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What you hear is only most of what you get; requests, mostly of the rockin' kind, are incredibly welcome. It's opinion scattered among caffeinated punk, hip-hop, ska, country, rap, rockabilly and practically anything else thrown at the listeners like so much rotten, yet strange, fruit. Run-on sentences are a way of life!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:55am Steven Wright - "Ice" - I Have A Pony (Warner)
8:49am Pink Lincolns - "I've Got My Tie On" - Back From The Pink Room (Greedy Bastard)
8:47am Clash - "Career Opportunities" - Hits Back (Epic)
8:44am Devo - "Working In The Coal Mine" - Heavy Metal OST (Full Moon)
8:40am Blotto - "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" - Hello My Name Is Blotto! What's Yours? (Blotto)
8:38am King Missile - "Take Stuff From Work" - Dog Fly Religion (Shimmy Disc)
8:32am David Allan Coe - "Take This Job And Shove It" - The Essential (Columbia)
8:28am Loretta Lynn - "Happy Birthday" - Greatest Hits (MCA)
8:25am Drunken Prayer - "The Champagne Of Tears" - The Devil And The Blues (Fluff & Gravy)
8:22am Crying Time - "One Of These Songs" - Ten Golden Hits (Wisconsin Chair Co.)
8:19am Dale Watson - "Heaven's Gonna Have A Honky Tonk" - Call Me Insane (Red House)
8:13am Chuck Wagon And The Wheels - "Red Hot Women And Ice Cold Beer" - Red Hot Women And Ice Cold Beer (Wagon Tracks)
8:10am ZZ Top - "Beer Drinkin and Hell Raisin" - Tres Hombres (Warner)
8:06am CJ Ramone - "Three Angels" - Reconquista (Pirates Press)
8:03am Manic Hispanic - "New Rosa" - The Menudo Incident (BYO)
8:00am Damned - "Neat Neat Neat" - Damned Damned Damned (Frontier)
7:56am Moira Scar - "Nina Dantor" - Psychoid EP (Cochon)
7:50am Toiling Midgets - "So He Sayeth" - A Smaller Life (Full Contact)
7:46am Coathangers - "Zombie" - Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
7:42am Nina Hagen Band - "Unbeschreiblich" - Nina Hagen Band (CBS)
7:30am Dave Douglas - "Molten Sunset" - High Risk (Greenleaf)
7:28am DJ Female Convict Scorpion - "Contemplating Elinore's Betrayal" - Wizards (S/R)
7:26am Brycon - "Who'll Be First?" - The Adventures Of Whoopin Crane Parts I-III (Megakut)
7:22am Dru Down - "Baby Bubba (with Bootsy Collins)" - Baby Bubba (Relativity)
7:18am Toots & The Maytals (with Bootsy Collins - "Funky Kingston (with Bootsy Collins and The Roots)" - True Love (V2)
7:15am Ethiopians - "The Whip" - The Whip/Cool It Amigo (Treasure Isle)
7:05am Nun - "Uri Geller/Cronenberg" - Nun (Aarght)
7:01am Nick Thune - "Live at UCB Theater, Los Angeles 2006" - Comedy Death Ray (Comedy Central)
6:56am Siouxsie & the Banshees - "Carcass" - The Peel Sessions- The Second Session (Strange Fruit)
6:52am Stiffs Inc. - "Chelsea" - Nix, Nought, Nothing (American)
6:50am Desaparecidos - "Golden Parachutes" - Payola (Epitaph)
6:43am Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends - "Palpable Disdain" - The Enemy Of Everyone (Seismic Wave)
6:40am Gizmos - "Human Garbage Disposal" - The Gizmos World Tour 2014 (Gulcher)
6:36am Hanoi Rocks - "Beer And A Cigarette" - Malibu Beach (Lick)
6:34am Bite - "Cliff Diving (Naked On Acid)" - Cliff Diving (Hella Mad)
6:32am Ramones - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" - Ramones (Rhino)
6:22am Cherushii - "Moonflower Galaxy" - Memory Of Water (100% Silk)
6:18am Dday One - "At The Village Gate" - Heavy Migration (Content (L)abel)
6:00am Isaac Hayes - "Walk On By" - Hot Buttered Soul (Enterprise)
8:57am La Luz - "Don't Wanna Be Anywhere" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
8:54am Team America: World Police - "America Fuck Yeah! (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (KALX)
8:49am Clash - "Overpowered by Funk" - Combat Rock (Epic)
8:46am Ice Cube & Mack 10 - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (KALX)
8:40am Coup - "5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO" - Party Music (75 Ark)
8:33am Andre Nickatina - "Crack Raider Razor" - Raven In My Eyes (Dogday)
8:28am Patton Oswalt - "Track 1 (UCB Theater, Los Angeles)" - Comedy Death Ray (Comedy Central)
8:23am Black Flag - "Annihilate This Week" - Loose Nut (SST)
8:20am Brown Spiders - "It's Something To Do" - It's Something To Do (HoZac)
8:17am Dog Party - "Dead Guy" - Vol. 4 (Asian Man)
8:12am La Plebe - "Siempre Unidos" - Brazo En Brazo (Kool Arrow)