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The last of the independents.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
2:58pm Survival Knife - "Cold Widow" - Loose Power (Glacial Pace)
2:54pm Meat Puppets - "Big House" - S/t (Tongues)
2:51pm Giant Sand - "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene" - Cover Magazine (Thrill Jockey)
2:46pm X - "The Unheard Music" - Los Angeles (Slash)
2:43pm Giant Sand - "Plants and Rags" - Cover Magazine (Thrill Jockey)
2:39pm Luluc - "Passerby" - Passerby (Sub Pop)
2:35pm Shovels & Rope - "Bridge On Fire" - Swimmin' Time (Dualtone)
2:30pm Liminanas - "Votre Cote Yeye M'emmerde" - Costa Blanca (Trouble In Mind)
2:23pm MC Solar - "La Belle Et Le Bad Boy" - Cinquieme As (Sentinel Quest)
2:20pm Stereolab - "The Noise of Carpet" - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Elektra)
2:18pm Proper Ornaments - "Now I Understand" - Wooden Hand (Slumberland)
2:15pm Chills - "So Long" - Soft Bomb (Slash)
2:10pm Northern Portrait - "I Feel Even Better" - Ta! (Matinee)
2:07pm Steinbecks - "We cannot hope to compete with such colours" - Kick to Kick (Matinee)
2:05pm Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With A Purpose)" - Floristry (Fishrider)
2:02pm Rubinos - "I Think We're Alone Now" - As Long As I'm With You (Beserkley)
1:56pm Flesheaters - "Pray Til You Sweat" - A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
1:53pm Social Distortion - "Playpen" - 1945 (13th Floor)
1:50pm 69 Cats - "69 Guitars" - Transylvanian Tapes (Cleopatra)
1:46pm Mermen - "Curve" - Songs of the Cows (Mesa)
1:41pm Roger Miller's Exquisite Corpse - "Nothing What" - unfold (SST)
1:35pm Mission of Burma - "This Is Hi-Fi" - Unsound (Fire)
1:33pm Ruts - "You're Just A..." - Best of the Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
1:28pm Wire - "I Am The Fly" - The Best of the Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
1:24pm Mastodon - "High Road" - Once More 'Round The Sun' (Reprise)
1:18pm Slint - "1. 6:11" - s/t (Touch & Go)
1:13pm Fugazi - "Break" - End Hits (Dischord)
1:10pm Zig Zags - "Down The Drain" - s/t (In The Red)
1:04pm Descendents - "Mr.Bass" - Fat Ep (New Alliance)
1:00pm Green Seed - "Diss Connect" - Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels)
12:53pm Brownout - "Planet Caravan" - Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity)
12:49pm El Vez - "en el barrio" - The Mexican Elvis (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
12:45pm Pete Molinari - "So Long Gone" - Theosophy (In Grooves)
12:36pm Gizmos - "Human Garbage Disposal" - Bloodstains Across The Midwest (Bloodstains)
12:33pm Malcom Yelvington - "Drinkin' Wine Spodee O Dee" - Sun Record Company Vol 1 (Sun)
12:30pm Deke Dickerson And the Ecco-fonics - "So Long I'm Gone" - More Million Sellers (Hightone)
12:27pm Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - "Highway Bound" - New Old Story (Randm)
12:24pm Roseanne Cash - "Modern Blue" - The River & The Thread (Blue Note)
12:21pm Radney Foster - "Mine Until The Morning" - Everything I Should Have Said (Devil's River)
12:14pm Joseph Arthur - "Satellite of Love" - Lou (Vanguard)
12:11pm Cold Beat - "UV" - Over Me (Crime On The Moon)
12:09pm Anna Calvi - "Ghost Rider" - Strange Weather (Domino)
12:03pm Plastikman - "Extend" - Ex (Mute)
6:00pm Luluc - "Reverie on Norfolk" - Passerby (Sub Pop)
5:56pm 999999 (all nines) - "White Devils" - White Devils (Hozac)
5:54pm Spits - "Terrorist Attack" - Kill The Kool (In The Red)
5:50pm Stalins of Sound - "Rules For Your Mouth" - Tank Tracks (Slovenly)
5:49pm Robin Williams - "Get off The Air" - 44 Lines (Casablanca)
5:45pm Total Control - "Flesh War" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
5:30pm KALX evening news - -
