 24, 2014 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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12:57am Bodeans - "Fadeaway" - Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (Slash)
12:53am Bad Boy - "Last Rock and Roller" - The Band that Made Milwaukee Famous (United Artists)
12:50am F/i - "Stop at the Left...Look to the Right" - Badger a Go Go (Atomic Beat)
12:48am Couch Flambeau - "Satan's School for Girls" - ()
12:43am The Baroques - "Mary Jane" - S/T (Chess)
12:40am Esquires - "Everybody's Laughing" - Get on Up and Get Away (Bucky)
12:37am RPM's - "Gimme Some Action" - Radio Ready Wisconsin (Cheap Rewards)
12:34am Muscle Beach - "Let's Get Dumb" - Let's Get Dumb (Dumb Records)
12:30am Killdozer - "Ed Gein" - Intellectuals are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite (Bone-Air Records)
12:27am Lubricants - "Violent Tendencies" - S/T (Rave Up)
12:22am Tongue - "Stained Glass Window" - Keep on Truckin' with Tongue (Gear Fab)
12:20am Soup - "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues" - S/T (Gear Fab)
12:15am Einstein's Riceboys - "Soda Jerk" - History in 3 Chords (Spungle Communications)
12:10am The Violent Femmes - "Country Death Song" - Hallowed Ground (Slash)
12:07am The Citations - "Moon Race" - Surfin' in the Midwest (Unlimited Productions)
12:04am Tony's Tygers - "Little by Little" - Little By Little (Teen Town)
12:02am The Shag - "Stop and Listen" - Highs in the Mid Sixties: Wisconsin (AIP)
11:57pm The Golden Earrings - "Song's on a Devil's Servant" - On the Double (Red Bullet)
11:52pm Broncho - "China" - Just Enough Hip to be Woman (Dive Along)
11:49pm Crime and the City Solution - "Gangster Funk" - Murder by Guitar (Superior Viaduct)
11:46pm Mary Monday & the Bitches - "Popgun" - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie (Hozac)
11:43pm Adam & the Ants - "Beat My Guest" - Stand & Deliver (EMI)
11:39pm Anvil - "Bondage" - Hard 'n Heavy (Attic)
11:34pm Realm - "Root of Evil" - Endless War (RC Records)
11:26pm Laidback - "Cocaine Cool" - Cosyland EP (Brother Music)
11:20pm Claude Vonstroke - "Deep Throat" - Beware of the Bird (Dirtybird)
11:16pm BPos - "I Used To" - Positive Beings (One League Ent)
11:12pm Gorilla Pits - "Bay Repaz" - Generation of Renegades (Urban Life)
11:05pm Sound Experience - "J.P. Walk" - The Soulville Collection (Collectables)
11:03pm Martha Starr - "No Part Time Love For Me" - Love is the Only Solution (Outta Sight)
11:00pm Patti Young - "Head and Shoulders (Above the Rest)" - Head and Shoulders (Above the Rest) (Ernstrat Records)
10:57pm Blondie - "Look Good in Blue" - S/T (Private Stock)
10:54pm Catholic Girls - "Boys Can Cry" - S/T (MCA)
10:52pm Ugly Beats - "Gone for Good" - Brand New Day (Get Hip)
10:46pm Vibrators - "Turn the Radio On" - Punk Mania- Back to the Roots (Cleopatra)
10:43pm The Soft Boys - "Positive Vibrations" - Underwater Moonlight (Armageddon)
10:41pm Red Aunts - "The Vibrator Song" - Big Cans (Hell Yeah)
10:37pm Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band - "The Boy in the Boat" - Harlem Big Bands (Timeless)
10:34pm Washboard Rhythm Kings - "Call of the Freaks" - Volume 1, 1931 (Storyville)
10:29pm Juice Leskinen & Coitus Inc. - "Zeppelini" - S/T (Love Records)
10:24pm Led Zeppelin - "What is and What Should Never Be" - BBC Sessions (Atlantic)
10:22pm Budgie - "You Know I'll Always Love You" - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (MCA)
10:18pm Mercyful Fate - "Return of the Vampire" - Return of the Vampire (Roadrunner)
10:12pm Neil - "Lentil Nightmare" - Neil's Heavy Concept Album (Esoteric)
10:06pm Souls of Mischief - "All You Got is Your Word" - There is Only Now (Linear Labs)
10:03pm Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Made in America" - Made in America (Elektra)
10:00pm Temptations - "Cloud Nine" - Anthology of American Folk Music (Motown)
9:58pm Equals - "Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys" - First Among Equals (Ice Records)
9:52pm The Fallen Angels - "Everything Would Be Fine" - Psychedelic States: Maryland in the 60's (Gear Fab)
9:48pm Cream - "Politician" - Wheels of Fire (RSO)