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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

Monday, June 24, 2013 - 9:00am - 12:00pm Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
2:57pm La La Vasquez - "Clare Savage" - Mexican Ghost (Captured Tracks)
2:53pm PUPS - "Take Your Shoes Off" - S/R (S/T)
2:50pm Flowers - "Shy" - More Demos (S/R)
2:47pm The Shapiros - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - S/T (Library)
2:40pm The Cure - "A Japanese Dream" - Why Can't I Be You? (Elektra)
2:36pm Pop Tarts - "Baby, You Can Drive Your Car" - Woman Is The Fuehrer Of The World (Modern Tart)
2:33pm Bush Tetras - "Too Many Creeps" - Too Many Creeps (99)
2:31pm Hookers - "Broken Glass" - S/T (Cold Crush)
2:26pm Life Without Buildings - "The Leanover" - Any Other City (DC/Baltimore)
2:23pm Perfect Pussy - "Interference Fits" - Say Yes to Love (Captured Tracks)
2:16pm Love Cuts - "Extra" - +2-1 (S/R)
2:14pm Chastity Belt - "Evil" - No Regerts (Help Yourself)
2:12pm TunaBunny - "Coming For You" - Kingdom Technology (HHBTM)
2:09pm Pony Time - "Geordie" - Go Find Your Own (Per Se)
2:07pm Angel Olsen - "Forgiven/Forgotten" - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Jajaguwar)
1:58pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "We're So Good" - We're So Good (S/R)
1:56pm Nice Try - "Teen Fiction" - Convinced (S/R)
1:53pm Allo Darlin' - "Girlfriend" - If loneliness Was Art (Fortuna Pop!)
1:49pm Habibi - "Tomboy" - S/T (Burger)
1:46pm Try The Pie - "Wondrous" - Wondrous (S/R)
1:38pm Wendy & Bonnie - "Let Yourself Go Another Time" - Genesis (Sundazed)
1:35pm Free Design - "Never Tell The World" - Bubbles (Siesta 68)
1:33pm The Proper Ornaments - "Who Thought" - S/T EP (No Pain In Pop)
1:30pm Fat Tulips - "My Secret Place" - Starfish (Vinyl Japan)
1:28pm The Frenchmen - "Hey Amelia" - Powdered Blue (Shelflife)
1:22pm Tacocat - "Spring Break Up" - Take Me To Your Dealer
1:20pm Standard Fare - "Dancing" - The Noyelle Beat
1:16pm Benjamin Gibbard - "Lily" - Former Lives (Barsuk)
1:14pm Fake Cake For Every Creature - "Happy 21st Birthday" - Sh!tty Beginnings (S/R)
1:10pm Hospitality - "I Miss Your Bones" - Trouble (Merge)
1:02pm The Younger Lovers - "Mature Gracefully" - Rock Flawless (Bachelor)
12:59pm Krill - "Theme From Krill" - Lucky Leaves (S/R)
12:56pm So Many Wizards - "Daydream" - Daydream (Lolipop)
12:53pm The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - "Young Adult Friction" - S/T (Slumberland)
12:49pm Flyying Colours - "Bugs" - S/T (Shelflife)
12:45pm Cruel Summer - "Silent Star" - S/T (Mt. St. Mnt.)
