The Next Big Thing

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Showcase for demo and pre-released music. Features CD-Rs and cassette formats... no vinyl, no mass-produced CDs. Hosted by Marshall Stax. Every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Monday, April 27, 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time

6:56pm Panthar - "Space Lies" - Panthar (s/r)
6:53pm Panthar - "Ghost Rocket" - Panthar (s/r)
6:47pm Jody DiGregorio - "Runway Queen" - Jody DiGregorio (s/r)
6:43pm Jody DiGregorio - "Gentlemen" - Jody DiGregorio (s/r)
6:39pm Paul Iorio - "Hey, Absolutamente!" - Hey, Absolutamente! (s/r)
6:29pm YoYo - "Two Way Street" - Released (s/r)
6:26pm YoYo - "Good Game" - Released (s/r)
6:20pm The Black Tears - "Liquid Fabulous" - Liquid Fabulous (s/r)
6:16pm Model Americans - "Old Sixties Song" - Model Americans (s/r)
6:12pm Model Americans - "Smiths Reunion" - Model Americans (s/r)
6:05pm Pelicanopolis - "Philip Larkin" - demo (s/r)
6:03pm Pelicanopolis - "Your Records At The Thrift Store" - demo (s/r)
6:54pm Yellowstone - "The Victory Club" - The Victory Club (s/r)
6:48pm Diamond Heights - "Lion And The Leaves" - City Charms (s/r)
6:44pm Diamond Heights - "Evergreen" - City Charms (s/r)
6:39pm Solvents - "Song For A Rightwing, Christian, Homophobe" - Modern Dystopia (s/r)
6:35pm Solvents - "Modern Dystopia" - Modern Dystopia (s/r)
6:25pm Lucky Doug And The Stinkbugs - "Get Smart With Me" - s/t (s/r)
6:22pm Lucky Doug And The Stinkbugs - "Motorcycle Mania" - s/t (s/r)
6:17pm Lilie Syracuse - "I Got It In For You" - s/t (Roundabout Records)
6:13pm Tone Landry - "That's The Way It Go" - "A" Game (s/r)
6:07pm eb11 - "Enjoy The Ride" - Enjoy The Ride (s/r)
6:04pm eb11 - "All Is Fake" - Enjoy The Ride (s/r)
6:55pm Keram Malicki-Sanchez - "Medicated" - Come To Life (s/r)
6:46pm Keram Malicki-Sanchez - "We Breathe So Brief" - Come To Life (s/r)
6:42pm Baby Medusa - "Put Me On The Spot" - s/t (s/r)
6:38pm Baby Medusa - "You Gotta Love Me" - s/t (s/r)
6:30pm Tom Beaulieu - "Space Queen" - The Laughing Vase (s/r)
6:26pm Tom Beaulieu - "Cold Rain" - The Laughing Vase (s/r)
6:21pm Living In Pictures - "I Know You're Out There" - Enter The Fray (s/r)
6:15pm Oli Silver - "Quiero Sonar" - s/t (s/r)
5:09pm Choirs - "The Loneliest Child" - USALKT (s/r)
5:04pm Choirs - "Sympathy-altruism" - USALKT (s/r)
6:57pm Native Lights - "Stalin's Organs" - s/t (Passive)
6:53pm Native Lights - "Black Wall Street" - s/t (Passive)
6:48pm Luna Down - "What You Say" - Resistance (s/r)
6:45pm Luna Down - "ETDH" - Resistance (s/r)
6:40pm The One2s - "Pop The Ripper" - EP2 (s/r)
6:36pm The One2s - "Cryer" - EP2 (s/r)
6:26pm Eliot Wayne - "King In My Head" - King In My Head (s/r)
6:23pm Eliot Wayne - "Give It" - King In My Head (s/r)
6:17pm These Mad Dogs Of Glory - "Mourning" - Isle Au Haut (s/r)
6:11pm These Mad Dogs Of Glory - "No Need T Worry" - Isle Au Haut (s/r)
6:05pm Western Hands - "Slapy" - Odontoceti (s/r)
6:02pm Western Hands - "Washing Experience" - Odontoceti (s/r)
6:53pm The Last Bison - "This Changes Everything" - Dorado (s/r)
6:47pm Mr.Moonshine - "Wolves On Parade" - s/t (s/r)
6:44pm Mr.Moonshine - "Comfort Me With Absinthe" - s/t (s/r)
6:38pm Elephant Fire - "Crazy Bones" - s/t (s/r)
6:35pm Elephant Fire - "Touch Me" - s/t (s/r)