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2:54pm Vessels - "Elliptic" - Dilate (Bias)
2:52pm Zae Munn - "Music: A Love Story" - They Were Mysterious Guests (Navona)
2:49pm Telescope - "Bye Byes (Ain't Nice)" - Bye Byes (Ain't Nice (Pentagon)
2:46pm Acid - "Satan's Delivery" - Engine Beast (Giant)
2:43pm Brand X - "Come on Home" - St. Albert's Dream (Lysergic Sound Distributers)
2:40pm George Van Eps - "I Wrote it for Joe" - Once in Awhile (Delmark)
2:36pm Memphis Slim - "If You See Kay" - All Kinds of Blues (Bluesville)
2:33pm Joker - "What is a Fisterris" - Born Bad Vol. 5 (Born Bad)
2:30pm Sammy Gordon & the Hiphuggers - "Upstairs on Boston Road" - Upstairs on Boston Road (For the Archives)
2:27pm The Honey Drippers - "Impeach the President" - Impeach the President (Alaga)
2:24pm Hypercolor - "Forget" - Hypercolor (Tzadik)
2:21pm Scorpion - "I'm Only Human" - I'm Only Human (American Record Company)
2:17pm Trancent - "Flight to Uranus" - Home Spun, Too (WKQQ)
2:13pm Groundhogs - "Sad is the Hunter" - BBC Live in Concert (Strange Fruit)
2:11pm Girlschool - "Watch Your Step" - Hit and Run (Bronze)
2:05pm Minnie & the Kneebones - "Me & My Mini Skirt" - Girls in the Garage Vol. 4 (Romulan)
2:03pm Strangeloves - "I Want Candy" - I Want Candy (Bang)
1:59pm Icicle Works - "Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)" - Icicle Works (Arista)
1:55pm The Fanatic - "Felony" - Felony (Rock 'n' Roll Records)
1:50pm Poison Idea - "Beautiful Disaster" - Confuse & Conquer (Southern Lord)
1:47pm Eddie Jefferson - "Groovin' High" - The Live-liest (Muse)
1:45pm Zs - "Wolf Government" - XE (Northern Spy)
1:43pm Graham Matters - "You're Driving Me Insane" - 20th Century Oz OST (Celestial)
1:39pm Sigh - "Out of the Grave" - Graveward (Candlelight)
1:37pm Afrikan Sciences - "Circuitous" - Circutous (Pan)
1:32pm D Rock - "Killer Daytons" - Killer Daytons (Saturn)
1:27pm Tricky Tee - "Johnny the Fox" - Johnny the Fox (Sleeping Bag)
1:23pm Emotions - "Blind Alley" - My Honey and Me (Volt)
1:20pm Chi-Lites - "Stoned Out of My Mind" - Chi-Lites (Brunswick)
1:16pm Michael Vlatkovich Septet - "The Eventual Supremacy of Reason" - Ask 7 (pfMentum)
1:07pm Acid King - "Infinite Skies" - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart)
1:03pm Joy - "Your Mama" - Your Mama (Paula)
1:00pm Rainbow Red Oxidizer - "Beast Planet Ruler" - Recorded Lies (Quark)
12:56pm Paul Kelly - "Soul Flow" - Dirt (Warner Bros)
12:53pm Adam Wind - "Did You See Her Eyes?" - Did You See Her Eyes? (Valane)
12:50pm Horse Lords - "All that is Solid" - Hidden Cities (NNA)
12:47pm Einstein's Riceboys - "Soda Jerk" - History in 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973-1982 (Splunge Communications)
12:44pm Devo - "Pink Pussycat" - Duty Now for the Future (Warner Bros.)
12:42pm Lyres - "Help You Ann" - On Fyre (Ace of Hearts)
12:39pm Blitz - "Warriors (Demo)" - Punk City Rockers (Castle)
12:35pm Angelic Upstarts - "I Won't Pay for Liberty" - Lost & Found (Link)
12:32pm The Kandinsky Effect - "Annabelle Chases a Bug" - Somnambulist (Cuneiform)
12:29pm John Hambrick - "I Ain't Never Seen a White Man" - Windmill in a Jet Filled Sky (Brown Bag)
12:27pm Pentagram - "Bang it Out" - Decible Magazine Flexi-Disc (Decible Magazine)
12:21pm Keith Jarrett - "Mortgage on My Soul" - Birth (Atlantic)
12:17pm Toiling Midgets - "Pumice" - A Small Life (Ektro)
12:14pm Sweet Marie - "Willy Bims" - Sweet Marie-1 (Gear Fab)
12:12pm Carlo Montez - "Theme from "Danger in Go-Go Boots"" - Nymphomania (Sexy Hexy)
12:09pm Hazy Osterwald Set - "The Call" - In-Kraut Vol. 3 (Marina)
12:05pm Electric Food - "Tavern" - Born on the Road: Easy Rider (Gear Fab)