12:36pm The Coathangers - "Follow Me" - Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
12:33pm Horrible/Adorable - "Accept/Except" - Amy Understands (S/R)
12:31pm Burnt Palms - "Yours Not Mine" - S/T (S/R)
12:27pm Giant Drag - "This Isn't It" - Lemona (LeftWing)
12:25pm Pavement - "Conduit For Sale" - Slanted And Enchanted (Matador)
12:23pm Speedy Ortiz - "Shine Theory" - Real Hair (Carpark)
12:15pm Teenage Burritos - "Danya" - Danya (Volar)
12:10pm Eternal Summers - "Never Enough" - The Drop Beneath (Kanine)
12:07pm Tashaki Miyaki - "All I Have To Do Is Dream" - Covers (S/R)
12:04pm Real Estate - "How Might I Live" - Atlas (Domino)
12:01pm Shop Assistants - "I'd Rather Be With You" - Here It Comes (Avalanche)
12:00pm Fernando - "12-3p" -
2:50pm The Feelies - "Slipping (Into Something)" - The Good Earth (Coyote)
2:48pm Nice Try - "Feels Right" - Convinced (S/R)
2:45pm Bubblegum Lemonade - "This Is The New Normal" - Some Like It Pop (Matinee)
2:43pm Vaselines - "Rory Rides Me Raw" - S/T (Sub Pop)
2:36pm Chastity Belt - "Full" - No Regerts (Help Yourself)
2:33pm Whatever Dad - "Paper Planes" - Paper Planes (S/R)
2:30pm The Shirelles - "What A Sweet Thing That Was" - Anthology 1959-1967 (Rhino)
2:27pm The Shangri-Las - "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" - At Their Best (Collectables)
2:22pm Sandie Shaw - "Puppet On A String" - Greatest Hits (Golden Hour)
2:20pm The Shakers - "Only In Your Eyes" - Break It All (Audio Fidelity)
2:16pm La Luz - "Big Big Blood" - It's Alive (Hardly Art)
2:13pm Habibi - "Sweetest Talk" - S/T (Burger)
2:10pm The Aislers Set - "Warm Girls" - The Red Door (Slumberland)
2:08pm Brilliant Colors - "Highly Evolved" - Highly Evolved (Captured Tracks)
2:05pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Sweet Tooth" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
1:58pm Scrabbel - "Pillowmint" - S/T (Kittridge)
1:55pm Beaulah - "Sunday Under Glass" - When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free)
1:52pm Beulah - "Score From Augusta" - When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free)
1:42pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "I Don't Want To Call You Baby, Baby" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
1:40pm Ciao Bella - "Dropped Once" - S/T (March)
1:37pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "New Ex-Boyfriend" - Creep The Creeps (Slumberland)
1:27pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Jean-Paul Sartre" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
1:24pm Poundsign - "I Had A Nightmare (And you were in it)" - Underneath The Marquee (Fantastic)
1:22pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "We're So Good" - We're So Good (S/R)
1:10pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Creep The Creeps" - Creep The Creeps (Slumberland)
1:05pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Interview" -
1:00pm Liechtenstein - "Passion For Water" - Passion For Water (Fraction)
12:56pm Real Estate - "The Bend" - Atlas (Domino)
12:53pm Heavenly Beat - "Thin" - Prominence (Captured Tracks)
12:47pm Glish - "Magazine" - Blast Off (S/R)
12:43pm Books Of Love - "Space Time" - Space Time (S/R)
12:40pm Tripping The Light Fantastic - "Heavy Heart" - Tripping The Light Fantastic Is Tripping The Light Fantastic (Jigsaw)
12:37pm Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With A Purpose)" - Floristry (Fishrider)
12:32pm Bart Davenport - "Wearing" - Physical World (Love Monk)
12:27pm Angel Olsen - "White Fire" - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Jagjaguwar)
12:21pm TacocaT - "You Never Came Back" - NVM (Hardly Art)
12:17pm Bleeding Rainbow - "So You Know" - Interrupt (Kanine)
12:14pm Eternal Summers - "A Burial" - The Drop Beneath (Kanine)
12:11pm The Contortions - "Contort Yourself" - Buy The Contortions (ZE)
12:06pm The Coachmen - "Stay In My Room" - Failure To Thrive (Ecstatic Peace)
12:05pm Fernando - -
2:56pm Bombay Bicycle Club - "So Long, See You Tomorrow" - So Long, See You Tomorrow (Vagrant)
2:52pm Crabapple - "Is It You?" - Is It You? (S/R)
2:49pm Butter The Children - "Earthbound" - S/T (S/R)
2:43pm Chance - "Sambo Do Morro" - Nao Wave (Man Recordings Berlin)
2:40pm The Clean - "Indigo Blue" - Anthology (Merge)
2:35pm The Verlaines - "Crisis After Crisis" - Juvenilia (Homestead)
2:32pm The Servants - "Rejection" - Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manques (Captured Tracks)
2:27pm My Favorite - "Burning Hearts" - The Kids Are All Wrong (Double Agent)
2:19pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Jean-Paul Sartre" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
2:18pm Kaito - "Sweet Allie" - Montigola Underground (Devil In The Woods)
2:15pm Go Sailor - "Together Forever In Love" - Together Forever In Love (Slumberland)