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Rockin' the joint with punk, r&b, garage, rockabilly, soul & jazz.

Monday, March 26, 2012 - 9:30pm - 11:59pm Saturday, August 2, 2014 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
9:12pm the rubinoos - "ronnie" - everything you always wanted to know about the rubinoos (sanctuary)
8:53pm the rubinoos - "interview" -
8:50pm the rubinoos - "rock and roll is dead" - everything you always wanted to know about the rubinoos (sanctuary)
8:20pm the rubinoos - "live at KALX" - mack presents the rubinoos live at the kalx lounge (no label)
8:18pm the rubinoos - "hurts too much" - everything you always wanted to know (sanctuary)
2:58pm space lady - "shakin' all over" - space lady's greatest hits (night school)
2:54pm dave alvin & phil alvin - "how you wanit it done?" - common ground (yep rock)
2:51pm emmett miller - "i ain't got nobody" - the minstrel man of georgia (legacy)
2:47pm the contours - "shake everything you got" - dance with the contours (kent)
2:44pm wayne cochran - "goin' back to miami" - goin' back to miami (ace)
2:41pm king salami and the cumberland three - "trubble trubble" - cookin' up a party (off the hip)
2:36pm slade - "get down with it" - slade alive (polydor)
2:30pm nikki hill - "whole lotta rosie" - live-blues city deli : st. louis (no label)
2:27pm nikki hill - "ask yourself" - here's nikki hill (deep fryed)
2:21pm dex romweber duo - "beyond the moonlight" - images 13 (bloodshot)
2:18pm masaaki hirao - "ooh my soul" - nippon rock n roll (big beat)
2:16pm vince taylor - "my baby left me" - jet black leather machine (ace)
2:14pm the visitors - "let's have some fun" - s/t (citadel)
2:11pm ross o'donovan - "i want to live in a house" - starstruck (a&m)
2:09pm ian rubbish and the bizzaros - "maggie thatcher" - s/t (fred armisen 6)
2:07pm miki berenyi with hard skin - "you still here?" - why do birds suddenly appear (jt classics)
2:01pm the rivals - "she's mine" - jerk boom bam vol. 1 (boom bam)
1:58pm the dynamites - "tunnel to heaven" - sixties japnese garage psych sampler (bamboo)
1:54pm randy twizzle (jerry lanning) - "the twizzle" - dick van dyke show (no label)
1:52pm margarita sierra - "cha cha twist" - chicas (vampi soul)
1:49pm the paley brothers - "here comes my baby" - complete recordings (real gone music)
1:45pm lush - "i wanna be your girlfriend" - topolino (4ad)
1:43pm the rubinoos - "hit the nerve" - everything you always wanted to know about the rubinoos (sanctuaray)
1:36pm jerry coulston - "cave man hop" - bay area rockers (ace)
1:34pm the avengers - "be a cave man" - highs in the mid sixties vol. 1 (archive international)
1:32pm sonny knight and his fabulous lakers - "cave man" - i'm still here (secret stash)
1:30pm tommy steele and the steelmen - "rock with the caveman" - rock you sinners (rev-ola)
1:27pm jim backus - "cave man" - weirdsville (monsieur)
1:25pm the micragirls - "queen of the cavemen" - feeling dizzy honey? (bone voyage)
1:22pm the pandoras - "i want my caveman" - it's about time (voxx)
1:20pm billy ward and his dominoes - "cave man" - cave man (federal)
1:13pm the dahlmanns - "i love you baby (but i hate your friends)" - s/t (pop detective)
1:10pm the new trocaderos - "the kids" - money talks (uncle mike's rnr)
1:07pm palmyra delran & bubble gun - "run now baby" - run now baby (9 volt jolt)
1:04pm andy shernoff - "skeptical" - on the first day, man created god (yazoo squelch audio society)
1:02pm pete seeger - "hallelujah, i'm a bum" - american favorite ballads vol. 4 (smithsonian folkways)
12:59pm maurice chevalier - "just a bum" - this is maurice chevalier (rca)
12:52pm the strypes - "hometown girls" - snapshot (island)
12:49pm len price 3 - "my grandad jim" - nobody knows (jlm)
12:47pm lone star - "mi generacion" - los nuggetz (rock beat)
12:45pm makin' time - "i know what you're thinking" - rhythm (big beat)
12:42pm bonny st. claire - "i surrender" - le beat bespoke (sanctuary)
