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All that Jazz...for one hour! Every Friday night / Saturday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:59am Dave Douglas - "Bridge To Nowhere" - Time Traveler (Green Leaf)
12:56am Gene Ammons - "Polka Dots And Moonbeams" - In Sweden (Enja)
12:52am Gabor Szabo - "Autumn Leaves/Speak To" - Spell Binder (Impulse!)
12:49am Sonny Sharrock & Nicky Skopelitis - "In The Flesh" - Faith Moves (CMP)
12:40am Eric Dolphy - "Bee Vamp (Alternate Take)" - The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige)
12:33am Charlie Haden - "Silence" - The Ballad Of The Fallen (ECM)
12:29am Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd - "Samba Triste" - Jazz Samba (Verve)
12:25am Betty Roche' - "September In The Rain" - Take The "A" Train (Bethlehem)
12:20am Ben Webster - "Early Autumn" - Ballads (Verve)
12:15am Chris Connor - "Indian Summer ( Alternate Take)" - Chris (Bethlehem)
12:12am Charles LLoyd & Billy Higgins - "A Wild And Holy Band" - Which Way Is East (EMC)
12:07am Gabor Szabo - "The Beat Goes On" - The Sorcerer Live At The Jazz Workshop Boston Mass. (Impulse!)
12:01am Thelonious Monk - "Round Midnight" - Live At The Club (Columbia)
12:55am Sarah Vaughan - "Doodlin'" - no Count Sarah (Wercury)
12:52am Shep Fields - "" - ()
12:49am Harry James - "Ballad For Beatniks" - The Unstoppables! (Verve)
12:46am Woody Herman - "Fan It" - The Small Groups: New Directions (Columbia)
12:41am Henry Busse and His Shuffle Rhythm Orchestra - "Busse Bounce" - The Uncollected Henry Busse 1941-44 (Hindsight)
12:38am Freddy Johnson and Lex Von Spall w/Rosie Poindexter - "Haarlem Hot Club Stomp" - Swingtime in Europe 1934-1938 (The Old Masters)
12:36am McKinney's Cotton Picckers - "Plain Dirt" - The Complete McKinney's Cotten Pickers Volumes 1 & 2 (RCA Victor)
12:33am Paul Whiteman Orchestra w/Frank Trumbauer - "Take Your Tomorrow" - The Bix Beiderbecke Story: Whiteman Days 3 (Columbia)
12:28am Sidney Bechet - "Blues in the Air" - Master Musician (Bluebird)
12:26am George Auld w/Kay Foster - "Imagination" - 1940-1945 (Classics)
12:23am Artie Shaw Orchestra - "Azure" - Artie Shaw and His New Music (Alamac)
12:20am Fats Waller - "Christopher Columbus (a Rhythm Cocktail)" - The Complete Fats Waller Volume III 1935-1936 (Bluebird)
12:14am Chick Webb Orchestra - "Don't Be That Way" - s/t (MCA)
12:11am Valaida Snow - "I Must Have That Man" - Harlem Comes to London (World circut)
12:08am George Hall and His Orchestra - "Gandy Dancer" - The Uncollected George Hall 1937 (Hindsight)
12:05am Abe Lyman w/Rose Blane - "Nice Dreamin' Baby" - The Uncollected Abe Lyman 1941 (Hindsight)
12:02am Gene Austin - "If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)" - This Is Gene Austin (RCA Victor)
12:54am Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo - "Reverberations" - Force Majeure (Delmark)
12:52am Mic Break - "--" - -- (--)
12:47am Watts Ensemble - "Fall (excerpt)" - Crime & Time (Kill Shaman)
12:44am Jenny Schienman - "That's Delight" - Crossing The Field (Koch)
12:38am Jeff Denson & Claudio Puntin - "Variation On A Point Of View" - Two (pfMentum)
12:31am Luis Bonilla - "Uh, Uh, Uh..." - I Talking Now (Planet Arts)
12:28am Mic Break - "--" - -- (--)
12:22am Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp - "Novu's Final Gift" - Cosmic Lieder: The Darkseid Recital (AUM Fidelity)
12:17am Stranahan, Zaleski, Rosato - "Motian Sickness" - Limitless (Capri)
12:07am Roy Campbell - "Malcolm, Martin and Mandela" - Ethnic Stew And Brew (Delmark)
12:04am Mic Break - "--" - -- (--)
12:01am Nancy Wilson - "In The Dark" - Naturally (Captiol)
12:54am Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra w/Pee Wee Hunt - "The Bottom Man on the Totem Pole" - The Best of Glen Gray (MCA)
12:50am Roy Eldridge Orchestra - "Oh Shut Up" - I Remember Harlem (Inner City)
12:48am Billy Butterfield Orchestra - "You've Got Me Crying Again" - The Uncollected Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra 1946 (Hindsight)
12:45am Benny Carter Orchestra - "Cruisin'" - Benny Carter (1928-1952 (RCA Victor)
12:43am Hal Kemp Orchestra w/Skinnay - "Puddin Head Jones" - 2 Complete Broadcasts Vol1 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra 1934 (Hindsight)
12:39am Les Brown and His Band of Reknown - "Checkin' In" - Les Brown in Town (Capitol)
12:36am Joe Williams w/Count Basie Orchestra - "I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me" - The Greatest! (Verve)
12:33am Knut Kieswetter y Su Dixieband - "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" - Happy Dixie (Sonochord)