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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:58pm Flyying Colours - "Like You Said" - EP X 2 (Shelflife)
2:54pm Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles - "Holy Rollers" - Oh Man, Cover The Ground (Suicide Squeeze)
2:50pm Soak - "B A Nobody" - Before We Forget How To Dream (Rough Trade)
2:46pm Dreamdate - "Girls" - Melody Walk (Tic Tac Totally)
2:44pm Seapony - "A Vision" - A Vision (S/R)
2:40pm Horrible/Adorable - "You Suck" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
2:19pm Peeping Tomboys - "Crash and Burn" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
2:16pm Scully - "Dana" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
2:12pm The Hot Toddies - "Summertime Blues" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:56pm The Daddyo's - "Coleslaw" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:53pm Bam!Bam! - "Fin Du Monde" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:50pm Burnt Palms - "Yr First Crush" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:31pm La Luz - "Sleep Til They Die" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
1:30pm Christina Riley & Claude Cardenas Interview - "" - ()
1:26pm Numb Bats - "She's All That" - S/T (Sun Lips)
1:25pm Sarandon - "Lippy" - Kill Twee Pop (Slumberland)
1:22pm Baus - "Modern Man" - Idol Minds (S/R)
1:19pm Icky Girlfriends - "My Song" - Broken Strings / Icky Girlfriends Split Demo (S/R)
1:16pm Scully - "Dana" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:15pm Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes - "Splashing Along" - Billy the Whizz (Narodnik)
1:12pm The Hot Toddies - "Summertime Blues" - Yr First Crush (S/R)
1:06pm The Spinanes - "Hawaiian Baby" - Rummy (Imp)
12:59pm Cold Beat - "Cracks" - Into The Air (Crime On The Moon)
12:57pm The Garlands - "Open Arms" - The Garlands / Sugarplum 7" Split (Atomic Beat)
12:55pm Brilliant Colors - "Kissing's Easy" - Never Mine b/w Kissing's Easy (Slumberland)
12:52pm Crabapple - "The Lake" - Is It You? (S/R)
12:44pm Part Time - "Honey Lips" - Virgo's Maze (Burger)
12:40pm Jenny Hval - "Heaven" - Apocalypse Girl (Sacred Bones)
12:38pm Emma's House Is Empty - "Audrey Horne" - Audrey Horne (S/R)
12:35pm Beach House - "Wildflower" - Depression Cherry (Sub Pop)
12:32pm New Order - "Restless" - Restless (Mute)
12:30pm Las Desnortadas - "Nada de Nada" - Cosmogonia (Discos Kirlian)
12:27pm Automatically Yours - "Nosebleed" - The Trouble With The World Is Me (S/R)
12:19pm Westkust - "Swirl" - Last Forever (Run For Cover)
12:16pm Joanna Gruesome - "Crayon" - Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
12:12pm Unwound - "Message Received" - Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
12:04pm La La Vasquez - "Why?" - Buoy (m'lady's)
12:04pm Dennis - "Garlic Tony" - Dennis (S/R)
2:57pm Los Saicos - "Demolicion" - S/T ()
2:54pm Liechtenstein - "On The Tram" - Passion For Water (Slumberland)
2:52pm Bridge Collapse - "Blockbreaker" - Wilderness b/w Blockbreaker (Crime On The Moon)
2:48pm Flyying Colours - "She Leaves" - EP X 2 (Shelflife)
2:45pm Destroyer - "Solace's Bride" - Poison Season (Merge)
2:41pm Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto - "Neon Lights (Cha-Cha-Cha)" - El Baile Aleman (EMN)
2:38pm Esquivel - "Misirlou" - Strings Aflame (RCA Victor)
2:34pm St. Christopher - "She Can Wait Forever" - Bacharach (Sarah)
2:30pm Ducktails - "St. Catherine" - St. Catherine (Domino)
2:24pm Language of Flowers - "If It's Not You" - Songs About You (Shelflife)
2:21pm Tomboy - "PML (Pretty Much A Loser)" - In The Fucking Band (S/R)
2:19pm Habibi - "Misunderstood" - La Luz / Habibi Split 7" (Volcom)