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Monday, June 1, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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9:26pm Jeans Team - "Asphaltvibrator" - Ding Dong (Kitty-Yo)
9:22pm Gary Young - "Birds in Traffic" - Hospital (Big Cat)
9:21pm Tulsa - "Young and Foolish" - Sour Digs (Starcleaner)
9:19pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Princess Castle 1987" - Peach Kelli Pop (Burger)
9:18pm Junior Varsity - "Fun-Ola" - Juvenile (Remedial)
9:17pm FM Knives - "Summer Holiday" - Useless and Modern (Moo-la-la)
9:07pm John Miles - "Stranger in the City" - Dirty Space Disco (Dirty)
9:00pm Mickey and the Soul Generation - "Give Everybody Some" - Iron Leg (Cali-Tex)
8:58pm Science Fiction Dance Party - "Hit Parade in the Light Year 25q" - Dance with Action (Finders Keepers)
8:50pm Wand - "Self Hypnosis in 3 Days" - Golem (In the Red)
8:46pm Sonic's Rendezvous Band - "Electrophonic Tonic" - Motor City's Burning (Total Energy)
8:45pm Legends - "Trouble Loves Me" - Up Against the Legends (Lakeshore)
8:42pm Brighter - "Poppy Day" - Half Hearted (Sarah)
8:40pm We Five - "You Were On My Mind" - Sing Me a Rainbow (Big Beat)
8:33pm Jeans Wilder - "Sunroof" - Totally (Everloving)
8:30pm Miaow - "Sport Most Royal" - When It All Comes Down (LTM)
8:27pm Mark Beer - "Pretty" - Pretty (Rough Trade)
8:23pm Bearhug - "Catacombs" - So Gone (Spunk)
8:19pm Heavenly - "She Says" - She Says (K)
8:12pm Liquid Liquid - "Groupmegroup" - Liquid Liquid (99)
8:08pm Chicago Womans Liberation Band - "Prison Songs" - Beating Off (One Stroke)
8:06pm Saun & Starr - "In the Night" - Look Closer (Daptone)
8:03pm San Kazakgascar - "First Nation Spy" - First Nation Spy (Lather)
7:58pm Deuter - "Der Turm" - Cloud Cuckooland (B Music)
7:54pm Pow! - "Eyesight" - Fight Fire (Castleface)
7:45pm Skylab #1 - "Seashell" - Skylab #1 (Astralwerks)
7:42pm Shellshag - "Happiness" - Destroy Me I'm Yours (Starcleaner)
7:39pm Jeff The Brotherhood - "In My Mouth" - Wasted on the Dream (Infinity Cat)
7:36pm Strawberry Whiplash - "You Make Me Shine" - Hits in the Car (Matinée)
7:34pm Bette Bright & The Illuminations - "The Captain of Your Ship" - The Captain of Your Ship (Radarscope)
7:24pm Dean Elliott & His Big Band - "You're The Top" - Ultra Lounge Vol. 3 (Capitol)
7:21pm Kamuran Akkor - "Yorgun Gözler" - Kamuran Akkor (Pharaway Sounds)
7:19pm Byrds - "5D (Fifth Dimension)" - Fifth Dimension (Columbia)
7:16pm Mikal Cronin - "Circle III: Control" - MCIII (Merge)
7:13pm Bright Ideas - "Falling Down" - Saturdays and the Turning Tide (Squirmy)
7:11pm Together Pangea - "River" - Badillac (Harvest)
7:09pm Shindiggers - "So Glad" - Crash Your Party (Waterfront)
7:03pm Marching Church - "King of Song" - The World is Not Enough (Sacred Bones)
9:27pm Mountain Goats - "Foreign Object" - Beat the Champ (Merge)
9:23pm Toro y Moi - "What You Want" - What For? (Carpark)
9:20pm Bright Eyes - "Loose Leaves" - There is No Beginning to the Story EP (Saddle Creek)
9:18pm Heartworms - "Bent & Broken" - Split 7" (Darla)
9:15pm White Flag - "Don't Give it Away" - Don't Give it Away (Tender Tunes)
9:08pm Slaughter and the Dogs - "Cranked Up Really High" - Slaughter and the Dogs (Captain Oi!)
9:06pm Carbonas - "Cold Waste" - Carbonas (Raw Deluxe)
9:03pm Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Love in a Void" - Once Upon a Time (PVC)
9:01pm Wax Idols - "All Too Human" - All Too Human (Hozac)
8:59pm Crabapples - "Quality (Not Quantity)" - Crabapples for Change (Slumberland)
8:51pm Torres - "A Proper Polish Welcome" - Sprinter (Partisan)
8:47pm Akron/Family - "Shoes" - Akron/Family (Young God)