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Rockin' the joint with punk, r&b, garage, rockabilly, soul & jazz.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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8:56pm jerry lee lewis - "promised land" - rock & roll time (vanguard)
8:55pm the real kids - "all night boppin'" - shake...outta control (ace of hearts)
8:53pm ben hughes - "sack" - rock n roll fever (specialty)
8:48pm spazzys - "the sunshine drive" - aloha! go bananas (shock)
8:45pm jook - "bish bash bosh" - jook rule (sing sing)
8:43pm the black diamonds - "see the way" - hot generation (big beat)
8:40pm richard and the young lions - "nasty" - nasty (philips)
8:38pm guitar junior - "oo wee baby" - the crawl (charly)
8:35pm billy boy arnold - "rockinitis" - vee-jay cd sampler (vee jay)
8:32pm jack skuller - "can you see me" - can you see me (mint 400)
8:27pm mary monday - "popgun" - i gave my punk jacket to rickie (hozac)
8:24pm the revillos - "scuba scuba" - scuba scuba (vinyl japan)
8:19pm pizzicato five - "mon amour tokyo" - happy end of the world (matador)
8:17pm reiko mari - "saike na machi" - nippon girls 2 (big beat)
8:15pm the lovejoys - "he ain't no angel" - the apollos: absolutely right (ace)
8:13pm kenny bernard - "ain't no soul (left in these ole shoes)" - dance like the devil (sequel)
8:04pm blaire alise and the bombshells - "i got something" - for my darlin' (s/r)
8:01pm buster - "beautiful child" - glam-o-rama vol. 2 (kiss kiss)
7:58pm games - "little elise" - little elise (hozac)
7:56pm jimmy jukebox (kim fowley) - "motor boat" - boobs (rpm)
7:54pm redd kross with astrid mcdonald - "pop show" - researching the blues (merge)
7:52pm barney kessel (with the blossoms) - "tv commercials" - darlene love: anthology (ace)
7:49pm dinah washington - "t.v. is the thing this year" - a slick chick on the mellow side (mercury)
7:41pm james williamson with lisa kekaula - "i got a right" - re-licked (leopard lady)
7:38pm baby blue - "i want you dead" - i don't like sex (king)
7:34pm crime - "murder by guitar" - murder by guitar (supu)
7:31pm dave bartholomew - "the monkey" - the monkey (imperial)
7:28pm tjiros - "this night forever" - koreasae areba (galactic)
7:25pm lord luther - "(i was a) teenage creature" - i am the lord (ace)
7:21pm joseph "google eyes" august - "i cried" - jump n shout (delmark)
7:15pm lime spiders - "out of control" - tales from the australian underground vol. 2 (shock)
7:12pm jetboys - "seven day weekend" - valley of the tokyo dolls (discus)
7:10pm a.j. davilla y terror amor - "puma, party, cero prisa" - beibi (burger)
7:08pm roy tyson - "oh what a night for love" - doo wop underground (burning airlines)
7:06pm the cats & the fiddle - "public jitterbug #1" - killin' jive (dee jay jamboree)
7:03pm the barberettes - "kukerichoo" - #1 (mirrorball)
6:55pm the quick - "pretty please" - untold rock stories (rev ola)
6:51pm fastbacks - "on the wall" - answer the phone dummy (sub pop)
6:48pm poni-camp - "give me up" - lop eared pop star (loft)
6:45pm cozy - "kiss me dummy" - button by button (hozac)
6:43pm ray campi - "my screamin' screaming' mimi" - domino records story (ace)
6:40pm barbara pittman - "i need a man" - good girls gone bad (ace)
6:35pm the cry - "seventeen" - dangerous game (top shelf)
6:33pm the rubinoos - "that thing you do" - 45 (pynotic)
6:31pm r. dean taylor - "there's a ghost in my house" - best northern soul all-nighter ever (virgin)
6:28pm charles thomas - "man with the golden touch" - after hours 2 (warner)
6:26pm diana king - "that kind of love" - girls on 45 vol. 3 (teensville)
6:23pm jan berry - "the universal coward" - jan & dean : complete liberty singles (collector's choice)
6:20pm alan klein - "age of corruption" - well at least it's british (rpm)
6:16pm sonny vincent - "consent of the king" - cyanide consommme (big neck)