The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Monday, February 2, 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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6:56pm Za La Thu - "One Star In Sight" - The Ritual Of The Abyss (s/r)
6:52pm Za La Thu - "Into The Void, Beyond The Sun" - The Ritual Of The Abyss (s/r)
6:48pm Za La Thu - "The Opening Of The Portal" - The Ritual Of The Abyss (s/r)
6:38pm Lefty Jones Band - "Stick With It" - Best Record Ever (Saturday Records)
6:34pm Lefty Jones Band - "Sloppy Joe's" - Best Record Ever (Saturday Records)
6:20pm Steph Wendler - "Red Devil Miles" - All Dirtied Up (s/r)
6:17pm Steph Wendler - "Dreamin'" - All Dirtied Up (s/r)
6:11pm Sean Kelly - "Hands In The Sky" - s/t (s/r)
6:08pm Hamir And Ben - "(Contra) Bass Remix" - Clarinet and Drums (s/r)
6:06pm Hamir And Ben - "AllAbout That (Contra) Bass" - Clarinet and Drums (s/r)
6:04pm Hamir And Ben - "Sleep" - Clarinet and Drums (s/r)
6:55pm Happy - "Magic" - Present (demo) (s/r)
6:52pm Happy - "Lift This Weight" - Sun (s/r)
6:47pm Ya Boy Hardheaded - "Word Is Born" - s/t (s/r)
6:44pm Ya Boy Hardheaded - "Catch 22" - s/t (s/r)
6:40pm Ya Boy Hardheaded - "Don't Start Stuff" - s/t (s/r)
6:36pm Dave Shaffer - "Like Me" - Unfinished Business (s/r)
6:33pm Dave Shaffer - "Beans At Your Bar-B-Q" - Unfinished Business (s/r)
6:23pm Oks-Logo - "Circuitbent" - Mars Garden (s/r)
6:17pm Oks-Logo - "Visions" - Mars Garden (s/r)
6:11pm Kid - "Tragedy" - s/t (s/r)
6:07pm Kid - "Stanberry Tree" - s/t (s/r)
6:57pm Attic Abasement - "Mannequin" - Attic Abasement / Nod (split) (Carbon Records)
6:54pm Attic Abasement - "Will This Give Me Cancer Or Not" - Attic Abasement / Nod (split) (Carbon Records)
6:52pm Attic Abasement - "Pretty Teeth" - Attic Abasement / Nod (split) (Carbon Records)
6:45pm Jon Hoplins - "We Disappear (feat. Lulu James)" - s/t (Domino Recording)
6:40pm Lisa Marie Johnston - "I Will Find My Way" - The Reto Sessions (Stomp and Groove)
6:36pm Lisa Marie Johnston - "Home To Oakland" - The Reto Sessions (Stomp and Groove)
6:26pm Emanuel Gibson - "Won't Worry" - The Suffering: An Emanuel Gibson Story (s/r)
6:23pm Emanuel Gibson - "I Know What You're Afraid Of" - The Suffering: An Emanuel Gibson Story (s/r)
6:17pm Conderosa - "Trouble" - birdsong (s/r)
6:14pm Conderosa - "Mexico" - birdsong (s/r)
6:07pm Erik LeCar - "Amen" - Zodiac (s/r)
6:04pm Erik LeCar - "Woman (Precoce)" - Zodiac (s/r)
6:52pm Erik LeCar - "Woman (Precoce)" - Zdiac (s/r)
6:47pm Condorosa - "(track 3)" - Birdsong (s/r)
6:43pm Condorosa - "(track 1)" - Birdsong (s/r)
6:36pm Su_Percell - "Still The Greatest" - Moderation (s/r)
6:33pm Su_Percell - "Push" - Moderation (s/r)
6:25pm Nick Shaheen - "Big Hippo" - Sauvignon (s/r)
6:21pm Nick Shaheen - "State Song" - Sauvignon (s/r)
6:15pm Onah Indigo - "Stellar Transmission" - Accordian Babes 2015 (s/r)
6:09pm Jet Black Pearl - "Hot Boots" - Accordian Babes 2015 (s/r)
6:06pm Snow Angel - "Night Time Lives Here" - Accordian Babes 2015 (s/r)
6:54pm Spectrus - "The Eye" - s/t (s/r)
6:49pm Spectrus - "Street Roses" - s/t (s/r)
6:41pm The Suitcase Junket - "Everybody Else" - Make Time (s/r)
6:37pm The Suitcase Junket - "Earth Apple" - Make Time (s/r)
6:34pm The Suitcase Junket - "New Old Friend" - Make Time (s/r)
6:30pm Chikita - "track 3" - s/t (s/r)