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One hour of whatever the DJ wants to play. Hear their passion. Every other Thursday night / Friday morning from midnight to 1 am.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 12:00am - 1:00am

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time
12:57am Joan Armatrading - "The Bottom to the Top" - To The Limit (A&M)
12:53am Joan Armatrading - "Waiting" - Lovers Speak (Denon)
12:50am Joan Armatrading - "Join the Boys" - S/T (A&M)
12:47am Joan Armatrading - "Stepping Out" - Back to the Night (A&M)
12:43am Joan Armatrading - "Secret Secrets" - Secret Secrets (A&M)
12:39am Joan Armatrading - "I Wanna Hold You" - Walk Under Ladders (A&M)
12:35am Joan Armatrading - "Starlight" - Starlight (Hypertension)
12:31am Joan Armatrading - "Drop the Pilot" - The Key (A&M)
12:27am Joan Armatrading - "I'm Lucky" - Walk Under Ladders (A&M)
12:24am Joan Armatrading - "Mama Mercy" - Show Some Emotion (A&M)
12:20am Joan Armatrading - "Is It Tomorrow Yet?" - Me, Myself, I (A&M)
12:16am Joan Armatrading - "Physical Pain" - Lovers Speak (Denon)
12:12am Joan Armatrading - "Willow" - Show Some Emotion (A&M)
12:09am Joan Armatrading - "The Weakness in Me" - Walk Under Ladders (A&M)
12:05am Joan Armatrading - "Love and Affection" - S/T (A&M)
12:01am Joan Armatrading - "Down to Zero" - S/T (A&M)
12:57am White Hills - "I Will Find Peace Of Mind ( Intro Section Only)" - The Heads/White Hills Collisiond Vol I (Rocket)
12:36am The Heads - "Camden Brain Slurry" - The Heads/White Hills Collissions Vol I (Rocket)
12:24am Farflung - "Fade" - Farflug/White Hills EP (Cobraside)
12:13am Gnod/White Hills - "Drop Out" - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (Rocket)
12:01am White Hills - "To Find The Secret Door" - Farflung /White Hills EP (Cobraside)
12:58pm Bam! Bam! - "Why I Had To Go" - Let It Go (S/R)
12:56am Depeche Mode - "A Question of Lust" - Black Celebration
12:54am Aislers Set - "The Walk" - The Last Match (Slumberland)
12:53am Guided By Voices - "Ha Ha Man" - Tonics And Twisted Chasers (S/R)
12:51am Slumber Party - "Electric Boots" - 3 (Kill Rock Stars)
12:48am Deerhunter - "Vox Humana" - Weird Era Cont
12:42am Au Revoir Simone - "A Violent Yet Flammable World" - The Bird Of Music (Our Secret)
12:38am Bat For Lashes - "What's A Girl To Do?" - Fur and Gold (Caroline)
12:35am The Four Seasons - "Rag Doll" - Gold Vault of Hits (Philips)
12:34am Veronica Falls - "Starry Eyes" - Six Covers (Rough Trade)
12:32am The Magnetic Fields - "Candy" - The Wayward Bus (PoPuP)
12:29am The Shapiros - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - S/T (Library)
12:22am Camera Obscura - "Eighties Fan" - Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi (Merge)
12:19am Still Corners - "Endless Summer" - Creatures of an Hour (Sub Pop)
12:14am The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Gentle Sons" - S/T (Slumberland)
12:10am The Jesus & Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey" - Just Like Honey (Blanco Y Negro)
12:07am Talulah Gosh - "Just A Dream" - Streaming Train EP (53rd & 3rd)
12:04am The Boys - "Brickfield Nights" - Alternative Chartbusters (Nems)
12:01am The Ronettes - "Be My Baby" - Sing Their Greatest Hits (Phil Spector)
(All day) Fernando - "Be My Be My Drum Beat" -
12:53am Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle - "Your Love" - Your Love (Persona Records)
12:46am Donna Summer - "Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut Signature Mix)" - Love To Love You Donna (Verve)
12:39am Whitney Houston - "Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Dub Mix)" - Million Dollar Bill (RCA)
12:33am Frankie Knuckles feat. Adeva - "Keep It Real" - Welcome To The Real World (Virgin)
