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Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time
4:39pm Ronnie Dawson - "Congratulations To Me" - Rockin' Bones (Crystal Clear Sound)
4:37pm Johnny Horton - "I'm Coming Home" - High On A Mountain, I Tell You What I See... (Bear Family)
4:35pm Wanda Jackson - "Funnel of Love" - Respect (Rhino)
4:32pm Timber Timbre - "Curtains!?" - Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
4:27pm Rayon Beach - "Oh Yeah" - This Looks Serious (Hozac)
4:25pm Avantis - "Phantom Surfer" - Wax 'em Down! (Revell)
4:21pm 5-6-7-8's - "Edie Is A Sweet Candy" - Edie Is A Sweet Candy (Rockville)
4:18pm The Shades of Night - "Fluctuation" - Fluctuation (Norton)
4:16pm Half Rats - "For The Sake Of Love" - For The Sake of Love (Douchemaster)
4:09pm Amen Dunes - "White Child" - Love (Sacred Bones)
4:03pm Girls - "Summertime" - Album (True Panther Sounds)
4:00pm The Prudes - "Something Tells Me..." - P.S. I'm Leaving (Imaginary)
3:56pm Psychic TV - "Stolen Kisses" - Force The Hand of Chance (Some Bizarre)
3:47pm tUnE-yArDs - "Look Around" - Nikki Nack (4AD)
3:42pm Connect_icut - "Bathroom Mirror (Smash Patriarchy)" - Small Town By The Sea (Aagoo)
3:39pm Daedelus - "Pursed Lips Reply" - Invention (Plug Research)
3:36pm Mighty Sparrow - "No, Doctor, No" - Calypso Awakening (Smithsonian Folkways)
3:34pm Bobby Dobyne & The Barefacts - "Soulful Sound of Music" - The Birmingham Sound vol. 2 (Rabbit Factory)
3:24pm The Lemon Drops - "Talk To The Animals" - Psychedelic Crown Jewels (Gear Fab)
3:21pm The Vibrarians - "The Woods" - Red Light (K)
3:19pm The Brogues - "But Now I Find" - Someday (Sundazed)
3:16pm The Tornadoes - "Bumbe Bee Stomp" - Beyond The Surf (Sundazed)
3:13pm Mood Six - "What Have You Ever Done?" - A Matter of! (Passport)
3:09pm La Sera - "Hour Of The Dawn" - Hour Of The Dawn (Hardly Art)
3:03pm Sonny and the Sunsets - "Green Blood" - Antenna To The Afterworld (Polyvinyl)
5:00am Stravinsky - "Violin Concerto in D Major" - Violin Concerto in D Major (Dover)
4:09am Orson Wells - "War of the Wolrds" - Old Time Radio Vol. 1 (Smithsonian)
11:56pm Birds of California - "Golden Days" - One and Only (Jigsaw)
11:51pm Jim & Bob - "St. Louis Blues" - Hawaiin Steel Guitar Classics (Arhoolie)
11:48pm Carl Smith - "If Teardrops Were Pennies" - The Essential Carl Smith (Columbia)
11:43pm Robert Pete Williams - "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere" - Free Again (Prestige)
11:41pm Skip Spence - "All Come To Meet Her" - Oar (Columbia)
11:37pm Helio Sequence - "Lately" - Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Sub Pop)
11:34pm Meric Long - "Fiends" - Dodo Bird EP (S/R)
11:27pm Dear Nora - "Second Hand" - Three States (Magic Marker)
11:25pm Fuguers Cove - "In Due Time" - Get Your Wings (MOC)
11:22pm Today'shits - "Why Baby, Why?" - Sex Boys (Randy)
11:19pm Shoes This High - "The Nose One" - S/T (Siltbreeze)
11:17pm Bad Daddies - "Teenage Hell/I Don't/Head on a Rail" - You Ain't Right (Negative Fun)
11:10pm Protomartyr - "Bubba Helms" - Dreads 8584 (Urinal Cake)
11:07pm Synthetic ID - "Throwaway" - S/T (Satellite Visions)
11:04pm Life Stinks - "Shadow On The Wall" - Shadow on The Wall (Total Punk)
11:02pm La Luz - "Brainwash" - Brainwash (Suicide Squeeze)
10:58pm Julie Ruin - "Brightside" - Brightside (The Julie Ruin)
10:49pm Bad Daddies - "You Ain't Right" - You Ain't Right (Negative Fun)
10:40pm Steward - "The Last Wasps of Summer" - The Last Wasps of Summer (Orgasm)
10:38pm Hysterics - "Outside In" - Can't I Live? (M'Lady's)
10:37pm Lumpy and The Dumpers - "Ghoul Breath" - Gnats In The Pisser (Total Punk)
10:34pm Nots - "Dust Red" - Dust Red (Goner)
10:33pm Neighborhood Brats - "Birth Right" - Birth Right (Deranged)
10:26pm Parquet Courts - "Bodies Made Of" - Sunbathing Animal (What's Your Rupture?)
