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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:57pm Stereolab - "Dear Marge" - Margerine Eclipse (Elektra)
2:51pm 100 Flowers - "California's Falling into the Ocean" - S/T (Happy Squid)
2:48pm 14 Iced Bears - "Train Song" - Precision (Thunderball)
2:45pm The Raveonettes - "Sisters" - Pe'Ahi (Beat Dies)
2:41pm White Lung - "In Your Home" - Deep Fantasy (Domino)
2:35pm The Spook School - "Devil of Mine" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
2:31pm The Sweetest Ache - "Jaguar" - Jaguar (Sarah)
2:28pm Southern Comfort - "Me And My Baby" - Suzanne (HoZac)
2:25pm The Servants - "Motivation" - Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manques (Captured Tracks)
2:22pm Nature - "Workout" - Workout (M'Lady's)
2:10pm Unwound - "Lady Elect" - Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
2:07pm Klang - "Waiting" - No Sound Is Heard (Blast First Petite)
2:03pm Brute Heart - "Fever" - Fever (M'Lady's)
2:00pm The Coathangers - "Go Away" - Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze)
1:58pm Audacity - "Earthbot" - The Coathangers / Audacity Split (Suicide Squeeze)
1:49pm Beach Day - "Pretty" - Native Echoes (Kanine)
1:46pm Dear Marje - "Soft & Sweet" - Demo (S/R)
1:44pm Burnt Palms - "The Girl You Knew" - The Girl You Knew (WWNBB)
1:42pm Gaze - "He Makes All The Girls Smile (with his smile)" - Shake The Pounce (K)
1:40pm The Garlands - "Tell Me" - The Garlands / Sugarplum 7" Split (Atomic Beat)
1:37pm Girls At Our Best - "It's Fashion" - Politics! (Record Records)
1:29pm Cold Beat - "Tinted Glass" - Over Me (Crime On The Moon)
1:26pm Boyskout - "Spotlight" - Another Life (Three Ring)
1:23pm Confetti - "Whatever Became of Alice and Jane" - S/T (Vinyl Japan)
1:21pm Glo-Worm - "Wishing Well" - Wishing Well (Slumberland)
1:19pm Honey Blood - "Fall Forever" - S/T (Fat Cat)
1:16pm Unrest - "June" - B.P.M. (Teen Beat)
1:04pm Childbirth - "How Do Girls Even Do It?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:00pm Darlings - "Eviction Party" - Yeah I know (Famous Class)
12:56pm Gold-Bears - "Death With Drums" - Dalliance (Slumberland)
12:52pm Rollerskate Skinny - "Vilolence To Violence" - Trophy (Placebo)
12:49pm Terry Malts - "Well Adjusted" - Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere (Slumberland)
12:41pm Pooh Sticks - "Could A Heart" - Gila Monster / Pooh Sticks Split (SFTRI)
12:37pm Conflict - "Dodi Did'er" - There Is No Power Without Control (SOS)
12:36pm Hookers - "Crush" - S/T (Cold Crush)
12:34pm Gila Monster - "Stick Bastards" - Gila Monster / Pooh Sticks Split (SFTRI)
12:30pm Crystal Stilts - "Shake The Shackles" - In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland)
12:26pm Boyracer - "We Were Wrong" - In Full Colour (Zero Hour)
12:17pm La Sera - "Hour of the Dawn" - Hour of the Dawn (Hardly Art)
12:13pm My Bloody Valentine - "Don't Ask Why" - Glider EP (Creation)
12:10pm The Proper Ornaments - "Gone" - Wooden Head (Slumberland)
12:06pm Helium - "Honeycomb" - The Dirt of Luck (Matador)
12:00pm Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - "Souvenir" - Architecture & Morality (Dinidisc)
2:54pm Orca Team - "Vancouver BC" - Vancouver BC (HHBTM)
2:51pm La La Vasquez - "Why?" - Buoy (M'Lady's)
2:44pm Rain Parade - "Talking In My Sleep" - Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (Enigma)
2:40pm Young Marble Giants - "Wurlitzer Jukebox" - Collosal Youth (Rough Trade)
2:35pm Allo Darlin' - "When You Were Mine" - Capricornia (Fortuna Pop!)
2:33pm Grass Widow - "Disappearing Industries" - Grass Widow / Nature Split (m'lady's)
2:32pm Childbirth - "Will You Be My Mom?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)