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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:52pm My Bloody Valentine - "Instrumental No 1" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:48pm My Bloody Valentine - "Instrumental No 2" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:44pm My Bloody Valentine - "Map Reference 41 N 93 W" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:40pm My Bloody Valentine - "Angle" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:36pm My Bloody Valentine - "How Do You Do It" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:27pm My Bloody Valentine - "Sugar" - Peel Sessions And Rare Tracks (MBV)
2:24pm Flowers - "Cut And Run" - Early Demos (S/R)
2:21pm The Great Depression - "Purple Skirt" - Sux (S/R)
2:19pm Bad Daddies - "We Never Will" - Bad Daddies / Hard Left Split 7" (Emotional Response)
2:17pm Sheer Mag - "Sit And Cry" - What You Want (Wilsun's)
2:15pm Boyracer - "Twisted Love" - We Are Made of the Same Wood (Slumberland)
2:13pm The Faintest Ideas - "Nothing Will Ever Happen" - What Goes Up Must Calm Down (Magic Marker)
2:06pm Tiger Tape - "Om Jag Gar Sonder" - Borde Slappa En Bomb Over Slussen Ikvall (Lo And Behold)
2:03pm The Andersen Tapes - "The Problem Is The Solution" - Smartypants (Cloudberry)
2:00pm Seapony - "Follow" - Falling (Hardly Art)
1:58pm Eternal Summers - "Play Dead" - Gold And Stone (Kanine)
1:55pm Fat Tulips - "You Opened My Eyes" - Early Years EP (Sunday)
1:52pm Mac McCaughan - "Your Hologram" - Non-Believers (Merge)
1:43pm Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen (Unicorn Power / Dark Beach)
1:40pm The Tsunamis - "Cry Baby" - Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)
1:38pm Les Guitares - "Spatial Show" - Guitar Mood (not on label)
1:34pm Unrest - "Shag" - Kustom Karnal Blackxploitation (Caroline)
1:32pm Evans The Death - "Sledgehammer" - Expect Delays (Slumberland)
1:29pm Eux Autres - "Queen Turner" - Broken Bow (Bons Mots)
1:26pm The Smiths - "I Won't Share You" - Strangeways, Here We Come (Sire)
1:19pm Mrs Kipling - "Human After All" - Sunny Sunday Smile (Sunday)
1:16pm Girls Names - "Bury Me" - Dead To Me (Slumberland)
1:13pm Young Marble Giants - "Brand - New - Life" - Colossal Youth (Rough Trade)
1:07pm Death And The Maiden - "Skulls" - Death And The Maiden (Fishrider)
12:57pm Exuma - "Exuma, The Obeah Man" - Exuma (TRC)
12:54pm Guantanamo Baywatch - "Sea Of Love" - Darling ... It's Too Late (Suicide Squeeze)
12:51pm Uh Bones - "Amess" - Only You (Randy)
12:48pm Honey Bucket - "Wizard Mountain Pt. II" - New Operation (Metal Postcard)
12:42pm Doe - "Oh, Nostalgia!" - Summer 2013 Tape (Keroleen)
12:40pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Shampoo" - Peach Kelli Pop (Burger)
12:38pm Goodly Thousands - "I Wish" - Goodly Thousands (Shelflife)
12:35pm Nic Hessler - "Soon You'll See, Kristine" - Soft Connections (Captured Tracks)
12:33pm Holiday Flyer - "When Will I Ever Learn" - You Make Us Go (Darla)
2:53pm Star Tropics - "Swept Away" - Summer Rain b/w Swept Away (S/R)
2:51pm Brilliant Colors - "Never Mine" - Never Mine b/w Kissing's Easy (Slumberland)
2:49pm Habibi - "Misunderstood" - La Luz / Habibi Split 7" (Volcom)
2:48pm Pale Honey - "Lonesome" - Pale Honey (Instant)
2:45pm Lower Dens - "Company" - Escape From Evil (Ribbon)
2:43pm Pale Blue - "The Scars (reprise)" - The Past We Leave Behind (2 Mikes)
2:37pm Maxine Brown - "Ask Me" - Sultry Soul Sisters (Rhino)
2:33pm Dr Octagon - "Blue Flower (Automator's Remake Instrumental)" - Blue Flowers (Dreamworks)
2:29pm Photek - "Kineti" - Form and Function EP (Science)
2:26pm Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - "This Is Cult Jam" - With Full Force (Columbia)
2:22pm Liquid Liquid - "Push" - Successive Reflexes (99 Records)
2:15pm Chastity Belt - "Time To Go Home" - Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)