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Monday, August 31, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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9:28pm Allo Darlin' - "Let's Go Swimming" - Allo Darlin' (Fortuna Pop!)
9:24pm Sea Lions - "Rainfall" - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid to Ask (Slumberland)
9:21pm Cold Beat - "Broken Lines" - Into the Air (Crime on the Moon)
9:20pm Channel Three - "Waiting" - Channel Three (Posh Boy)
9:18pm Peripherique Est - "Hey Jack" - Demos Vol. 2 (Rob's House)
9:15pm Flamenco a Go Go - "Make Me Stinked" - Benten Label Sampler 2001 (Benten)
9:13pm Pointed Sticks - "Marching Song" - Perfect Youth (Quintessence)
9:07pm Tools You Can Trust - "Can of Worms" - Hits and Corruption (H $ C)
9:03pm King Tuts Tomb - "Shred" - Shred (1980)
9:01pm Neoboys - "Never Comes Down" - Never Comes DownGrap ()
8:59pm This Poison - "Poised Over the Pause Button" - CD86 (Castle)
8:55pm Memories - "Dancing In My Dreams" - Home Style (Randy)
8:45pm Grimble Grumble - "Wish Song" - Leaves Leader (Pehr)
8:40pm Deradoorian - "Violet Minded" - The Expanding Flower Plant (Anticon)
8:37pm Helium - "Superball" - The Dirt of Luck (Matador)
8:31pm Thee Oh Sees - "Lupine Ossuary" - Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face)
8:28pm Creepshow - "Tilt a Whirl" - Garage Goodies Vol. 1 (Hitop)
8:25pm Night Riders - "Pretty Plaid Skirt" - Sompin' 9 (Stompin')
8:18pm Orlando Julius - "Alo Mi Alo" - Super Afro Soul (Vampi-Soul)
8:10pm Thee Xntrx - "Evolve Away (feat. Xperience)" - All Your Friend's Friends (KALX)
8:06pm Juni Järvi - "Awake" - Wherever Thou Art (Saltwater)
8:02pm Dinner - "Going Out" - Three Eps, 2012-2014 (Captured Tracks)
7:59pm Humans - "You Don't Wanna Know" - Happy Hour (I.R.S.)
7:57pm White Reaper - "I Don't Think She Cares" - White Reaper Does it Again (Polyvinyl)
7:55pm Modernettes - "Barbra" - Teen City (Quintessence)
7:47pm Erlend Oye - "Every Party Has a Winner and a Loser" - Unrest (Astralwerks)
7:45pm Marie "Queenie" Lyons - "Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing" - I'm a Good Woman (Harmless)
7:42pm Etta James - "Can't Shake It" - DJ Snowboy Presents the Good Foot (BGP)
7:40pm Gene Pitney - "If I Never Get To Love You" - Anthology (Rhino)
7:37pm Pat Shannon - "You're So Wild" - Rare Rock 'n' Roll Volume One (MCA Coral)
7:35pm Johnny London - "Flat Tire" - Black Music Originals (Sun)
7:32pm La Luz - "Don't Wanna Be Anywhere" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
7:26pm Hussy - "Sexi Ladi" - Cement Tomb Mind Control (Slow Fizz)
7:22pm Heart Throbs - "Bang" - Bang (Rough Trade)
7:19pm Blueboy - "Cosmopolitan" - Unisex (Widely Distributed)
7:16pm Seapony - "Couldn't Be" - A Vision (S/R)
7:13pm Human Beinz - "Dance on Through" - Nobody But Me (Capitol)
7:10pm Syl Johnson - "Please, Please, Please" - Complete Mythology (Numero Group)
7:04pm Destroyer - "Bangkok" - Poison Season (Merge)
9:28pm Azusa Plane - "Strings 2" - America is Dreaming of Universal String Theory (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
9:15pm Illuha - "The Relationship of Gravity to the Persistence of Sound" - Akari (12K)
9:10pm Dee Clark - "I Just Can't Help Myself" - His Best Recordings (Solid Smoke)
9:07pm Lispector - "Peachtree Street" - Bearded Ladies (Bird)
9:04pm Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles - "Rounding the Block" - Oh Man, Cover the Ground (Suicide Squeeze)
9:01pm Half-Handed Cloud - "When Overwhelmed With Dread" - Cut Me Down and Count My Rings (Asthmatic Kitty)
8:58pm Titus Andronicus - "Come On, Siobhan" - The Most Lamentable Tragedy (Merge)
8:49pm Christopher Willits - "Release" - Opening (Ghostly International)
8:45pm Ariane Moffatt - "Toute Sa Vie" - 22h22 (Simone)
8:42pm Very Best - "Kamphopo" - Warm Heart of Africa (Green Owl)
8:38pm Valvola - "(One Love) Le Blue Ermetique" - Teenagers Film Their Own Life (Third Gear)