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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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12:58am Las Ultrasonicas - "Descocada" - Oh Sii, Mas...Mas!! (Discos Termita)
2:48pm Daniel Johnston - "Got To Get You Into My Life" - 1990 (Shimmy Disc)
2:46pm Drownded - "What Are You Doing Tonight?" - What Are You Doing Tonight? (S/R)
2:43pm Pot Tarts - "I Turn My Radio On" - Woman Is The Fuehrer of the World (Sport)
2:39pm Go Sailor - "The Boy Who Sailed Around The World" - Long Distance (Slumberland)
2:36pm The Pastels - "Thru' Your Heart" - Truckload of Trouble (Seed)
2:26pm Ibi Ego - "U and Me vs. The Sea Master" - Dezember (Umor Rex)
2:21pm Death And The Maiden - "Dear ____" - Death And The Maiden (Fishrider)
2:17pm Mercury Girls - "Golden (Demo)" - Demos (S/R)
2:15pm Evans The Death - "Bad Year" - Expect Delays (Slumberland)
2:10pm Numb Bats - "She's All That" - Numb Bats (Sun Lips)
2:01pm Darlings - "Always Remember" - Feel Better (Wild Canary)
1:56pm The Go Team - "Milquetoast Brigade" - Milquetoast Brigade (K)
1:52pm Twerps - "Shoulders" - Range Anxiety (Merge)
1:48pm Vaya Futuro - "Dinobaby" - Ideas A Medias (S/R)
1:45pm Tyrannosaurus Dead - "Pure & Apart" - Apart EP (Odd Box)
1:43pm Frenchmen - "Unlucky Day" - Powdered Blue (Shelflife)
1:37pm Crabapple - "Lose My Cool" - Softly (S/R)
1:35pm Waxahatchee - "Stale By Noon" - Ivy Tripp (Merge)
1:33pm Try The Pie - "Inevitabilities" - Domestication (Salinas)
1:30pm Boyish - "Sunshot" - Everything Issue (S/R)
1:27pm The Tamborines - "Indian Hill" - Sea of Murmur (Beat-Mo)
1:19pm Mommy Long Legs - "Horrorscope" - Life Rips (S/R)
1:16pm Ampersand - "Silver Shoes" - S/T (Fantastic)
1:13pm DA - "Next To Nothing" - Time Will Be Kind (Autumn)
1:10pm Kleenex - "Hedi's Head" - Ain't You b/w Hedi's Head (Rough Trade)
1:05pm Sacred Paws - "Vince" - Six Songs (Rock Action)
1:03pm Kissing Party - "A Vain Victory" - Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time It Was Suffocating (Hot Congress)
12:59pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Creep The Creeps" - Creep The Creeps (Slumberland)
12:54pm The Cure - "La Ment" - The Walk (Fiction)
12:50pm My Favorite - "Burning Hearts" - The Kids Are All Wrong (Double Agent)
12:46pm Eternal Summers - "Come Alive" - Gold And Stone (Kanine)
12:38pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Plastic Love" - Peach Kelli Pop (Burger)
12:35pm Scooterbabe - "Six Month Pillow Fort" - Scooterbabe2@gmail.com (S/R)
12:33pm Poastal - "Dizzy" - Poastal / #Poundsign" Split (No Life)
12:29pm Nic Hessler - "Please Don't Break Me" - Soft Connections (Captured Tracks)
12:21pm Joyride! - "Small Talk" - Bodies Of Water (Salinas)
12:15pm Autoclave - "I'll Take You Down" - Go Far (Discord / K)
12:13pm Childbirth - "Will You Be My Mom?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
12:09pm Chastity Belt - "On The Floor" - Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)
12:05pm Mourn - "Silver Gold" - Mourn (Captured Tracks)
12:00pm Girls Names - "Bury Me" - Dead To Me (Slumberland)
2:58pm The Sweetest Ache - "Climbing" - Jaguar (Sarah)
2:54pm Scully - "Deny" - Scully / Las Rosas Split CS (That Summer Feeling)
2:51pm Habibi - "Sweetest Talk" - S/T (Burger)
2:49pm Katy Goodman - "Love That's Gone" - Katy Goodman's Album (S/R)
2:47pm Damon & Naomi - "The North Light" - Fortune (20|20|20)
2:44pm The Hundredth Anniversary - "The Jump" - Songs Until Now 2 (S/R)
2:39pm Hey Chica! - "No Se Si Sea La Ultima Vez" - Tres (Sour Pop)
2:32pm Roxy Music - "While My Heart Is Still Beating" - Avalon (Warner Bros)