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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

Monday, June 24, 2013 - 9:00am - 12:00pm Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
3:00pm September Girls - "Gren Eyed" - Cursing The Sea (Fortuna Pop!)
2:58pm Contortions - "Controt Yourself" - Buy Contortions (ZE)
2:53pm Fellini - "Zum Zum Zazoeira" - The Sexual Life of the Savages (Soul Jazz)
2:50pm Burnt Palms - "Yours Tonight" - The Girl You Knew (WWNBB)
2:50pm September Girls - "Green Eyed" - Cursing The Sea (Fortuna Pop!)
2:47pm Liechtenstein - "A Monumental Plan" - Fast Forward (Fraction)
2:45pm Chalk Circle - "The Slap" - Reflection (Mississippi)
2:33pm Free Kitten - "Greener Pastures" - Nice Ass (Kill Rock Stars)
2:30pm OOIOO - "Atatawa" - Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
2:26pm White Lung - "Snake Jaw" - Deep Fantasy (Domino)
2:24pm Eddy Current Suppression Ring - "Yo-Yo Man" - S/T (Goner)
2:22pm Spook School - "The Cameraman" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
2:20pm Penny Machine - "I Was Born A Loser" - S/T (S/R)
2:19pm Childbirth - "Childbirth" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:59pm Tacocat - "Hey Girl" - NVM (Hardly Art)
1:56pm Pony Time - "Go Find Your Own" - Go Find Your Own (Per Se)
1:54pm Chastity Belt - "Full" - No Regerts (Help Yourself)
1:52pm Childbirth - "Will You Be My Mom?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:37pm Childbirth - "Crowlng At The Moon" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:35pm Lisa Prank - "Baby Let Me Write Your Lines" - Crush On The World (That Summer Feeling)
1:32pm Lisa Prank - "Why Can't We Just Dance" - Crush On The World (That Summer Feeling)
1:31pm Childbirth - "Will You Be My Mom?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:09pm Childbirth - "Sweet Pea" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:07pm Childbirth - "Sister Wives" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:05pm Childbirth - "I Only F'ed You As A Joke" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:00pm Childbirth Interview - -
12:56pm Gold Bears - "Death With Drums" - Dalliance (Slumberland)
12:55pm Girls At Our Best - "China Blue" - Pleasure (Happy Birthday)
12:51pm Fucked Up - "The Art of Patrons" - Glass Boys (Matador)
12:48pm Pins - "Velvet Morning" - Girls Like Us (Bella Union)
12:44pm Makthaverskan - "Volga" - II (Luxury)
12:40pm Essex Green - "By The Sea" - The Long Goodbye (Merge)
12:39pm The Memories - "Dream About You" - American Summer (Randy)
12:33pm Lower - "Craver" - Seek Warmer Climes (Matador)
12:28pm Black Future - "Eu Sou O Rio" - Nao Wave (Man Recordings Berlin)
12:24pm La Femme - "Antitaxi" - France Rocks (Bureauexport)
12:21pm La Sera - "10 Headed Goat Wizard" - Hour of The Dawn (Hardly Art)
12:16pm Craft Spells - "Nausea" - Nausea (Captured Tracks)
12:02pm Black Dice - "Skeleton" - Creature Comforts (DFA)
2:58pm The Clientele - "Porcelain" - Suburban Light (Merge)
2:55pm A Sunny Day in Glasgow - "The Body It Bends" - Sea When Absent (Lefse)
2:50pm My Favorite - "Burning Hearts" - The Kids Are All Wrong (Double Agent)
2:47pm Orca Team - "Behind Your Eyes" - Restraint (HHBTM)
2:45pm Nice Try - "No Good" - Convinced (Kingfisher Bluez)
2:39pm The Luxembourg Signal - "Distant Drive" - Distant Drive (Shelflife)
2:36pm Lost Tapes - "Poetry Dates" - Poetry Dates (Cloudberry)
2:34pm Trick Mammoth - "Baltimore" - Floristry (Fishrider)