12:40pm chris clark - "love's gone bad" - the motown collection (motown)
12:37pm wendy rene - "he hasn't failed me yet" - after laughter comes tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles and Rarities 1964-65 (light in the attic)
12:31pm teenage head - "ain't got no sense" - s/t (other peoples music)
12:27pm les breastfeeders - "le roi est nu" - les matins de grands soirs (blow the fuse)
12:23pm tranzmitors - "dancing in the front row" - busy singles (deranged)
12:20pm shane fenton and the fentones - "i'm a moody guy" - i'm a moody guy (see for miles)
12:18pm the fabulettes - "screamin' and shoutin'" - wigan casino soul (charly)
12:15pm little esther phillips - "hollerin' & screamin'" - midnight at the barrelhouse (jsp)
12:12pm nick curran - "rocker" - reform school girl (eclecto)
12:09pm the bishops - "what's your number" - crosscuts (chiswick)
12:07pm jerry byrne - "lights out" - rock & roll fever (specialty)
12:04pm jackie shane - "new way of lovin'" - live at the sapphire tavern (rock & roll)
12:02pm candy and the kisses - "smokey joe's" - do the 81 (castle)
12:00pm johnny hawksworth orch. - "lunar walk" - avengers and other top sixties tv themes (sequel)
11:54pm zukunasi - "we sing one voice" - sing (zuku74)
11:48pm warm soda - "violent blue" - someone for you (castle face)
11:46pm the 45s - "it ain't over" - it ain't over (heavy soul)
11:44pm suzi chunk - "girl from the neck down" - girl from the neck down (state )
11:41pm jack skuller - "tell me your heart" - tell me your heart (s/r)
11:38pm the mavericks - "lies" - in time (valory)
11:34pm pirate's canoe - "sailor song" - sailing home (on the corner)
11:27pm deniz tek - "i'm all right" - detroit (career)
11:24pm the nomads - "miles away" - solna (career)
11:21pm the rocktigers - "haunted" - shut up and deal (tiger)
11:19pm deke dickerson - "i've lived a lot in my time" - echosonic eldorado (major label)
11:17pm joel paterson - "speedin' north" - handful of strings (ventrella)
11:07pm iggy and the stooges - "burn" - ready to die (fat possum)
11:04pm iggy and the stooges - "penetration (alt version)" - etiqueta negra de lugo (boca del rey)
11:00pm jim jones revue - "where da money go?" - the savage heart (punk rock blues)
10:57pm waves of fury - "businessmans' guide to witchcraft" - thirst (alive natural sound)
10:53pm the relatives - "let your light shine" - the electric word (yep roc)
10:49pm charles bradley - "confusion" - victim of love (daptone)
10:43pm king salami and the cumberland three - "watch your mouth" - cookin up a party (dirty water)
10:40pm oblivians - "call the police" - desperation (in the red)
10:37pm zukunasi - "time trip" - sing (zuku74)
10:34pm nikki hill - "i've got a man" - here's nikki hill (deep fryed)
10:32pm ed pauling and the royalton - "solid rock" - r&b hipshakers vol. 3 (vampi soul)
10:30pm tico and the triumphs - "motorcycle" - two teenagers - paul simon & art garfunkel (jasmine)
10:28pm the angelos - "bad motorcycle" - boys can be mean (charly)
10:21pm the strypes - "hometown girls" - snapshot (virgin)
10:19pm cyanide pills - "dance with you" - still bored (damaged goods)
10:16pm palmyra delran - "lies for you" - you are what you absorb (apex east)
10:13pm king khan and the shrines - "born to die" - idle no more (merge)
10:10pm maurice mckinnies & the champions - "sock-a-poo-poo '69" - twin cities funk and soul (secret stash)
10:07pm ty wagner - "soul exercise" - misery train (ugly things)
10:03pm josy - "yeah! yeah! yeah!" - to the light (josy)
9:57pm first base - "you can come over" - s/t (hozac)
9:54pm ana lucia - "mad man" - s/t (ramo)
9:51pm the hollyberries - "boards & bikinis rule (down at malibu)" - i wanna go surfin' with santa (freakbeat)
9:48pm the paley brothers - "boomerang" - the complete recordings (real gone music)
9:44pm lisa mychols - "make believe" - above, beyond & in between (vandalay)
9:42pm la la brooks - "a boy like you" - all or nothing (norton)
9:35pm glitz - "innosense" - it's glitz (grazer)