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10:53am Cold Cave - "Oceans With No End" - Oceans With No End (Deathwish)
10:49am Say Hi - "Sweat Like the Dew" - Endless Wonder (Barsuk)
10:46am Shaun Cassidy - "Hey Deanie" - Hey Deanie (Warner Bros.)
10:42am The Rentals - "1000 Seasons" - Lost in Alphaville (Polyvinyl)
10:38am Alan Clapp - "Happy to be Sad" - Snow in the Sun (Bus Stop)
10:33am Hot Nut Riveters - "New Orleans" - Moustashe Girl (Small and Nimble)
10:29am Young-Holt Unlimited - "Freddie's Dead" - Plays Super Fly (Paula)
10:23am V/A - "Everybody's Got a Radio" - Two for the See Saw Soundtrack (United Artists)
10:18am Army Navy - "In Waves" - The Wilderness Inside (S/R)
10:14am The Aisler's Set - "Summer's Reprise" - Red Door (Slumberland)
10:09am Faded Paper Figures - "Lost Stars" - Relics (Shorthand)
10:05am The Notwist - "Where in this World" - Where in this World (Citysland)
10:00am Land Observations - "Ode to Viennese Streets" - The Grand Tour (Mute)
9:58am The Perennials - "Savannah" - My Side of the Mountain (Eradicator)
9:56am Childbirth - "Crossbitch" - It's a Girl (Help Yourself)
9:52am The Young Fresh Fellows - "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Electrobird)
9:47am Brownout - "The Wizard" - Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity)
9:43am Sylvester - "Sooner or Later" - Sooner or Later (Warner Bros.)
9:37am Boombox - "Pinata" - Seance (Obus)
9:33am Drag the River - "all-n-all" - Hobo's Demos (Upland)
9:28am Daniel Bachman - "Pig Iron" - Orange County Serenade (Bathetic)
9:24am The Tindersticks - "A Marriage Made in Heaven" - A Marriage Made in Heaven (Rough Trade)
9:20am Dolly Parton - "If I had Wings" - Blue Smoke (Sony)
9:14am The Point of Departure - "Magic Circles" - Magic Circles (Susstones)
9:08am Sodastream - "Turnstyle" - Turnstyle (Pickled Egg)
9:05am J. Mascis - "Wide Awake" - Tied to a Star (Sub Pop)
9:00am Barton Horvath - "Waking Up" - Hear How You Can Feel Fit All Day (Carlton)
9:00am Misora Hibari - "Makka Na Taiyoh" - Hibari's Dreams on Stage (Nippon Columbia)
5:57pm American Music Club - "Wish the World Away" - San Francisco (Reprise)
5:52pm Sonic Youth - "Sweet Shine" - Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (Geffen)
5:48pm Heroes and Horses - "El Moro de Cumpas" - Corridos from the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands (Smithsonian Folkways)
5:43pm Dancer - "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars and Bongos)
5:42pm Flashlights - "All Cats Are Beautiful" - Bummer Summer (Hard Rock)
5:35pm RJD2 - "Behold, Numbers!" - More Is Than Isn't (RJ's Electrical Connections)
5:33pm K. Raydio & Psymun - "Jupiter" - LucidDreamingSkylines (S/R)
5:27pm Morrissey - "Tomorrow" - Your Arsenal (Sire)
5:25pm The Carter Family - "I Will Never Marry" - 20 of the Best (RCA)
5:20pm Jenny Lewis - "Late Bloomer" - The Voyager (Warner Bros.)
5:14pm A Place to Bury Strangers - "I Lost You" - Onward to the Wall (Dead Oceans)
5:12pm Heavy Cream - "Toasted" - Forever Singles (Suicide Squeeze)
5:09pm Groenland - "The Things I've Done" - The Chase (Bon Sound)
5:05pm Cayucas - "A Summer Thing" - Bigfoot (Secretly Canadian)
5:02pm Army Navy - "The Mistakes" - The Wilderness Inside (S/R)
4:57pm The Hemmingbirds - "Old Fire" - Death Wave (S/R)
4:56pm St. Paul and the Broken Bones - "Sugar Dyed" - Half the City (Single Lock)
4:49pm Moonshake - "Helping Hand" - Big Good Angel (Too Pure)
4:42pm Meta Meta - "Man Feriman" - Metal Metal (Mais Um Discos)
4:37pm Electronic - "Get the Message" - Electronic (Warner Bros.)
4:30pm Keith Emerson - "Best Revenge Orchestral Suite" - At the Movies (Esoteric)
4:25pm Carla Bozulich - "I Couldn't Believe it Was True" - Red Headed Stranger (DiCristina Stair Builders)