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Monday, August 12, 2013 - 9:30pm - 11:59pm Friday, August 8, 2014 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time
5:58pm Marilene - "Sinal Vermelho" - Black Rio 2 (Strut)
5:53pm Papercuts - "Staring At The Bright Lights" - Life Among The Savages (Easy Sound)
5:50pm Daniel Johnston - "Walking The Cow" - Hi, How Are You (Homestead)
5:47pm True Believers - "Accept It!" - Accept It! (New Age)
5:43pm Purple Hearts - "Millions Like Us" - Head On Collision Time (Razor)
5:40pm Spook School - "I'll Be Honest" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
5:37pm Merton Parkas - "Face in the Crowd" - Face in the Crowd (Beggars Banquet)
5:32pm Mount Eerie - "The Hidden Stone" - Wind's Poem (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
5:30pm Hospitality - "Inauguration" - Trouble (Merge)
5:27pm Fine Steps - "All Day Long" - All Day Long (Volar)
5:23pm Part Time - "Seashells" - PDA (Kemado)
5:20pm Matt Kivel - "Days of Being Wild" - Days of Being Wild (Woodsist)
5:14pm Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens - "Everybody Knows" - Cold World (Daptone)
5:11pm Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces - "Searching For My Baby" - Beg Scream & Shout (Rhino)
5:09pm Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - "I'm In Love (And I Know it)" - Ridin' High (Gordy)
5:06pm Francoise Hardy - "Tout Ce Qu'on M'a Dit" - Francoise... (4 Corners)
5:04pm Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With A Purpose)" - Floristry (Fishrider)
5:01pm The Bartlebees - "My Fave Ex-Wife" - Our Floating Images of Youth (Vinyl Japan)
4:58pm Cold Beat - "Wave" - Over Me (Crime on the Moon)
4:49pm Purling Hiss - "Water on Mars" - Water On Mars (Drag City)
4:47pm Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - "A Wizard Doesn't Need A Computer" - Hunger (Castle Face)
4:44pm Turkish Delight - "Spin" - Spin (Prude)
4:38pm Okoi Seka Athanase - "Melokon Membun Ou" - Ivory Coast Soul (Hot Casa)
4:33pm Curtis Harding - "Freedom" - Soul Power (Burger)
4:29pm Timber Timbre - "The New Tomorrow" - Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
4:24pm DM Stith - "Pigs" - Heavy Ghost Appendices (Asthmatic Kitty)
4:22pm Skygreen Leopards - "Selling T-shirts" - Family Crimes (Woodsist)
4:12pm Once and Future Band - "Destroy Me" - Brain (Mouth)
4:10pm Outsiders - "You're Everything On Earth" - CQ (Polydor)
4:07pm Proper Ornaments - "Now I Understand" - Wodoen Hand (Slumberland)
4:05pm The Marketts - "Other Limits" - Out of Limits (Warner Bros.)
4:03pm The Beatle-ettes - "Only Seventeen" - Better Than The Beatles (Knight)
3:59pm Les Sauterelles - "I Love How You Love Me" - Swiss Beat Generation (Jaxxx)
3:56pm La Sera - "Losing To The Dark" - Hour of the Dawn (Hardly Art)
3:49pm Chin Chin - "Never Surrender" - Sound of the Westway (Slumberland)
3:45pm The Wall - "Fight The Fright" - Personal Troubles (Fresh)
3:43pm Stychnine - "Ex Bx" - Paink: French Punk Anthems (Born Bad)
3:41pm Smart Pils - "Life Cycle" - Open Mind Surgery (Bluurg)
3:38pm Times New Viking - "Mor eRumours" - Dancer Equired (Merge)
3:36pm The Triggers - "Clones" - Medicine (Jonny Cat)
3:26pm Tra La La - "Typewriter" - Typewriter (Audra Glint)
3:22pm Ice Cream Mission To Mars - "Sleeping Dream Monsters" - S/T (Toy Moon)
3:20pm tUnE-yArDs - "Rocking Chair" - Nikki Nack (4AD)
3:16pm Alex Konadu - "Asaase Asa" - Aribe Nagoodey (Makossa)
3:14pm White Fence - "Like That" - For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City)
3:04pm Can - "Oh Yeah" - Tago Mago (Restless Retro)
5:59pm Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine - "Just A Little Bit Longer" - Let Me Be Your Man (Truth And Soul)
5:54pm The Siglap Five - "Gembira Ria" - Steam Kodok (Grey Past)
