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Friday, October 31, 2014 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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2:57pm Klaus Johann Grobe - "Kothek" - Im Sinne Der Zeit (Trouble in Mind)
2:53pm Vladimir Cosma - "Bowery Mood" - Shake Sauvage (Crippled Dick)
2:48pm Japancakes - "Version One" - Split with Eight Track Gorilla (French Lick)
2:44pm Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "Graceland" - Advance Base Battery Life ()
2:41pm Hospitality - "Rockets and Jets" - Trouble (Merge)
2:35pm Eureka California - "No Mas" - Crunch (HHBTM)
2:31pm Weezer - "Jamie" - Blue Album Deluxe Edition (Geffen)
2:29pm Holly Golightly - "Box Elder" - Singles Round Up (Damaged Goods)
2:25pm King Lollipop - "Thru The Woods One Day" - Woodland Whoopee Songs of Ol' Callowhee! (1-2-3-4 Go!)
2:20pm Allo Darlin' - "We Come From The Same Place" - We Come From The Same Place (Slumberland)
2:14pm Better Half Dozens - "I Could Have Loved Her" - Louisiana Punk Groups From The Sixties (Eva)
2:10pm Earls of Suave - "In My Dreams" - In My Dreams (Vinyl Japan)
2:08pm Broncho - "Taj Mahal" - Just Enough Hip to Be Woman (Dine Alone)
2:06pm The Party Brothers - "Every Night" - Prae-Kraut (Toy-Tonic)
2:02pm Semantics - "Here's Johnny" - Bwana Junction (Blackberry Way)
1:58pm Virna Lindt - "Attention Stockholm" - Attention Stockholm (Compact)
1:51pm Gonjasufi - "Sheep" - A Sufi and a Killer (Warp)
1:47pm Frog Eyes - "Your Holiday Treat" - Carey's Cold Spring (Paper Bag)
1:44pm Olivia Tremor Control - "Spring Succeeds/Theme For A Very Delicious Grand Piano" - Dusk at Cubist Castle (Flydaddy)
1:39pm C.B Mamas - "Good Looking Experiment" - Jumbo (Bright Orange Biscuit)
1:38pm Amy Linton + Stewart Anderson - "Romance, Baby I Don't Care" - The Lights are Out (Slumberland)
1:28pm Bodies of Water - "Under the Pines" - A Certain Feeling (Secretly Canadian)
1:24pm Dry Heeves - "Chew Through Bone" - Boogie Till Ya Puke (S/R)
1:21pm Los Vidrios Quebrados - "Ficciones" - Mas Rock and Roll (Electro Harmonix)
1:19pm Mean Jeans - "Throwin Stones" - Are You Serious? (Dirtnap)
1:16pm Elvis Christ - "Rock & Roll Savior" - Rock & Roll Savior (1-2-3-4 Go!)
1:10pm Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - "Everybody Knows" - Cold World (Daptone)
1:06pm Brothers and Sisters - "the Mighty Quinn" - Dylan's Gospel (Light in the Attic)
1:04pm Conquerors - "Since You've Been Gone" - The Soul of Detroit (Lu Pine)
1:01pm The Goodees - "Girl Crazy" - Condition Red! (Ace)
12:59pm Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - "Bedazzled" - The Score (Mojo)
12:56pm Los Mutables - "Pasos En La Luna" - Back to Peru (Vampi Soul)
12:51pm Reverend Gary Davis - "Candy Man" - Classic African American Songsters (Smithsonian Folkways)
12:48pm Boduf Songs - "Full of Cherry Blossom In Long Shadows Of Twilight" - Lion Devours the Sun (Kranky)
12:44pm Blonde Redhead - "No More Honey" - Barragán (Kobalt)
12:40pm Martin Gore - "Candy Says" - Counterfeit2 (Reprise)
12:30pm Greg Bowers - "Eurydice Returns" - Rational Measures (Navona)
5:26pm Eureka California - "This Ain't No A-Side" - Crunch (HHBTM)
5:18pm The #1s - "Sharon Shouldn't" - Sharon Shouldn't (Alien Snatch)
5:13pm Chin Chin - "Dark Days" - Sound of the Westway (Slumberland)
5:10pm Cold Beat - "Wave" - Over Me (Crime on the Moon)
5:01pm Foxygen - "How Can You Really" - ...And Star Power (Jagjaguwar)
4:58pm The Dixie Cups - "I'm Gonna Get You Yet" - Chapel of Love (Red Bird)
4:56pm The Opals - "Does It Matter" - Okeh Soul (Epic)
4:53pm The Crystals - "Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby" - Twist Uptown (Philles)
4:42pm Gruppo Sportivo - "Beep Beep Love" - Mistakes (Sire)
4:36pm Here and Now - "Little Things" - All Over The Show (Esoteric)
4:34pm Suburban Lawns - "Janitor" - S/T (I.R.S.)
4:25pm Another Sunny Day - "Anorak City" - London Weekend (Sarah)
4:20pm Broncho - "Class Historian" - Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (Dine Alone)