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Friday, November 28, 2014 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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11:53pm Dead Milkmen - "Somewhere Over Antartica" - Pretty Music for Pretty People (S/R)
11:49pm Shoes - "Kristine" - One in Versailles (Numero Group)
11:45pm Stooges - "Down on the Street" - Fun House (Elektra)
11:36pm Earth Quake - "Things" - S/T (A&M)
11:30pm The Answers - "It's Just a Fear" - English Freakbeat Vol. 3 (A.I.P.)
11:27pm Soul Survivors - "Taboo-India" - When the Whistle Blows (Vampi Soul)
11:23pm Robert Edwards - "Sweet on the Top" - Catch Action:The Sophisticated Boogie Funk of Sheridan House Records (Luv N' Haight)
11:18pm Jack Ashford - "Hotel Sheet" - Hotel Sheet (Magic Disc)
11:11pm Sugarloaf - "Green Eyed Lady" - Sugarloaf (Liberty)
11:08pm The Mind's Eye - "Mistic Woman" - Mistic Woman (Amy)
11:04pm Useless Eaters - "Bleeding Moon" - Bleeding Moon (Castle Face)
11:01pm Brocas Helm - "Fly High" - Black Death (Gargoyle Records)
10:58pm Oozing Wound - "Genuine Creeper" - Earth Suck (Thrill Jockey)
10:55pm Johnny Marr - "Boys Get Straight" - Playland (New Voodoo)
10:50pm Sly Fox - "Let's Go All the Way" - Let's Go All the Way (Capitol)
10:45pm Whodini - "Friends" - Escape from Dragon House (Arista)
10:40pm Visionaries - "Crop Circles" - Crop Circles (Up Above)
10:35pm Los Bravos - "Rudi's in Love" - Sensacional Soul (Vampi Soul)
10:32pm Jorge Querol con Los Go-Gos - "Rudi Enamorado" - Skankish Sound (Vampi Soul)
10:29pm Hot Lunch - "Hooray for Everything" - Scion 10 Music Series (Beyond Marketing Group)
10:23pm Hookworms - "Beginners" - The Hum (Weird World)
10:16pm The J.D.'s - "Funky Party Time" - Carolina Funk (Jazzman)
10:12pm Rev. Jamel & Bob Johnson - "Walking on the Moon" - Walking on the Moon (Funk45)
10:07pm Pixies - "All Over the World" - Bossanova (4AD)
10:03pm Cool Ghouls - "The Mile" - A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye (Empty Cellar)
9:57pm Pussy - "Feline Woman" - Invasion (Vintage)
9:53pm Bubbles - "Zap N' Cat" - This is Where the Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man Came In (Decca)
9:52pm Tiny Topsy - "Just a Little Bit" - Aw! Shucks Baby (Single Lock)
9:49pm Cozy Cole - "Topsy II" - Topsy I (Love)
9:46pm Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark - "Let Me Hit It" - S/T (Delicious Vinyl)
9:41pm Donald D - "Notorious" - Notorious (Rhyme Syndicate)
9:35pm Jaques Dutronc - "Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi" - S/T (Vogue)
9:33pm Jacqueline Taieb - "7 am" - Tres Chic! (Ace)
9:25pm Pandora - "Space Amazon" - Space Amazon (Arf Arf)
9:22pm Zolar X - "Space Age Love" - Punk 45: Sick on You! One Way Spit! (Soul Jazz)
9:18pm Joe Cuba Sextet - "Mambo of the Times" - Diggin' the Most (Secco)
9:13pm Orquestra Esencia - "Carnival" - Carnival (Jazzman)
9:07pm Q-Feel - "Dancing in Heaven" - Dancing in Heaven (Arista)
9:05pm Ty Parr - "National Aerobics Championship Theme" - National Aerobics Championship Them (Karen Makes Music)
11:57pm Ricky Wilde - "I Wanna Go to a Disco" - I Wanna Go to a Disco (UK Records)
11:54pm Suzi Quatro - "Sticks" - S/T (Bell)
12:00am Delegation - "Oh Honey" - The Promise of Love (Shady Brook)
11:46pm Satan - "Twenty Twenty Five" - Life Sentence (Listenable Records)
11:43pm Angel Witch - "Angel Witch" - S/T (Bronze Rat)
11:37pm Pierced Arrows - "Paranoia" - Descending Shadows (Vice)
11:31pm National Wake - "Wake of the Nation" - Walk in Africa 1979-81 (A Light in the Attic)
11:29pm Los Payos - "Adios a Jamaica" - Skanish Sounds (Vampi Soul)
11:26pm Los Talismanes - "East Side Story" - El Soul es una Droga (Spanish Soul Style)
11:19pm Homeboy Sandman - "Problems" - Hallways (Stones Throw)
11:16pm Lowdown Brass Band - "Death Blow" - Lowdown Sounds (S/R)