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One hour of whatever the DJ wants to play. Hear their passion. Every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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1:00am Jeff Buckley - "Last Goodbye" - Grace (Columbia)
12:51am Bob Dylan - "Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather" - Times They Are A' Changin' (Columbia)
12:48am Elton John - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MCA)
12:45am Tennis - "Travelling" - Young & Old (Fat Possum)
12:38am Mikal Cronin - "Gone" - S/T (Trouble In Mind)
12:33am Bright Eyes - "Another Travelin' Song" - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning (Saddle Creek)
12:30am Air - "Universal Traveler" - Talkie Walkie (Camera Lucida)
12:26am Baths - "You're My Excuse To Travel" - Cerulean (Anticon)
12:13am Akron/Family - "Italy" - S/T (Young God)
12:11am The Byrds - "We'll Meet Again" - Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbia)
12:08am Girlpool - "Paint Me Colors" - S/T (Wichita)
12:06am Celestial Shore - "Goodbye" - Enter Ghost (Hometapes)
12:55am John Luther Adams - "Sila: The Breath of the World" - n/a (DD)
12:13am John Luther Adams - "Become Ocean" - Become Ocean (Cantaloupe)
12:07am John Luther Adams - "Qilyuan/Red Arc/Blue Veil" - Red Arc/Blue Veil (Cold Blue)
12:03am John Luther Adams - "Wood Thrush" - Songbirdsongs (Mode)
12:00am John Luther Adams - "Inuksuit Pt. III" - Inuksuit (Cantaloupe)
12:55am AC/DC - "For Those About to Rock We Salute You" - For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Atlantic)
12:49am AC/DC - "Squealer" - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Atlantic)
12:45am AC/DC - "You Ain't Got a Hold on Me" - '74 Jailbreak (Atlantic)
12:41am AC/DC - "Cold Hearted Man" - Backtracks (Albert)
12:36am AC/DC - "Go Down" - Let There Be Rock (Atco)
12:32am AC/DC - "Let Me Put My Love Into You" - Back in Black (Atlantic)
12:26am AC/DC - "If You Want Blood, You Got It (Demo)" - Bonfire (Eastwest)
12:22am AC/DC - "Back Seat Confidential (Demo)" - Bonfire (Eastwest)
12:18am AC/DC - "Touch Too Much" - Highway to Hell (Atlantic)
12:17am AC/DC - "Fling Thing" - Jailbreak (Albert)
12:13am AC/DC - "Can I Sit Next to You Girl" - High Voltage (Atco)
12:08am AC/DC - "Riff Raff" - Powerage (Atlantic)
12:04am AC/DC - "Dirty Eyes (Demo)" - Bonfire (Eastwest)
12:00am AC/DC - "" - ()
12:55pm The Chemical Brothers - "A Modern Midnight Conversation" - We Are The Night (Virgin)
12:49pm The Chemical Brothers - "Burst Generator" - We Are The Night (Virgin)
12:46pm The Chemical Brothers - "Lost In The K-Hole" - Dig Your Own Hole (Astralwerks)
12:40pm The Chemical Brothers - "Got Glint?" - Surrender (Virgin)
12:35pm The Chemical Brothers - "Chemical Beats" - Exit Planet Dust (Caroline)
12:31pm The Chemical Brothers - "Saturate" - We Are The Night (Virgin)
1:00am The Chemical Brothers - "Surrender" - Surrender (Virgin)
12:29am The Chemical Brothers - "One Too Many Mornings" - Exit Planet Dust (Caroline Records)
12:23am The Chemical Brothers - "Swoon" - Further (Astralwerks)
12:17am The Chemical Brothers - "Horse Power" - Further (Astralwerks)
12:12am The Chemical Brothers - "Galaxy Bounce" - Come With Us (Virgin Records)
12:06am The Chemical Brothers - "It Began In Afrika" - Come With Us (Virgin Records)
12:00am The Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home" - Exit Planet Dust (Caroline Records)
12:58am Pogues - "The Gentleman Soldier" - Rum Sodomy & the Lash (MCA)
12:52am Papers - "Hello Oblivion" - How Many More?/Hello Oblivion (Radioactive)
12:50am Toxic Reasons - "War Hero" - Independence (Risky)
12:45am Stiff Little Fingers - "Tin Soldiers" - All The Best (EMI)
12:43am Dave Dudley - "What We're Fighting For" - The Best Of (Mercury)
12:40am Tommy Cash - "The Soldier/Unpatriotic Itchin' Needs A Patriotic Scratch" - The American Way of Life (Epic)