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Scandinavian folk classical ghost stories and cod surrealism. All Current music.

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2:56pm Spirits of the Red City - "Halfway Poem" - Jula (Collectible)
2:52pm mic break - -
2:50pm String Arcade - "Scurcy Scallywags Theme" - S/T (Nerdtracks)
2:49pm Amy Denio - "Exposure to the Infinite" - Prodigal Light (Spoot)
2:44pm Dom La Nena - "Con Toda Palabra" - Golondrina (Six Degrees)
2:40pm Death and Vanille - "Ghosts in the Machine" - EP (Hands in the Dark)
2:36pm mic break - -
2:32pm Barren Harvest - "The Bleeding" - S/T (Handmade Birds)
2:26pm Bird Radio - "Who Killed Cock Robin?" - The Boy and the Audience (Cherry Red)
2:22pm Grouper - "Being Her Shadow" - The Man Who Died In His Boat (Kranky)
2:18pm Pantaleimon - "Diamond River Run" - The Butterfly Ate the Pearl (Grass Girl Music)
2:15pm People's Bizarre - "Tiny Trio" - S/T (Bellowhead)
2:10pm mic break - -
1:56pm Fall of Efrafa - "For El Ahrairah to Cry" - Elil (Symphony of Destruction / Sound Devastation)
1:52pm Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor - "Derniere Minute" - Transfer (unsounds)
1:47pm House of Cosy Cushions - "Mountain" - Spell (Outcast Cats)
1:42pm Marissa Nadler - "Dead City Emily" - July (Sacred Bones)
1:37pm mic break - -
1:33pm Sons of Noel and Adrian - "Jellyfish Bloom" - Knots (KF)
1:28pm Mary Gauthier - "Sugar Cane" - Live at Blue Rock (In The Black)
1:25pm Brigitte Fontaine - "Il Pleut" - Est... Folle (Superior Viaduct)
1:17pm Marielle Jakobsons - "Dusty Trails" - Glass Canyon (Students of Decay)
1:11pm mic break - campus calendar - -
1:07pm La Plebe - "Bella Ciao" - Brazo en Brazo (Koolarrow)
1:05pm Chumbawamba - "Bella Ciao" - A Singsong and a Scrap (AK Press)
1:03pm Marissa Anderson - "Bella Ciao" - Traditional & Public Domain Songs (S/R)
12:58pm mic break - -
12:49pm Natural Snow Buildings - "Chants of Niflheim Part I" - Chants of Niflheim (Blackest Rainbow)
12:44pm Carla Bozulich - "Danceland" - Boy (Constellation)
12:38pm Lounge Lizards - "No Pain for Cakes" - No Pain for Cakes (Antilles)
3:19am Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra - "What We Loved Was Not Enough" - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (Constellation)
3:16am mic break - -
3:12am DVA - "Jushu" - Botanicula soundtrack (Amanita Design)
3:06am Tony Wakeford - "Again?" - Oddities (Tursa)
3:02am Natural Snow Buildings - "Monsters" - Monsters (Blackest Rainbow)
2:55am mic break - -
2:50am String Arcade - "Tron Arcade Medley" - S/T (Nerdtracks)
2:43am Lea Bertucci - "Signature" - Resonance Shapes (Obselete Units)
2:34am Raum - "In Held Company" - Event of Your Leaving (Glass, House)
2:27am mic break - -
2:19am Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Higgs Boson Blues" - Live from KCRW (Bad Seed)
2:17am Throwing Muses - "Glass Cats" - Purgatory/Paradise (IT Books / Harper Collins)
2:09am Kugelplex - "The Moustached Warbler" - The Frail Branch (Odd Shaped Case)
2:04am Rabbit Rabbit Radio - "After the Storm" - Volume 1 (S/R)
1:59am mic break - -
1:53am Laura Cetilia - "Thrum / Pin" - Used, Broken & Unwanted (Estuary Ltd.)
