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One hour of whatever the DJ wants to play. Hear their passion. Every other Thursday night / Friday morning from midnight to 1 am.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12:00am - 1:00am

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These times are shown in Pacific time
12:56pm Tony Rice and David Grismanq - "Morning Sun" - Tone Poems (Acoustic Disc)
12:53pm Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home" - s/t (ATCO)
12:52pm -- - -
12:48pm Anne McCue - "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" - Live: Ballad Of An Outlaw Woman (Nightshade)
12:44pm David Olney & Sergio Webb - "Wait Here for the Cops" - Live at Norm's River Roadhouse Volume 1 (Deadbeet)
12:40pm Allman Brothers - "Trouble No More" - Eat A Peach (Polydor)
1:02am John Renbourne - "Cirque d'Hiver" - Palermo Snow (Shanachie)
1:00am -- - -
12:36am Johnny Winter - "Rock and Roll" - Still Alive and Well (Columbia)
12:32am Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughn - "Pipeline" - Pipeline (Columbia)
12:31am -- - -
12:27am Richard Thompson - "I Misunderstood" - s/t (Capitol)
12:21am Bombino - "Tar Hani" - Agadez (Cumbancha Discovery)
12:17am Snakefinger - "Living in Vain" - Against The Grain (Ralph)
12:16am -- - -
12:11am Roy Buchanan and The Snakestretchers - "The Messiah Will Come Again" - s/t (Polydor)
12:05am Roy Buchanan - "Drowning on Dry Land" - The Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Collection (Alligator)
12:02am Dale Hawkins - "My Babe" - s/t (Chess)
12:52am Hawkwind - "We Do It" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:48am Dave Brock - "Wired Up For Sound" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:43am Hawkwind - "Flight To Maputo" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:40am Dave Brock - "When The Going Get Tough" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:35am Dave Brock - "Motherless Childern" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:30am Hawkwind - "Social Alliance" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:25am Hawkwind - "Hurry Down Sundown" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:17am Hawkwind - "Brainstorm" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:15am Hawkwind - "Watching The Grass Grow" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:13am Hawkwind - "Turner Point" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:09am Nik Turner - "Man With The Golden Arm" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:07am Inner City Unit - "Raj Neesh" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:04am Uncle Nik & The E.T's - "Phone Home Elliot" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:02am Inner City Unit - "Human Beings" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:01am Hawkwind - "Zones" - The Flicknife Years (Atomhenge)
12:56am Helmet - "Beautiful Love" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:52am Helmet - "Milquetoast" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:49am Helmet - "Speechless" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:48am -- - "Mic Break" -
12:46am Helmet - "The Silver Hawaiian" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:43am Helmet - "Overrated" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:40am Helmet - "Biscuits For Smut" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:38am Helmet - "Clean" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:35am Helmet - "Thick" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:32am Helmet - "Flushings" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:31am -- - "Mic Break" -
12:28am Helmet - "Tic" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:24am Helmet - "Street Crab" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:20am Helmet - "Wilma's Rainbow" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:17am Helmet - "Vaccination" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:13am Helmet - "I Know" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:11am Helmet - "Rollo" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:09am Helmet - "Pariah" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:07am Helmet - "Sam Hell" - Betty (Interscope/Amphetamine Reptile)
12:06am Mic Break - -
12:03am Helmet - "Complete" - Johnny Mnemonic: Music From The Motion Picture (Sony)
(All day) Helmet - "Just Another Victim" - Judgment Night Soundtrack (Epic)
12:55am Smith N Hack - "Falling Stars" - Space Warrior (Smith N Hack)
12:50am Solvent - "My Radio (Mitgang Audio Remix)" - Elevators And Oscillators (Ghostly International)
12:47am Benji - "While She Sleeps" - Benji (S/R)
12:43am I-F - "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" - F*****g Consumer (Disko B)
12:39am Anthony Rother - "Biomechanik" - Biomechanik (Psi49net)
12:30am Herbie Hancock - "I Thought It Was You" - Sunlight (Columbia)
12:25am Kleeer - "Tonight" - Intimate Connection (Atlantic)
12:19am Giorgio Moroder - "E=MC2" - E=MC2 (Casablanca)
12:10am Kraftwerk - "The Robots" - Man Machine (Capitol)
12:05am Man Parrish - "Man Made" - Man Parrish (Polydor)
(All day) Boney M - "Nightflight To Venus" - Nightflight To Venus (Sire)
12:56am Brian Eno - "Here Come The Warm Jets" - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
12:50am Brian Eno - "Fever" - Dali's Car (Grafica)
12:46am Brian Eno - "King's Lead Hat" - Before & After Science (Polydor)
12:43am Eno Byrne - "Help Me Somebody" - My Life In The Bush of Ghosts (EG)
12:37am Brian Eno - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - 7" (Was Trash)
12:34am Brian Eno - "The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch" - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
12:30am Eno Mobius Rodelius - "Broken Head" - After The Heat (Sky)
12:22am Brian Eno - "Driving Me Backwards" - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
12:18am Brian Eno - "St. Elmo's Fire" - Another Green World (Polydor)
12:13am Brian Eno - "Baby's On Fire" - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
12:08am Brian Eno - "3rd Uncle" - Taking Tiger Mountain (EG Music)
12:06am Brian Eno - "Kurt's Rejoinder" - Before & After Science (Polydor)
12:03am Brian Eno - "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More" - Taking Tiger Mountain (EG)
(All day) King Crimson - "Walk on...No Pussyfooting" - The Great Deceiver (Virgin)
12:29am Curtis Mayfield - "Get Down" - Roots (Curtom)
12:20am The Impressions - "Choice Of Colors" - The Young Mods (Curtom)
12:17am Baby Huey - "Mighty Mighty" - The Living Legend (Curtom)
12:15am The Impressions - "Fool for You" - This Is My Country (Curtom)
12:12am The Impressions - "This Is My Country" - This Is My Country (Curtom)
12:09am The Impressions - "We're A Winner" - We're A Winner (Curtom)
12:07am The Impressions - "Keep On Pushing" - Keep On Pushing (ABC)
12:06am Major Lance - "Um Um Um Um Um Um" - Um Um Um Um Um Um (ABC)
12:02am The Impressions - "It's Alright" - The Impressions (ABC)
12:57am White Hills - "I Find Peace Of Mind ( Intro Sections Only)" - The Heads / White Hills Collissions Vol 1 (Rocket)
12:36am The Heads - "Camden Brain Slurry" - The Heads/ White Hills Collissions Vol 1 (Rocket)
12:24am Farflung - "Fade" - Farflung / White Hills Ep (Cobraside)
12:13am Gnod/White Hills - "Drop Out" - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (Rocket)
12:01am White Hills - "To The Secret Door" - Farflung /White Hills Ep (Cobraside)
12:57am Plasmatics - "No Class" - Coup D'Etat (Capitol)
12:54am Wendy O. Williams - "Aint None Of Your Busieness" - W.O.W (Passport)
12:51am Plasmatics - "Black Leather Monster" - Metal Priestess (Stiff)
12:47am Plasmatics - "Sex Junkie" - Metal Priestess (Stiff)
12:43am Wendy O. Williams - "It's My Life" - W.O.W (Passport)
12:40am Plasmatics - "Monkey Suit" - New Hope For The Wretched (Stiff)