5:49pm Les Loups Noirs - "Pile Ou Face" - Haiti Direct (Strut)
5:46pm Monster Rally - "Moonglow" - Coral (Gold Robot)
5:41pm Pure X - "Twisted Mirror" - Pleasure (Acephale)
5:37pm Luluc - "Passerby" - Passerby (Sub Pop)
5:30pm Dry Heaves - "The Swell" - Boogie Till Ya Puke (S/R)
5:27pm The Galaxies IV - "Don't Loose Your Mind" - Turns On A Bum Ride (Anthology)
5:24pm The Flies - "Put All That Behind Me Now" - Get Wise (Homestead)
5:21pm Lower - "Another Life" - Seek Warmer Climes (Matador)
5:18pm Pixies - "Dig For Fire" - Bossanova (Elektra)
5:16pm Darlings - "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" - Warma (Famous Class)
5:13pm Trick Mammoth - "Baltimore" - Floristry (Fishrider)
5:12pm Tiger Trap - "Supreme Nothing" - S/T (K)
5:05pm The Beginning of The End - "Monkey Tamarind" - Funky Nassau (Alston)
5:03pm Drummetts - "Funky Soul" - All The Ladies Need Funk (Parlour)
4:59pm Scott Williams - "Empty Shoes" - Lemme Love You (Double Bill)
4:54pm Black Angels - "Sunday Evening" - Clear Lake Forest (Blue Horizon)
4:51pm The Living Daylights - "Always With Him" - The Psychedelic Snarl (Bam Caruso)
4:49pm The Pandoras - "He's Not Far" - It's About Time (Voxx)
4:43pm Wendy Rene - "Last Love" - After Laughter Comes Tears (Light in The Attic)
4:41pm Dee Clark - "Your Friends" - His Best Recordings (Solid Smoke)
4:39pm Ronnie Dawson - "Congratulations To Me" - Rockin' Bones (Crystal Clear Sound)
4:37pm Johnny Horton - "I'm Coming Home" - High On A Mountain, I Tell You What I See... (Bear Family)
4:35pm Wanda Jackson - "Funnel of Love" - Respect (Rhino)
4:32pm Timber Timbre - "Curtains!?" - Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
4:27pm Rayon Beach - "Oh Yeah" - This Looks Serious (Hozac)
4:25pm Avantis - "Phantom Surfer" - Wax 'em Down! (Revell)
4:21pm 5-6-7-8's - "Edie Is A Sweet Candy" - Edie Is A Sweet Candy (Rockville)
4:18pm The Shades of Night - "Fluctuation" - Fluctuation (Norton)
4:16pm Half Rats - "For The Sake Of Love" - For The Sake of Love (Douchemaster)
4:09pm Amen Dunes - "White Child" - Love (Sacred Bones)
4:03pm Girls - "Summertime" - Album (True Panther Sounds)
4:00pm The Prudes - "Something Tells Me..." - P.S. I'm Leaving (Imaginary)
3:56pm Psychic TV - "Stolen Kisses" - Force The Hand of Chance (Some Bizarre)
3:47pm tUnE-yArDs - "Look Around" - Nikki Nack (4AD)
3:42pm Connect_icut - "Bathroom Mirror (Smash Patriarchy)" - Small Town By The Sea (Aagoo)
3:39pm Daedelus - "Pursed Lips Reply" - Invention (Plug Research)
3:36pm Mighty Sparrow - "No, Doctor, No" - Calypso Awakening (Smithsonian Folkways)
3:34pm Bobby Dobyne & The Barefacts - "Soulful Sound of Music" - The Birmingham Sound vol. 2 (Rabbit Factory)
3:24pm The Lemon Drops - "Talk To The Animals" - Psychedelic Crown Jewels (Gear Fab)
3:21pm The Vibrarians - "The Woods" - Red Light (K)
3:19pm The Brogues - "But Now I Find" - Someday (Sundazed)
3:16pm The Tornadoes - "Bumbe Bee Stomp" - Beyond The Surf (Sundazed)
3:13pm Mood Six - "What Have You Ever Done?" - A Matter of! (Passport)
3:09pm La Sera - "Hour Of The Dawn" - Hour Of The Dawn (Hardly Art)
3:03pm Sonny and the Sunsets - "Green Blood" - Antenna To The Afterworld (Polyvinyl)
5:00am Stravinsky - "Violin Concerto in D Major" - Violin Concerto in D Major (Dover)
4:09am Orson Wells - "War of the Wolrds" - Old Time Radio Vol. 1 (Smithsonian)
11:56pm Birds of California - "Golden Days" - One and Only (Jigsaw)
11:51pm Jim & Bob - "St. Louis Blues" - Hawaiin Steel Guitar Classics (Arhoolie)
11:48pm Carl Smith - "If Teardrops Were Pennies" - The Essential Carl Smith (Columbia)
11:43pm Robert Pete Williams - "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere" - Free Again (Prestige)
11:41pm Skip Spence - "All Come To Meet Her" - Oar (Columbia)