1:46am Maile Colbert - "Ouverture for that Day" - Come Kingdom Come (Two Acorns)
1:41am Marissa Nadler - "Drive" - July (Sacred Bones)
1:33am Lasher Keen - "Sun Chariot" - Berserker (Pesanta Urfolk)
1:27am mic break - -
1:21am Current 93 - "Mourned Winter Then" - I am the Last of All the Field that Fell (Coptic Cat)
1:15am The Parlour Trick - "Sheol" - A Blessed Unrest (S/R)
1:11am Carla Bozulich - "Number X" - Boy (Constellation)
1:07am Amy Denio - "Ballintubber Abbey" - Prodigal Light (Spoot)
1:05am Jiri Slitr and Jiri Sust - "Man with a Typewriter" - Daisies soundtrack (Finders Keepers)
5:55pm Andrew Liles - "Bloodbury 1988" - 70 Years of Sunshine (Monotype)
5:50pm mic break - -
5:40pm Nadia Sirota - "Tooth and Nail" - Baroque (New Amsterdam)
5:37pm mic break - -
5:34pm Surplus 1980 - "Cap the Knife" - Arterial Ends Here (Dephine Knormal)
5:30pm Kugelplex - "Sweet Georgira Brownowitz" - The Frail Branch (Odd Shaped Case)
5:26pm Amy Denio - "Ballintubber Abbey" - Prodigal Light (Spoot)
5:20pm Odessa Chen - "Ave Maria" - Invisible Stories (S/R)
5:17pm Oscar Isaac - "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me" - Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack (Nonesuch)
5:13pm Jim Haynes - "Oscar" - The Wires Cracked (Editions Mego)
5:11pm Noveller - "Bright Clouds Bloom" - SMM: Opiate (Ghostly)
5:07pm mic break - -
4:58pm irr. app. (ext.) and At Jennie Richie - "Sunshine Bus Rider (excerpt)" - Night Wearing Feathers (Black Horizons)
4:49pm Nurse With Wound - "Kusema Jibini (excerpt)" - Xerography (S/R)
4:45pm Colin Stetson - "Who the Waves are Roaring For" - New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light (Constellation)
4:42pm Kathleen Yearwood - "L'endit q'amors" - A'la Claire Fantome (S/R)
4:35pm mic break - -
4:30pm Sarah Neufeld - "Hero Brother" - Hero Brother (Constellation)
4:27pm Broadcast - "Teresa, Lack of Ascension" - Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack (Warp)
4:12pm Post Romantic Empire - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - The Post-Romantic Empire Album (Our Sweetest Songs)
4:09pm mic break - -
4:05pm Iva Bittova - "X" - Fragments (ECM)
4:03pm Andy Bronofski & Fyodor Polygrafovic - "excerpt" - Report from the Occupied Territories (Petit Mal Music)
3:57pm Die Propylgruppe - "Produkt 01 (excerpt)" - Produkt 01 (Petit Mal Music)
3:52pm Pale Reverse - "Words of Ash, Walls of Smoke, Minds of Glass (excerpt)" - Words of Ash, Walls of Smoke, Minds of Glass (Petit Mal Music)
3:49pm mic break - -
3:44pm Clint Mansell - "Happy Birthday; Uncle Charlie" - Stoker soundtrack (Milan)
3:40pm Kristine Barrett - "Ghosts" - The Spirits in my Blood Sing to Me At Night (S/R)
3:35pm The Parlour Trick - "The Lady of the House of Love" - A Blessed Unrest (S/R)
3:28pm Date Palms - "Dusted Down" - The Dusted Sessions (Thrill Jockey)
3:26pm Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "Milk Train" - What The Brothers Sang (Drag City)
3:22pm mic break - -
3:17pm Goblin - "Roller" - Tour EP 2013 (Death Waltz)
3:14pm Chumbawamba - "So Long, So Long" - In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher (S/R)
3:10pm Freddi Price - "Gathering Evidence" - The Pigeoning (S/R)
3:09pm Tele Novella - "Don't Be A Stranger" - Don't Be A Stramger (Dream Dracula)
3:04pm Rabbit Rabbit Radio - "The Curious One" - Volume 1 (S/R)
11:56pm Jim Kaiser - "8Aug2013 - Luggage Store, SF (excerpt)" - two live sets Aug2013 (Petit Mal Music)
11:54pm mic break - -
11:50pm Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - "Pure/Filth (excerpt)" - split with Bacteria Cult and Juhyo (Debacle)
11:45pm Chumbawamba - "In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher" - In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher (S/R)
11:41pm mic break - -
11:39pm Clint Mansell - "Happy Birthday (A Death in the Family)" - Stoker soundtrack (Milan)
11:38pm Oscar Isaac - "The Shaols of Herring" - Inside Llewyn Davis (Nonesuch)
11:34pm Lonesome Leash - "Wrong" - I am no captain (S/R)