Scratchy Vinyl

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Presented in low-quality stereophonic sound, the Scratchy Vinyl show is the program on KALX where the music will go in one ear and out the other

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

5:27pm Foxygen - "Star Power Airlines" - And Star Power (Jagjaguwar)
5:25pm The New Pornographers - "Spyder" - Brill Bruisers (Matador)
5:21pm Phenomonauts - "Dear God" - Escape Velocity (Silver Sprocket)
5:18pm Dead Kennedys - "Rawhide" - Test Pressing (Monarch)
5:16pm Bobs - "Helter Skelter" - S/T (Kaleidoscope)
5:14pm Zarah Leander - "Opium" - Opium (Inversum)
5:12pm Antsy Pants - "Vampire" - Juno Soundtrack (Rhino)
5:09pm Karen O - "Rapt" - Crush Songs (Cult Records)
5:04pm Blondie - "Puerto Rico" - Little Doll (Barbie)
5:01pm God Help the Girl - "God Help the Girl" - God Help the Girl (Milan)
4:56pm David Bowie - "Oh You Pretty Things" - Hunky Dory (RCA)
4:52pm Malcolm McLaren - "Carmen" - Carmen (Charisma)
4:48pm Perfume Genius - "Queen" - Too Bright (Matador)
4:44pm Chaise Lounge - "Cool" - Dot Dot Dot (Modern Songbook)
4:40pm Dead Milkmen - "Pretty Music For Pretty People" - Pretty Music For Pretty People (S/R)
4:36pm Jammy and the Smack - "I Wanna Peel" - Back to Your Old Ways (Mysterious Mammal Recording)
4:32pm Sex Pistols - "Stepping Stone" - Stepping Stone (Virgin)
4:27pm Sex Pistols - "Sex Pistols Propoganda" - Stepping Stone (Virgin)
4:20pm Lou Reed - "Vicious" - Transformer (RCA)
4:16pm Django Mack - "Devils Watering Hole" - Sweet Life (Phasepacket)
4:12pm Jesus and Mary Chain - "Who Do You Love" - Earth Girls are Easy Soundtrack (Sire)
4:09pm April Smith and the Great Picture Show - "Wow and Flutter" - Songs For a Sinking Ship (S/R)
4:05pm Imelda May - "Tribal" - Tribal (Decca)
3:55pm Snow Angel - "Drunken Love" - S/T (S/R)
3:51pm Camino Sutra - "Bloom/ Melt" - S/T (S/R)
3:45pm Snow Angel - "This Is Where We Go" - S/T (S/R)
3:25pm Gabby La La - "One Day" - S/T (S/R)
3:15pm Snow Angel - "Nighttime Lives Here" - Live on KALX (S/R)
3:10pm Snow Angel - "So Sick So Cool" - S/T (S/R)
3:03pm Beatles - "Within You WIthout You" - Sgt Peppers (Capitol)
5:25pm Suzy Seacell - "Me and My Vibrator" - Circus Royale (Rhino)
5:22pm Red Devils - "Tearing My Hair Out" - Best of LA Rockabilly (Rhino)
5:18pm Frankie Laine - "Mule Train" - The Best of Jukebx Rock (Biem)
5:15pm Alleycats - "Too Much Junk" - Nightmare City (Time Coast)
5:11pm Sleator Kinney - "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" - Start Together 1994-2006 A sampler (Sub Pop)
5:08pm X - "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline" - Los Angeles (Slash)
5:00pm Jimi Hendrix - "Stone Free" - Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits (Reprise)
4:54pm Ricki Lee Jones - "Easy Money" - S/t (Warner Bros.)
4:51pm Tom Waits - "Semi Suite" - Heart of a Saturday Night (Gema Biem)
4:48pm Django Mack - "The Devil's Watering Hole" - Sweet Life (Phasepacket)
4:36pm Beatles - "Free as a Bird" - Anthology 1 (Apple)
4:31pm Liminanas - "Votre Cote Yeye M'emmerde" - Costa Blanca (Trouble in Mind)
4:28pm Death By Chocolate - "Bibi Gin" - Zap the World (Jet Set)
4:25pm Barbarellatones - "Fake English Accents" - Fake English Accents (Sex With Lurch)
4:13pm God Help the Girl - "Perfection as a Hipster" - God Help the Girl (Milan)
4:10pm Depeche Mode - "Route 66" - Earth Girls are Easy Soundtrack (Sire)
4:05pm Jammy and the Smack - "I Wanna Peel" - Back to Your Old Ways (Mysterious Mammal Recording)
4:00pm Frank Zappa - "Absoluely Free" - Lumpy Gravy (Ryko)
3:51pm Lene Lovich - "I Think We're Alone Now" - The Last Stiff Compiliation (Stiff)
3:48pm Miriam - "Questioningly" - Nobody's Baby (Norton)