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...what was that band...shoot...what was that, the guy with the hair...damn, what was that band...

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 9:30pm - 11:59pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time
11:56pm Blevin Blectum - -
11:48pm Space Lady - "Domine, Libra Nos/Showdown" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
11:44pm Los Sampler's - "Descarga Mecano" - Descargas (Rather Interesting)
11:42pm Ice Cream Mission To Mars - "Dr. Evermor And The Forevertron" - s/t (Toy Moon)
11:34pm Slough Feg - "Laser Enforcer" - Digital Resistance (Metal Blade)
11:30pm Ratos De Porao - "Stone Dead Forever" - No Money No English (Roadrunner)
11:24pm Slint - "Good Morning, Captain" - Spiderland (Touch and Go)
11:13pm Be-Bop Deluxe - "Crying To The Sky" - Sunburst Finish (Harvest)
11:11pm Devon Williams - "Flowers" - Gilding The Lily (Slumberland)
11:07pm Fixx - "Secret Separation" - Walkabout (MCA)
11:00pm Once And Future Band - "Destroy Me" - Brain (Mouth)
10:49pm Extra Classic - "A Little Rain" - Showcase (Nopal)
10:45pm Ken Boothe - "Everything I Own" - 20 Reggae Blockbusters (Trojan)
10:43pm Luluc - "Small Window" - Passerby (Sub Pop)
10:40pm Rodrigo Amarante - "Tardei" - Cavalo (Easy Sound)
10:36pm Bridget St. John - "I Don't Know If I Can Take It" - Jumblequeen (BGO)
10:34pm Tiny Ruins - "Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens" - Brightly Painted One (Arch Hill)
10:24pm Donovan - "Tangier" - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Epic)
10:19pm Eclipse - "Sunshine Superman" - Night And Day (Casablanca)
10:14pm Total Control - "Glass" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
10:11pm Feederz - "Lobster Quadrile" - Teachers In Space (Flaming Banker)
10:08pm Iowa Beef Experience - "Beef Is Belief" - Coolass Gravytrain (Vinyl Solution)
10:06pm Today'shits - "Number 4" - Sex Boys (Randy)
9:58pm Harm Farm - "Jersey Devil" - Spawn (Alias)
9:56pm Jim Ford - "Dr. Handy's Dandy Candy" - The Sounds Of Our Time (Bear Family)
9:52pm Emmylou Harris - "Two More Bottles Of Wine" - Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town (Warner Bros.)
9:48pm TV Mike & The Scarecrows - "Water For Friction" - Out At Sea (Royal Oakie)
9:46pm Jerry Colonna - "Bell Bottom Trousers" - Mairzy
9:34pm Blevin Blectum - "Incinerating Zeros" - Irradianc (Estuary)
11:50pm High Mountain Tempel - "Root Food, Deer Mating (Moon Psalm)" - Gnosis (Lotus House)
11:44pm Space Lady - "Born To Be Wild" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
11:41pm Scorpions - "Hold Me Tight" - Animal Magnetism (Mercury)
11:37pm Cirith Ungol - "Fire" - One Foot In Hell (Metal Blade)
11:33pm Hunt - "Standing In The Road" - Back On The Hunt (Visa)
11:29pm Deathrays - "What It Means" - Songs From A Vacuum (s/r)
11:19pm Fotheringay - "The Sea" - s/t (A&M)
11:16pm Kaminumada Yohji - "track 6" - Second (Ebisu)
11:11pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Kodama" - Forest Of Lost Children (Beyond Beyond Beyond)
11:07pm Kampec Dolores - "A Bivaly Hatan" - A Bivaly Hatan (ReR)
11:04pm Montien Tienthong - "Kor Kai" - The Sound Of Siam, Vol. 2 (Soundway)
10:52pm Steely Dan - "Night By Night" - Pretzel Logig (ABC)
10:49pm Pure X - "Valley Of Tears" - Angel (Fat Possum)
10:46pm Sharades - "Dumb Head" - Let's Go! Joe Meek's Girls (RPM)
10:44pm Norm Burns& Singers - "Wow We Wow" - MSR vol 5 & 6 (MSR)
10:43pm Fartz - "Idiots Rule" - This Fuckin' World Stinks 7" (Fartz)
10:41pm 999999999 - "White Devils" - White Devils (Hozac)
10:37pm Dancer - "Bitchin' Heat" - Bitchin' Heat (Grazer)
10:33pm Klaatu - "Sub-Rosa Subway" - s/t (Capitol)