10:21pm Here and Now - "Little Things" - All Over The Show (Esoteric Recordings)
10:18pm Stalins of Sound - "Monkeys Attack" - Tank Tracks (Slovenly)
10:15pm The Gymslips - "Empire Song" - Never Mind the Jacksons...Here's The Pollocks (Abstract Sounds)
10:12pm Adult Net - "Phantom Power" - Edie (Beggars Banquet)
10:06pm Essex Green - "Grass" - Everything Is Green (Kindercore)
10:02pm High Llamas - "Tambourine Day" - Buzzle Bee (Drag City)
9:59pm Monster Rally - "Cuban Velvet" - Coral (Gold Robot)
9:54pm Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - "That It Won't Grow" - Enter the Slasher House (Domino)
9:49pm Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Lariat" - Wig Out At Jagbags (Matador)
9:45pm Spook School - "You Make It Sound So Easy" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
9:43pm The Know - "I Like Girls" - Sharp Cuts (Planet)
9:41pm Bad Sports - "Nothing In This World" - Bras (Dirtnap)
9:39pm White Reaper - "Cool" - S/T (Polyvinyl)
9:32pm American Analog Set - "Continuous Hit Music" - Promise of Love (Tiger Style)
11:49pm Eternal Tapestry - "When I Was In Your Mind" - A World Out of Time (Thrill Jockey)
11:44pm Long Lost - "Finders Keepers" - S/T (Ninjatune)
11:39pm A Faulty Chromosome - "Paris" - Our Druthers Is To Be Smothered Under 120-Thread-Count Covers (S/R)
11:32pm Gold-Bears - "Her Fears/Fathers and Daughters" - Dalliance (Slumberland)
11:28pm The Ejectors - "Fade With The Summer" - Hydrohead (Rave Up)
11:25pm The Membranes - "Jaw Cracker Fuzz (alt. version)" - Good Feelings (53rd & 3rd)
11:22pm Electric Eels - "Splittery Splat" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
11:20pm Bags - "We Will Bury You" - Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods? (New Underground)
11:12pm The Books - "The Lemon of Pink" - The Lemon Of Pink (Tomlab)
11:07pm Echo Lake - "Wild Peace" - WIld Peace (Slumberland)
11:05pm Burnt Ones - "Glass Dreams R.I.P.s" - Shreds/Glass Dreams R.I.P.s (Mt. St. Mtn,)
11:01pm Cousins - "Alone" - The Halls of Wickwire (Ba Da Bing!)
10:49pm Microphones - "The Moon/(version)" - Song Islands (K)
10:46pm Father Murphy - "Jesus" - Jesus (Madcap)
10:42pm September Girls - "Sister" - Cursing The Sea (Fortuna Pop)
10:40pm Auntie Pus - "Marmalade Freak" - Messthetics #5 (Hyped2Death)
10:36pm June Brides - "On The Rocks" - Just A Mish Mash (In Tape)
10:30pm Sharon Van Etten - "Our Love" - Are We There (Jagjaguwar)
10:28pm Raveonettes - "Oh, I Buried You Today" - In And Out of Control (Vice)
10:26pm The Shirelles - "Maybe Tonight" - Hear & Now (Pricewise)
10:24pm Jimmy James - "This Heart of Mine" - Dance Like The Devil (Sequel)
10:21pm Eddie Giles - "Losing Boy" - Sweet Soul Music (Sire)
10:18pm Lee Wilson - "Knock In For A Second Chance" - The Birmingham Sound Vol. 2 (Rabbit Factory)
10:10pm Case Studies - "The Day We Met" - The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night (Sacred Bones)
10:07pm The Kaleidoscope - "Please" - Side Trips (Epic)
10:04pm The Mirrors - "Ecstacy" - A Green Dream (Birdman)
9:58pm Grandaddy - "Where I'm Anymore" - Just Like The Fambly Cat (V2)
9:50pm La Sera - "Hour of the Dawn" - Hour of the Dawn (Hardly Art)
9:47pm Betty and the Werewolves - "Should I Go To Glasgow" - Teatime Favourites (Damaged Goods)
9:44pm Milk 'n' Cookies - "Little, Lost and Innocent" - S/T (RPM)
9:41pm Dancer - "Bitchin' Heat" - Bitchin' Heat (Grazer)
9:38pm SVT - "Always Come Back For More" - Four One Five Music (415)
9:30pm Mirah - "24th St" - Changing Light (K)
11:55pm Amen Dunes - "White Child" - Love (Sacred Bones)
11:45pm Yume Bitsu - "I Wait For You" - S/T (Ba Da Bing!)