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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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11:28am Another Sunny Day - "I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist" - Air Balloon Road (Sarah Records)
11:23am Make Up - "Gospel 2000" - Sound Verite (K)
11:20am The Aquadolls - "Woah Man" - Stoked On You (Burger)
11:17am Colleen Green - "TV" - I Want To Grow Up (Hardly Art)
11:15am Cub - "Your Bed" - Your Bed (Mint)
11:08am The Go-Betweens - "Cattle and Cane" - G Stands for Go-Betweens (Domino)
11:05am Veronica Falls - "If You Still Want Me" - Waiting For Something To Happen (Slumberland)
11:02am Galaxie 500 - "Tugboat" - Today (Rough Trade)
11:00am The Aquadolls - "Woah Man" - Stoked On You (Burger)
10:57am Anna Calvi - "The Devil" - S/T (Domino)
10:54am Makthaverskan - "Asleep" - II (Luxury)
10:45am Darlings - "Always Remember" - Feel Better (Wild Canary)
10:44am Ciccone Youth - "Me & Jill" - The Whitey Album (Geffen)
10:39am ESG - "Dance" - A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound)
10:34am Life Without Buildings - "The Leanover" - Any Other City (DC/Baltimore)
10:31am Mourn - "Silver Gold" - S/T (Captured Tracks)
10:28am Evans The Death - "Terrified" - Expect Delays (Slumberland)
2:58pm Evans The Death - "Don't Laugh At My Angry Face" - Expect Delays (Slumberland)
2:53pm La Luz - "Call Me In The Day" - It's Alive (Hardly Art)
2:51pm Hardly Boys - "Sure As Spring" - Sure As Spring (S/R)
2:48pm The Mantles - "Undelivered" - Memory (Slumberland)
2:46pm Scully - "Mother's Sighin'" - Scully / Las Rosas Split CS (That Summer Feeling)
2:44pm Kissing Party - "New Glue" - Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time It Was Suffocating (Hot Congress)
2:41pm Darlings - "Always Remember" - Feel Better (Wild Canary)
2:32pm Makthaverskan - "Asleep" - II (Luxury)
2:29pm Sweater Girls - "Haven't Got A Clue" - Sweater Girls Were Here ... (HHBTM)
2:27pm Star Tropics - "Swept Away" - Summer Rain b/w Swept Away (S/R)
2:23pm La Bien Querida - "De Momento Abril" - Space Escapade Unit 1 (Elefant)
2:20pm Reina Republicana - "Mar Diamante" - Clonidina (Federación De Universos Pop)
2:07pm Blueboy - "The Joy of Living" - Unisex (Widely)
2:04pm Pale Spectres - "Helen of Troy" - Helen of Troy (Little Treasure)
2:02pm Pony Time - "Go Find Your Own" - Go Find Your Own (Per Se)
1:57pm Nite Fields - "Fill The Void" - Depersonalisation (Felte)
1:52pm The Go-Betweens - "As Long As That" - G Stands for Go-Betweens (Domino)
1:42pm Katie The Pest - "Pretty Special" - This Giant Will Kill You (XOXO)
1:39pm Procedure Club - "Rather" - Doomed Forever (Slumberland)
1:36pm Colleen Green - "Grind My Teeth" - I Want To Grow Up (Hardly Art)
1:34pm The Choo Choo Trains - "The Most Beautiful Boy" - I Choo-Choo-Choose You (Manic Pop!)
1:25pm PUPS - "PEI" - S/T (S/R)
1:23pm The Softies - "Lambretta Boy" - He'll Never Have To Know (K)
1:20pm Tiger Trap - "Supercrush" - Supercrush (K)
1:17pm Go Sailor - "Long Distance" - S/T (Lookout!)
1:15pm Rose Melberg - "Mr. Spaceman" - Portola (Double Agent)
1:07pm Street Eaters - "Empty Rooms" - Blood ... Muscles:: Bones (Nervous Intent)
1:03pm Plume - "Slower" - Demo (S/R)
12:57pm Black Sabbath - "Junior's Eyes" - Never Say Die (WB)
12:54pm Mourn - "Silver Gold" - S/T (Captured Tracks)
12:45pm The Aquadolls - "So High" - Stoked On You (Burger)
12:43pm Tacocat - "Spring Break-Up" - Take Me To Your Dealer (Hardly Art)
12:39pm Younger Lovers - "Rock Flawless / Something That It's Not" - Rock Flawless (Bachelor)