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"Radio has helped to make people fixated on one particular kind of a sound and one particular kind of a style. And, a lot of people today, since music education is virtually nonexistent in public schools, they don't even know what they've been missing in terms of music from other cultures, music from America from other periods, (and) different styles. You may not like it all, but if you don't even know that it exists, how are you going to make up your mind?" - Frank Zappa

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
8:53pm Moths and Locusts - "Theme from the Zombie Ants" - Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse (Noisemayhemagony)
8:50pm Ornette Coleman - "Hauser and O'Brien/Bugpowder" - Naked Lunch Soundtrack (Milan)
8:48pm New Age Steppers - "Mandarin" - Massive Hits Volume 1 (On-U Sound)
8:45pm New Jersey Laptop Orchestra - "Stay Awake" - The Willingness to be Touched (Terra Nova)
8:42pm Damaged Bug - "Eggs at Night" - Hubba Bubba (Castle Face)
8:35pm Coathangers - "Smother" - Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
8:31pm New York Dolls - "Jet Boy" - S/T (Mercury)
8:29pm New York Loose - "Monolith Kids" - Loosen Up! (Flipside)
8:26pm Dry Heeves - "Curly Headed Mermaid" - Boogie Till Ya Puke (S/R)
8:23pm Insect Surfers - "Sea Scorpion" - Infra Green (Marlin)
8:20pm Ron Nagle - "61 Clay" - Bad Rice (Warner Bros.)
8:15pm Oliver Nelson - "Dumpy Mama" - Skull Session (Flying Dutchman)
8:10pm Conlon Nancarrow - "Study No. 20" - Complete Studies for Player Piano (Arch)
8:05pm Hilllary Herndon - "Fernande Dercruck's Sonata for Violin and Piano, 1943, 1. Tres Modere, Expressif" - La Viola (MSR Classics)
8:01pm Roumi Petrova - "Monk and His Servant" - Enchanted Rhythms, Cello Music from Bulgaria (MSR)
7:55pm Radiohead - "Knives Out" - Amnesiac (Capitol)
7:51pm Ohio Players - "Runnin from the Devil" - Fire (Mercury)
7:47pm Dave Edmunds - "Readers Wives" - Tracks on Wax (Swan Song)
7:44pm Tonio K - "One Big (Happy) Family" - Amerika (Arista/Profile)
7:41pm Barclay James Harvest - "Polk Street Rag" - Octoberon (MCA)
7:38pm Bessie Smith - "Dyin' By the Hour" - The Empress (Columbia)
7:33pm Stefan Wesolowski - "Ostinato" - Liebestod (Important)
7:30pm Residents - "Amber" - Commercial Album (Ralh)
7:27pm Nearly God - "Bubbles" - S/T (Island)
7:24pm Ohmega Watts - "Elementary" - Pieces of a Dream (Mellow Orange)
7:21pm Chimurenga Renaissance - "The BAD is so Good" - Rize Vadzimu Rize (Brick Lane)
7:13pm Guess Who - "Undun" - The Best of the Guess Who (RCA)
7:10pm Rafter - "Christina 1981" - It's Reggae (Asthmatic Kitty)
7:05pm Tones on Tail - "Twist" - The Album Pop (PVC)
7:02pm Colin Newman - "Truculent Yet" - Not To (4AD)
6:58pm Wazmo Nariz - "Luncheonette Lovers" - Things Aren't Right (Illegal Art)
6:55pm Yoga - "Wagion" - Megafauna (Holy Mountain)
6:52pm Laurie Spiegel - "Appalachian Grove 1" - New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media (Arch)
6:49pm The Recendents - "Bon Appetit" - Nato (Habada)
6:44pm Nice Nice - "Double Head" - Extra Wow (Warp)
6:39pm DRMS - "Alchemy" - American 707 (S/R)
6:32pm Najma - "Neend Koyi" - Qareeb (Shanachie)
6:28pm Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis - "Dalina" - S/T (Rock Paper Scissors)
6:24pm Bindrakhia - "Geetan Da Guidasta" - Immortal Bhangra (Dynamite Productions)
6:20pm Adnan Joubran - "Beat The Dream" - Musiques Actualles (Harmonia Mundi)
6:14pm Truckstop Honeymoon - "Running Like a Child" - The Madness of Happiness (Squirrel)
6:10pm Randy Newman - "Ghosts" - Born Again (Warner Bros.)
