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Friday, September 26, 2014 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:57pm Half Japanese - "We Are Sure" - Overjoyed (Joyful Noise)
11:55pm Souls of Mischief - "The Last Act" - There is Only Now (Linear Labs)
11:50pm Abstract Rude - "Stop Bitin'" - Stop Bitin' (Battle Axe)
11:47pm Brighter Side of Darkness - "Love Jones" - Love Jones (20th Century Records)
11:43pm Papa & the Utopians - "Cry for Joy" - Cry for Joy (Poizon)
11:37pm The Flesh Eaters - "See You in the Boneyard" - A Minute to Pray a Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
11:34pm Sweeney Todd - "Roxy Roller" - Roxy Roller (London)
11:31pm Def Leppard - "No No No" - High 'n' Dry (Mercury)
11:26pm Hell Fire - "Our Own Fall" - Hell Fire E.P. (S/R)
11:20pm Pintura Fresca - "Manies" - Pintura Fresca (Disc Jockey)
11:17pm Bobby Bloom - "Montego Bay" - The Bobby Bloom Album (Polydor)
11:15pm Joe White - "Rudies All Around" - Rudies All Around (Doctor Bird)
11:12pm The Flames - "Broadway Jungle" - Club Ska '67 (Mango)
11:10pm Anisteen Allen - "Fujiyama Mama" - Fujiyama Mama (Capitol)
11:07pm Champion Jack Dupree & Stick McGhee - "Drunk Again" - 45-53 (Krazy Kat)
10:58pm Feelgood Factor - "The Whole Church Should Get Drunk" - The Whole Church Should Get Drunk (Southern Fried)
10:53pm Evolution Control Committe - "Don't Let the Devil Blow Your Mind" - All Rights Reserved (Seeland)
10:49pm Todd Rundgren & Utopia - "Real Man" - Live at the Electric Ballroom (Esoteric)
10:45pm Black Oak Arkansas - "When Electricity Came to Arkansas" - S/T (Atco)
10:37pm Paper Cup - "Watch Out" - Psychedelic States: Maryland in the 60s (Gear Fab)
10:35pm Troggs - "Hip Hip Hooray" - (Hansa)
10:32pm Thee Headcoatees - "Ballad of the Insolent Pup" - Ballad of the Insolent Pup (Vinyl Japan)
10:29pm Nervous Eaters - "Out on a Date (She Said No)" - S/T (Elektra)
10:26pm La Peste - "Better Off Dead" - Better Off Dead (Black Mark Production)
10:23pm Woody Guthrie - "Pretty Boy Floyd" - My Dust Road (Rounder)
10:17pm Amp Live - "Penny Nickle Dime" - Headphone Concerto (Plug Research)
10:14pm Dilated Peoples - "Directors" - Directors of Photography (Rhymesayers)
10:10pm Consolidated - "Consolidated" - S/T (Nettwerk)
10:03pm New Birth - "Got to Get a Knut" - Birth Day (RCA)
9:58pm The Proper Ornaments - "Now I Understand" - Wooden Hand (Slumberland)
9:55pm Apples in Stereo - "Signal in the Sky (Let's Go)" - The Powerpuff Girls: Heroes and Villians (Rhino)
9:52pm B-52's - "Dirty Back Road" - Wild Planet (Warner Bros.)
9:49pm Iggy Pop - "Get Up and Get Out" - Soldier (Arista)
9:44pm The Deathrays - "TV Eye" - Song from a Vacuum (S/R)
9:40pm Early Man - "Thrill of the Kill" - Closing In (Matador)
9:33pm The Monkees - "Last Train to Clarksville" - S/T ()
9:31pm The Mirror - "Faster Than Light" - Gingerbread Man (Phillips)
9:29pm Miriam - "Walking Down the Street" - Nobody's Baby (Norton)
9:25pm Cal Tjader - "Evil Ways" - Tjader (Fantasy)
9:22pm Cool Benny & His Stone Swingers - "Wobble Cha" - Wobble Cha (Virgo)
9:18pm Yello - "I Love You" - You Gotta Say Yes... (Elektra)
9:14pm Basement Jaxx - "Unicorn" - Junto (Atlantic Jaxx)
9:11pm Twink - "The Owl Song" - Critter Club (Twink Tones)
9:07pm Florence Desmond - "Cigarettes, Cigars" - Brother Can You Spare a Dime? (Jass)
9:03pm Paul Williams/Jodie Foster - "My Name is Tallulah" - Bugsy Malone OST (RSO)
12:54am Sacrilege B.C. - "Skinned Alive" - Party with God (Alchemy)
12:50am Samson - "Take Me to Your Leader" - Head On (Gem)
12:47am Satan Jokers - "Samourai" - Les Fils Du Metal (Phonogram)
12:42am Samhain - "All Murder All Guts All Fun" - Initium (Plan 9)
12:38am Sacred Rite - "Wings of Pegasus" - S/T (Marquee)