10:29pm Once & Future Band - "The Old Brain" - Brain (Mouth)
10:19pm Holmes Brothers - "Well I Stayed At The Party" - Brotherhood (Alligator)
10:16pm Edson Duarte - "Sopa De Piqui" - O Melhor Do Forro (Veleiro)
10:14pm Maria Bethania - "Dia 4 De Dezembro" - A Tua Presenca (Philips)
10:11pm Gilberto Gil - "Essa E Pra Tocar No Radio" - Cidade Do Salvador (Polygram)
10:08pm Los Disco Duro - "Muchachada" - Te Lo Creo (Discos Mas)
9:56pm Brownout - "N.I.B." - Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity)
9:52pm Spaceboy - "Spaceship" - Maze 7" (Galaxia)
9:45pm Hawkwind - "Running Through The Back Brain" - The Flicknife Years 1981-1988 (Atomhenge)
9:42pm rRope - "Ok Nic" - We Are You There (Deathbomb Arc)
9:33pm Watter - "Seawater" - The World (Temporary Residence)
11:58pm Survivor - "Eye Of The Tiger" - American Top 40 8-14-1982 (Watermark)
11:57pm Casey Kasem - "intro to #1 song of 8-14-1982" - American Top 40 8-14-1982 (Watermark)
11:53pm Inventions - "Peaceable Child" - s/t (Temporary Residence)
11:50pm Los Disco Duro - "Te Lo Creo" - Te Lo Creo (Discos Mas)
11:49pm Casey Kasem - "song dedication" - American Top 40 8-14-1982 (Watermark)
11:46pm Rodrigo Amarante - "Hourglass" - Amarante (Easy Sound)
11:39pm Sun Kil Moon - "I Love My Dad" - Benji (Caldo Verde)
11:35pm Carl Hultgren - "No Other" - Tomorrow (Blue Flea)
11:25pm Trystette - "Hip To Be A Hybrid" -
11:21pm Meta Meta - "Orunmila" - Metal Metal (Mais Um Discos)
11:17pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Hem" - Forest Of Lost Children (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
11:11pm Trans Am - "Anthropocene" - Volume X EP (Thrill Jockey)
11:08pm Alex Chilton - "B-A-B-Y" - Feudalist Tarts (Big Time)
11:05pm People's Temple - "Good TImes, Bad Luck" - Musical Garden (Hozac)
10:57pm Wendy Rene - "Gone For Good" - After Laughter Comes Tears (Light In the Attic)
10:53pm Althea & Donna - "Uptown Top Ranking" - Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin)
10:48pm Raoul Guillaume et Son Groupe - "Mal Eleve" - Haiti Direct (Strut)
10:46pm Master Drummers Of Dagbon - "Gumbe" - s/t (Rounder)
10:39pm Man Forever With So Percussion - "Ryonen" - Ryonen (Thrill Jockey)
10:30pm Laaz Rockit - "Dreams Die Hard" - No Stranger To Danger (Target)
10:24pm Ashbury - "Vengeance" - Endless Skies (Rockadrome)
10:19pm Hugh Hopper - "Get Together" - Monster Band (Atmosphere)
10:12pm Once & Future Band - "Destroy Me" - Brain (Mouth)
9:58pm Arthur Russell - "The Name Of The Next Song" - World Of Echo (Audika)
9:52pm Metronomy - "Never Wanted" - Love Letters (Because)
9:50pm Andy Clark - "Pushing The Limits" - Open Your Mind (KPM)
9:47pm Toto - "Farenheit" - Farenheit (Sony)
9:42pm Trooper - "Cold, Cold Toronto" - Knock 'Em Dead Kid (MCA)
9:39pm Doug Gillard - "Ready For Death" - Parade On (Nine Mile)
9:34pm Inventions - "Peaceable Child" - s/t (Temporary Residence)
11:55pm Deison & Mingle - "Settled Apathy (Hospital)" - Everything Collapse[d] (Aagoo)
11:50pm National Health - "Borogoves (Part I)" - s/t (Affinity)
11:45pm Once & Future Band - "Destroy Me" - Brain (Mouth)
11:43pm Space Lady - "Slapback Boomerang" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
11:37pm Amen Dunes - "Lonely Richard" - Love Will Find A Way (Sacred Bones)
11:33pm Kri Kri - "Wahdi" - 1970's Algerian Folk And Pop (Sublime Frequencies)
11:29pm Nass El Ghiwan - "Ya Chafi, Ya Afi" - Chants Gnawa Du Maroc (Buda)
11:27pm Back Magic - "The Thing I Am" - Chorus Line To Hell (Milvia Son)
11:24pm Granicus - "When You're Movin" - s/t (RCA Victor)
11:20pm Tweak Bird - "Siie Preach" - Any Ol' Way (Let)
11:10pm Spencer Owen - "Factory Message" - Blue Circle (s/r)