5:25pm Anna Calvi - "Strange Weather" - Strange Weather (Domino)
5:22pm John Hiatt - "Terms Of My Surrender" - Terms of My Surrender (New West)
5:17pm Rosanne Cash - "World Of Strange Design" - The River & The Thread (Blue Note)
5:14pm Willie Watson - "Bring It With You When You Come" - Folk Singer Vol.1 (Acony)
5:10pm Fucked Up - "The Great Divide" - Glass Boys (Matador)
5:07pm Night Birds - "Maimed For The Masses" - Maimed For The Masses (Fat Wreck Chords)
5:04pm Xrays - "Jameson Shot" - Jameson Shot (Big Neck)
4:59pm Testors - "Break It Down" - Complete Recordings 1976-79 (Swami)
4:55pm Fury - "Flying" - Flying (Hozac)
4:49pm Brownout - "Into The Void" - Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity)
4:46pm James Brown and the Famous Flames - "Stone Fox" - Kansas City (King)
4:43pm Curtis Harding - "Keep On Shining" - Keep On Shining (Burger)
4:40pm Reigning Sound - "Starting New" - Shattered (Merge)
4:32pm Flesheaters - "See You in the Boneyard" - A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
4:30pm Sonny Burgess - "Red Headed Woman" - Sun Record Company Vol.1 (Sun)
4:27pm 69 Cats - "You're My Baby" - Transylvanian Tapes (Cleopatra)
4:25pm Jack Clement - "I Know One" - For Once And For All (I.R.S.)
4:22pm Charley Pride - "I Know One" - In Person (RCA Victor)
4:18pm Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - "New Old Story" - New Old Story (Randm)
4:10pm Rebecca Gates and the Consortium - "Slowed Lowed Lowered" - The Float (12XU)
4:06pm Green Seed - "Make Room" - Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels)
4:03pm Gunter Kallmann Chorus - "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" - With All My Heart (4 Corners)
3:58pm Liminanas - "Liverpool" - Costa Blanca (Trouble in Mind)
3:55pm DNA - "New New" - A Taste of DNA (American Clave)
3:52pm Lounge Lizards - "Incident on South Street" - s/t (EG)
3:46pm Tiptons Saxophone Quartet and Drums - "Kickamar" - Tiny Lower Case (Sowiesound)
3:34pm Souljazz Orchestra - "One Life To Live" - Inner Fire (Strut)
3:30pm Prince Fatty - "Did You Really Know" - Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi Fi (Mr. Bongo)
3:28pm Spies - "Collided and Collected" - The Battle of Bosworth Terrace (Siltbreeze)
3:25pm Shoes This High - "Mental Whiff" - Straight To Hell (Siltbreeze)
3:22pm SVT - "I Can See" - s/t (415)
3:18pm Gun Club - "Goodbye Johnny" - Fire of Love (Slash)
3:11pm X - "Universal Corner" - Wild Gift (Slash)
3:04pm Flesheaters - "Divine Horseman" - A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
2:58pm Shovels & Rope - "Evil" - Swimmin' Time (Domino)
2:54pm Whiskey Gentry - "Here's Your Song" - Holly Grove (s/r)
2:51pm Willie Watson - "Mexican Cowboy" - Folk Singer Vol.1 (Acony)
2:48pm Davila 666 - "No Crees Que Ya Cansa" - Forever Singles (Suicide Squeeze)
2:44pm Archie Bronson Outfit - "Cluster Up And Hover" - Wild Crush (Domino)
2:38pm 00100 - "Kecupat Aneh" - Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
2:34pm Bob Marley and the Wailers - "No More Trouble" - Catch a Fire (Island)
2:30pm Prince Fatty - "Divorce A L'Italienne" - Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi Fi (Mr. Bongo)
2:25pm Ryley Walker - "The West Wind" - All Kinds Of You (Tompkins Square)
2:16pm Tiptons Saxophone Quartet and Drums - "Wave Waltz Hardcore" - Tiny Lower Case (Sowiesound)
2:12pm Liminanas - "Alicante" - Costa Blanca (Trouble In Mind)
2:10pm Arena Brass - "Tequila" - The Lonely Bull (Epic)
2:08pm Los Yaki - "Dia De Noche" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
2:06pm Joe Hall & The Corvettes - "Bongo Beatin' Beatnik" - Beat From Badsville V.1 (Stag-O-Lee)
2:03pm Reigning Sound - "North Cackalacky Girl" - Shattered (Merge)
1:58pm Exotic Guitars - "Sabre Dance" - Indian Love Call (Ranwoood)