2:32pm The Creakies - "Because You're Young" - Redwood EP (S/R)
2:29pm Tuff Love - "Sweet Discontent" - Junk EP (Lost Map)
2:26pm Nice Legs - "One" - Lullaby Land (Death Mountain Sound)
2:18pm Derek Bailey - "Aida" - Aida (Dexter's Cigar)
2:14pm DJ Qbert - "Redworm" - Wave Twisters (Galactic Butt Hair)
2:10pm Hieroglyphics - "At The Helm" - You Never Knew (Hieroglyphics Imperium)
2:07pm MC Lyte - "Cha Cha Cha" - Fly Girls! (Soul Jazz)
2:04pm Chain & The Gang - "Snakes On A Plane" - Cry Cry Cry (K)
2:02pm Tender Trap - "Oh Katrina" - Film Molecules (K)
1:58pm Bam!Bam! - "Out The Window" - Golden Haze 2 (HHBTM)
1:55pm Katie the Pest - "Spit It Out" - Other Cities, Other Girls (S/R)
1:46pm Childbirth - "How Do Girls Even Do It?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
1:44pm Tacocat - "Hey Girl" - NVM (Hardly Art)
1:41pm Pony Time - "Geordie" - Go Find Your Own (Per Se)
1:39pm Chastity Belt - "God Damn" - F*** Chastity Belt (S/R)
1:33pm King Kong Ding Dong - "Distant Drums" - Youth Culture Index (S/R)
1:29pm Craft Spells - "Nausea" - Nausea (Captured Tracks)
1:20pm Devon Williams - "Flowers" - Gilding The Lily (Slumberland)
1:19pm The Garlands - "Throw Away This Day" - S/T (Shelflife)
1:16pm La Sera - "Fall In Place" - Hour of the Dawn (Hardly Art)
1:13pm Flowers - "Young" - Do What You Want, It's What You Should (Fortuna Pop!)
1:10pm Makthaverskan - "Something More" - II (Luxury)
1:04pm Kissing Party - "Let's Face These Times" - The Hate Album (S/R)
1:00pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Jean-Paul Sartre" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
12:58pm The Spook School - "History" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
12:56pm Tiny Ruins - "Me at the Museum" - Brightly Painted One (Arch Hill / Flying Nun)
12:53pm Alanna McArdle - "Four Months" - S/T (S/R)
12:48pm Ides - "Prisms" - The Postcard Club (Art Is Hard)
12:42pm The Servants - "Fear Eats The Soul" - Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manques (Captured Tracks)
12:38pm Magazine - "The Light Pours Out Of Me" - Real Life (Virgin)
12:34pm Chance - "Samba Do Morro" - Nao Wave (Man Recordings Berlin)
12:30pm The Space Lady - "Synthesize Me" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
12:27pm Beet Happening - "Our Carrot" - S/T (S/R)
12:19pm Sourpatch - "Cynthia Ann" - Stagger & Fade (HHBTM)
12:17pm Imaginary Pants - "Creaking Gates" - Kites At Night EP (Lost Sound Tapes)
12:15pm Tomorrows Tulips - "Untitled" - Eternally Teenage (Galaxia)
12:11pm My Bloody Valentine - "Thorn" - You Made Me Realise (Creation)
12:07pm Wedding Present - "Kennedy" - Bizarro (BMG)
12:02pm Gold-Bears - "Hey, Sophie" - Dalliance (Slumberland)
8:58pm Les Lutins - "Girl" - Best of Les Lutins (Disques Du Monde)
8:56pm Verlaines - "Death and the Maiden" - Juvenilia (Flying Nun / Captured Tracks)
8:52pm Thee Headcoatees - "Melvin" - Girlsville (Hangman)
8:50pm Childbirth - "How Do Girls Even Do It?" - It's A Girl! (Help Yourself)
8:40pm La Luz - "It's Alive" - It's Alive (Hardly Art)
8:39pm Orca Team - "If..." - Restraint (HHBTM)
8:36pm Liechtenstein - "Memories" - Fast Forward (Fraction)
8:32pm Lush - "Lit Up" - Split (4AD)
8:30pm Pinky Promise - "Standing Still" - S/T (S/R)
8:20pm Reina Republicana - "Si Esta Bien" - Un Viaje Por Los Planetas
8:16pm Fear of Men - "Waterfall" - Loom (Kanine)
8:14pm The Fireworks - "Today" - Today (Shelflife)
8:10pm And Gone - "From You From Me" - Home Recordings 2012 (S/R)
8:05pm The Fall - "An Older Lover" - Slates (Fall)