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Friday, November 28, 2014 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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5:25pm Plover - "Flowers" - To The South (Brinkman)
5:21pm Purling Hiss - "Forcefield of Solitude" - Weirdon (Drag City)
5:19pm Monster Treasure - "Weird" - S/T (Harlot)
5:15pm The Icicle Works - "Motorcycle Rider" - Motorcycle Rider (Work)
5:13pm Really Red - "Modern Needs" - Killed By Death vol. 4 (Redrum)
5:09pm King Tuff - "Headbanger" - Black Moon Spell (Sub Pop)
5:04pm Slow Magic - "On Yr Side" - How To Run Away (Downtown)
4:59pm Henry Plotnick - "Field 5" - Fields (Holy Mountain)
4:52pm Serena Maneesh - "Magdalena (Symphony #8)" - No. 2: Abyss In B Minor (4AD)
4:48pm James Mean - "Seeing Her" - Nederbeat Series (Guerssen)
4:45pm The Minx - "Doin' It" - 45 Kings (Fat City)
4:43pm Eurogrup - "Qué Passa Amb Els Duros?" - Pop A La Catalana (Vadim)
4:38pm M+A - "B Song" - These Days (Monotreme)
4:37pm Aislers Set - "Catherine Says" - How I Learned To Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
4:35pm Teenbeats - "High Roll" - Surf Bound (Norton)
4:33pm The Searchers - "Sweets For My Sweet" - The Pye History of British Pop Music (Pye)
4:25pm Dan Deacon - "USA III: Rail" - America (Domino)
4:21pm Mono Pause - "At The End of Yours" - Peeping Through The Listen Hole (Electro Motive)
4:04pm Sea Stories - "Grey Rains" - To Light to Home Fires (Rampant)
3:56pm Photon Band - "Closer" - It's A Lonely Planet (Darla)
3:55pm Teenage Fanclub - "LIfe's A Gas" - What You Do To Me (Creation)
3:48pm Apache Dropout - "Detective" - Heavy Window (Magnetic South)
3:47pm Girl Tears - "Candy Darling" - S/T (Sinderlyn)
3:46pm Underachievers - "I'll Be There For You" - Nobody Gets on The Guest-List! (Throbbing Lobster)
3:44pm Lazy - "Jacked Up Nova" - You And Me (Roadrunner)
3:41pm Heavenly - "Fat Lenny" - Operation Heavenly (K)
3:39pm Sourpatch - "Toothache" - S/T (HHBTM)
3:37pm Habibi - "Detroit Baby" - S/T (Burger)
3:34pm The Yolks - "I Want Your Number" - Kings of Awesome! (Randy)
3:24pm Orchestra Harlow - "Freak Off" - Freak Off (Harmless)
3:22pm Dyke and the Blazers - "Shotgun Slim" - So Sharp! (Kent)
3:19pm Evolution Phase 1 - "Theme Pour La Mort" - Freakout Total Vol. 3 (Mucho Gusto)
3:18pm Jacqueline Taieb - "Bravo" - Tres Chic! (Ace)
3:16pm Go-Betweens - "People Say" - The Lost Album: 78 til 79 (Jetset)
3:14pm Dimitri From Paris - "Un World Mysteriouse" - Sacrebleu (Atlantic)
3:14pm Broncho - "What" - Just Enough Hip To Be Woman1 (Dine Alone)
3:09pm Allo Darlin' - "Crickets in the Rain" - We Come From The Same Place (Slumberland)
3:06pm Flying Saucer Attack - "Up in Her Eyes" - New Lands (Drag City)
5:26pm Rockin' Continentals - "Count Dracula" - Surfin' In The Midwest (Unlimited Productions)
5:23pm The Birthday Party - "Release The Bats" - A Collection (Missing Link)
5:20pm Screaming Lord Sutch - "Dracula's Daughter" - Story (7777)
5:17pm Tough Shits - "Holding A Séance" - S/T (Burger)
5:14pm Ulterior Motive - "Haunted House" - It Came From Canada (OG)
5:09pm Almighty Defenders - "Ghost With The Most" - S/T (Vice)
5:04pm Frantics - "Werewolf" - Songs The Cramps Taught Us (STCTC)
5:01pm Satan's Pilgrims - "Gravewalk" - Halloween Hootenanny (Zombie A Go-Go)
4:59pm Ghost Wolves - "Grave Dollas" - Man, Woman, Beast (Plowboy)
4:57pm Reynolds Family - "Eyeball Skeleton" - Merry Christmas (S/R)
4:55pm The Moontrekkers - "Night of the Vampire" - It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)
4:52pm Hollywood Flames - "Frankenstein's Den" - Madness Invasion (GMG)