12:25am Michael Jackson - "Rock With You (Frankie's Favorite Club Mix)" - Rock With You (Epic)
12:20am First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder (Frankie Knuckles Remix)" - Let No Man Put Asunder (SalSoul)
12:15am The Night Writers - "Let The Music Use You" - Let The Music Use You (Jack Trax)
12:10am Frankie Knuckles feat. Lisa Michaelis - "Rain Falls" - Rain Falls (Virgin)
(All day) Frankie Knuckles with Satoshi Tomiie and Robert Owens - "Tears" - Tears 12" (FFRR)
12:57am Mike Mareen - "Dancing In The Dark" - Disco Discharge: Euro Disco (Harmless)
12:55am Righeira - "Vamos a la Playa" - The Italo Disco Collection 5 (ZYX)
12:50am The Creatures - "Believe In Yourself" - L'altro Mondo Studios (Full Time Records)
12:46am Crazy Gang - "Every Sunday" - We Are The Crazy Gang (Bubble)
12:43am Kano - "It's A War" - Kano (Emergency)
12:39am Doctor's Cat - "Feel The Drive" - The Italo Disco Collection (ZYX)
12:34am Mr. Flagio - "Take A Chance" - The Italo Disco Collection (ZYX)
12:27am Ken Lazslo - "Hey Hey Guy" - The Best Of Italo Disco Vol. 3 (ZYX)
12:23am Vivien Vee - "Blue Disease" - With Vivien Vee (Banana Records)
12:13am Alexander Robotnick - "Problemes D'amour" - Disco Not Disco 2 (Strut)
12:07am Charlie - "Spacer Woman" - The Best Of Italo Disco Vol. 3 (ZYX)
(All day) Koto - "Jabda" - The Italo Disco Collection (ZYX)
12:57pm Jim Carroll Band - "People Who Died" - Catholic Boy (ATCO)
12:55am Bad Posture - "Kill the Peace" - s/t (Irresponsible)
12:52am Anvil Chorus - "Blondes in Black" - Blondes in Black (Leviathan)
12:51am mic break - -
12:48am The Punts - "Rochambeau" - Punts (Bondage)
12:41am Romeo Void - "Never Say Never" - nvr say nvr (415)
12:36am Pearl Harbour and The Explosions - "Drivin'" - Drivin (415)
12:35am mic break - -
12:33am SVT - "Wanna See You Cry" - Wanna See You Cry (s/r)
12:31am Mutants - "Too Much Too Soon" - Fun Terminal (White Noise)
12:27am Snakefinger - "Picnic in the Jungle" - Greener Postures (Ralph)
12:22am Pop-O-Pies - "The Slow Version" - Joe's Second Record (Subterranean)
12:20am mic break - -
12:18am Fred Frith - "What A Dilemma" - Frank Johnson's Favorites (Ralph)
12:15am Tuxedo Moon - "Heaven" - Can you hear me? (Walking Dead)
12:12am Noh Mercy - "My Wild Love" - No Boys On Guitars (Superior Viaduct)
12:10am mic break - -
12:08am Flipper - "Ha Ha Ha" - Sex Bomb Baby! (Subterranean)
12:06am The Avengers - "We Are The One" - We Are The One (Superior Viaduct)
12:02am Dead Kennedys - "Moon Over Marin" - Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative Tentacles)
(All day) mic break - -
12:57am Quincy Jones - "Sanford & Sons Theme (The Streetbeater)" - The Very Best of Quincy Jones (A&M records)
12:54am Parliment - "Come In Our Of The Rain" - 7" (Invictus)
12:51am The Isley Brothers - "That Lady" - The Essential Isley Brothers (Epic)
12:47am Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay" - 7" (Epic)
12:44am Bobby Womack - "Across 110th Street" - Across 110th Street (Joe Boy Records)
12:40am Hot Chocolate - "You Sexy Thing" - 7" (Big Tree Records)
12:36am Milton Wright - "Keep It Up" - 7" (Alston Records)
12:32am Gil Scott Heron - "Angel Dust" - 7" (Arista)
12:30am Wilson Pickett - "Engine Number 9" - 7 (Atlantic)
12:27am Bobby Byrd - "Hot Pants (I'm Coming, I'm Coming)" - 7" (Brownstone Records)
12:24am The Meters - "Hey Pockey Way" - The Legendary Meters Live At the Moonwalker (Lakeside )
12:23am Mic Break - -
12:21am Ground Hog - "Bumpin" - 7" (Gemigo)
12:18am The Psychedelic Aliens - "Extraordinary Woman" - Psycho African Beat (Academy Records)
12:15am The Mystic Moods Orchestra - "Cosmic Sea" - Cosmic Force (SoundBird Records)
12:13am Amnesty - "Trouble Will Remain" - Free Your Mind (Now Again Records)
12:09am Stories - "Brother Louie" - 7" (Kama Sutra )