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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:57pm Evans The Death - "Morning Voice" - Evans The Death (Slumberland)
2:50pm Tears for Fears - "Memories Fade" - The Hurting (Polygram)
2:46pm Ultimate Painting - "Rolling In The Deep End" - Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind)
2:43pm Butter The Children - "Tot Mom" - True Crime (S/R)
2:41pm Burnt Palms - "In My Mind" - Burnt Palms (S/R)
2:38pm Flyying Colours - "She Leaves" - EP X 2 (Shelflife)
2:33pm Mikal Cronin - "Turn Around" - MCIII (Merge)
2:32pm The Bird And The Bee - "Recreational Love" - Recreational Love (Rostrum)
2:28pm Mighty Mighty - "Positively Sesame Street" - A Band From Birmingham (Vinyl Japan)
2:27pm Bunnygrunt - "Wild Summer, Wow!" - Jen-fi (No Life)
2:23pm La Luz - "I'll Be True" - La Luz / Habibi Split 7" (Volcom)
2:21pm Boomerangs - "Crazy Guitars" - Surfbeat (Archive International)
2:18pm Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnies - "Ganroku Hanami Odori" - Nippon Guitars (Big Beat)
2:08pm Free Cake For Every Creature - "It Sucks Hanging Out With You (It Sucks Even More When You Leave)" - Pretty Good (S/R)
2:07pm Flowers - "Shy" - More Demos (S/R)
2:04pm Habibi - "Miunderstood" - La Luz / Habibi Split 7" (Volcom)
2:03pm Brilliant Colors - "Never Mine" - Never Mine b/w Kissing's Easy (Slumberland)
2:01pm Pens - "I Sing Just For You" - Hey Friend, What You Doing? (De Stijl)
1:58pm Pins - "If Only" - Wild Nights (Bella Union)
1:51pm Tunabunny - "Canaries In Mineshafts" - Kingdom Technology (HHBTM)
1:49pm La La Vasquez - "Claire Savage" - Hello (Captured Tracks)
1:45pm Au Pairs - "We're So Cool" - Stepping Out of Line (Castle Face)
1:42pm Priests - "Doctor" - Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni)
1:40pm Bridge Collapse - "Wilderness" - Wilderness b/w Blockbreaker (Crime On The Moon)
1:33pm Monster Treasure - "Psychedelic Girl" - Monster Treasure (Harlot)
1:31pm Sacred Paws - "Vince" - Six Songs (Rock Action)
1:28pm Golden Grrrls - "I Don't Want You Anyway" - Sea Lions / Golden Grrrls 7" Split (Night School)
1:26pm Joanna Gruesome - "Jamie (Luvver)" - Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
1:23pm Nots - "Fix" - Fix b/w Modern (Goner)
1:18pm Martha - "1967, I Miss You, I'm Lonely" - Martha / Spoonboy Split (S/R)
1:14pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Please Come Home" - Peach Kelli Pop (Burger)
1:11pm Fire Engines - "Candyskin" - Hungry Beat (Acute)
1:09pm Orange Juice - "Blue Boy" - Blue Boy / Lovesick (Postcard)
1:06pm Josef K - "Forever Drone" - The Only Fun In Town (Postcard)
12:59pm Jim O'Rourke - "All Your Love" - Simple Songs (Drag City)
12:56pm Eternal Summers - "Stars You Named" - Gold And Stone (Kanine)
12:53pm Broadcast & The Focus Group - "The Be Colony" - Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (Warp)
12:50pm Melody's Echo Chamber - "Some Time Alone, Alone" - Melody's Echo Chamber (Fat Possum)
12:40pm Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - "Around My Smile" - At The Doorway Again (Rough Trade)
12:38pm Vashti Bunyan - "I'd Like to Walk Around in Your Mind" - Some Thi ()
12:35pm Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles - "Golden Days" - Oh Man, Cover The Ground (Suicide Squeeze)
12:33pm Star Tropics - "Summer Rain" - Summer Rain b/w Swept Away (S/R)
12:30pm Trick Mammoth - "Candy Darling" - Doll (wiaiwya)
12:22pm Felt - "All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead" - Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (Creation)
12:17pm Veronica Falls - "Found Love In A Graveyard" - Veronica Falls (Slumberland)
12:15pm Dog Party - "Dead Guy" - Vol.4 (Asian Man)
12:11pm LiliPUT - "Blue Is All In Rush" - LiliPUT (Kill Rock Stars)
12:07pm Grass Widow - "Tuesday" - Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
12:02pm Vivian Girls - "Light In Your Eyes" - Share The Joy (Polyvinyl)
2:58pm Makthaverskan - "German Boy" - I (Luxury)