6:07pm Kris Kristofferson - "Stoney Cold Ground" - Ned Kelly OST (United Artists)
6:02pm Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff - "Out Canning Factory Roar" - Melodies for a Savage Fix (Imprec)
8:55pm Romanowski - "Ghost Rider (La Chi Chi Remix)" - The Return of Steady Rocking Romanowski and Friends (Trouser Trout)
8:51pm Motherhead Bug - "Pinola" - Zambodia (Pow Wow)
8:48pm Moondog - "Imagine" - Moondog II (Columbia)
8:46pm Henry Mancini - "March of the Cue Balls" - Mr. Lucky OST (RCA Victor)
8:44pm Mucca Pazza - "Touch the Police" - Safety Fifth (Electric Cowbell)
8:41pm Abe Ellstein Orchestra - "Die Goldene Khasene" - Music from the Yiddish Radio Project (Shanachie)
8:38pm Fanfare Zambaleta - "Zv'jezda Tjera Mjeseca" - S/T (S/R)
8:30pm New Order - "Ultraviolence" - Power Corruption & Lies (Factory)
8:27pm My Favorite - "Badge" - Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial (Double Agent)
8:24pm Bile Sister - "Wasted Crochet (ft. Stacey Sproule & Natural Thirst)" - Faucet (Healing Power)
8:20pm Supreme Cuts - "Faded" - Divine Ecstasy (Dovecote)
8:14pm Idris Muhammed - "Boogie to the Top" - One with a Star (Kudu)
8:10pm The Brothers Johnson - "Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks" - Look out for #1 (A & M)
8:05pm Maurice Brown - "Misunderstood Pt. 2" - Mobetta (Brown)
8:01pm Biz Markie - "Me Versus Me" - The Biz Never Sleeps (Cold Chillin')
7:55pm L7 - "Fast & Frightening" - Smell the Magic (Sub Pop)
7:51pm New Model Army - "Christian Militia" - Vengeance (JCI & Associates)
7:48pm Ben Folds Five - "Uncle Walter" - S/T (Passenger)
7:45pm Family - "See Through Windows" - Music in a Doll's House (Reprise)
7:42pm Jacques Brel - "Mon Pere Desait" - 67 (Barclay)
7:39pm Paul Frees and the Money Men - "The Money Cat (Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg)" - Gay Purr-ee OST (Warner Bros.)
7:32pm Esquille - "Musica Electronica" - Rock this Club Down (S/R)
7:27pm Neneh Cherry - "Dossier" - Blank Project (Smalltown Supersound)
7:23pm Mstrkrft - "Vuvuvu" - Fist of God (Dim Mak)
7:20pm Liars - "Mess on a Mission" - Mess (Mute)
7:13pm Musicians of the National Dance Company of Cambodia - "Nor Kor Reach" - Homrong (Real World)
7:09pm Shakti with John McLaughlin - "Bridge of Sighs" - Natural Elements (Columbia)
7:05pm David Murray Octet - "Ming" - Ming (Black Saint)
7:02pm Carmen McRae - "You Made Me Care" - The Finest of (Bethlehem)
6:59pm Linnea Olsson - "Guilt" - Ah! (S/R)
6:56pm Mary Gauthier - "Our Lady of the Shooting Stars" - Live at the Blue Rock (In the Black)
6:50pm Motions - "I've Waited So Long1" - Introduction To... (Pseudonym)
6:48pm Elton Motello - "Get the Guy" - Victim of Time (Attic)
6:46pm Mud - "Talahassee Lassie" - Mud Rock V. 2 (Beat Goes On)
6:43pm Mott The Hoople - "Midnight Lady" - Rock and Roll Queen (Atlantic)
6:40pm Elliot Murphy - "Poise N Pen" - Aquashow (Polydor)
6:37pm Ages and Ages - "Light Goes Out" - Divisionary (Partisan)
6:30pm Ibibio Sound Machine - "I'm Running" - S/T (Soundway)
6:27pm Pablo Moses - "A Step Before Hell" - Pave the Way (Young Tree)
6:24pm Mutabaruka - "Angola Invasion" - Check It! (Ras)
6:20pm Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - "It's So Sorry" - Libation (Cumbancha)
6:12pm Muslimgauze - "Red Crescent Pt. 1" - United States of Islam (Extreme)
6:08pm Musci/Venosta - "Mean-Men-Song" - A Noise, A Sound (ReR Megacorp)
6:04pm Mouse on Mars - "Yippie" - Niun Niggung (Thrill Jockey)
6:00pm Ilum Sphere - "It'll Be Over Soon" - Ghosts of Then and Now (Ninja Tune)
8:53pm Illusion of Safety - "Roller Coaster" - Surrender (No Part of It)
8:47pm Helix - "Does a Fool Ever Learn" - No Rest for the Wicked (EMI)
8:44pm Frank Zappa - "Dancin' Fool" - Sheik Yerbouti (Zappa)
8:40pm Xiu Xiu - "Adult Friends" - Angel Gluts: Red Classroom (Polyvinyl)
8:36pm Liars - "Mess on a Mission" - Mess (Mute)
8:32pm Secret Chiefs 3 - "Assassin's Blade" - First Grand Constitution and Bylaws (Amarillo)
8:28pm Debruit and Alsarah - "Khartoum" - Aljawal (Soundway)
8:00pm Aaron Holm and Matthew Felton - "Tracks 1-4" - Transitions Seattle (Diss)
7:55pm Christopher TIgnor - "The Listening Machines" - Thunder Lay Down in the Heart (Western Vinyl)
7:50pm Robert Palmer - "Which One of Us is the Fool?" - Pressure Drop (Island)
7:47pm Prince Jazzbo - "Fool for Love" - Studio One Soul V. 2 (Soul Jazz)