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A manic, sleep-deprived stew of '70s punk, glam, rockabilly, '50s rocknroll, doowop, '60s girl groups, pub rock, garage, punkrocknroll, and whatever else provokes riots on your own personal dance floor.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:57pm Action Time - "The World Is Against Us" - Versus the World (Southern)
2:53pm Beach Day - "Gnarly Waves" - Native Echoes (Kanine)
2:51pm Kids on a Crime Spree - "We're So Good" - We're So Good (s/r)
2:49pm Cocktails - "No Blondes (in California)" - No Blondes (in California) (Father Daughter)
2:46pm Literature - "The English Softhearts" - Chorus (Slumberland)
2:41pm The Tornados - "Globetrotter" - Joe Meek: Portrait of a Genius (Castle-Face)
2:38pm The Bristols - "You're a Moody Guy" - Tune In With... (Damaged Goods)
2:34pm Pizzicato Five - "Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy vs. James Bond" - Made in USA (Matador)
2:32pm Teresa Khoo - "You Don't Know Baby" - Let's A Go-Go! (Silver Tortoise)
2:27pm The Deviants - "Garbage" - Ptoof! (Esoteric)
2:21pm The Thunderbolts - "March of the Spacemen" - Joe Meek: Portrait of a Genius (Capitol)
2:17pm Mike Rep and the Quotas - "Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man" - Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man (HoZac)
2:15pm Straight Arrows - "Can't Stand It" - Rising (HoZac)
2:12pm Cock Sparrer - "What's It Like to Be Old" - Rarities (Captain Oi!)
2:09pm The Adverts - "No TIme to Be 21" - Land of Milk and Honey (Bright)
2:07pm Bauhaus - "Dancing" - Mask (Beggars Banquet)
2:05pm Surface Music - "I Am a Janitor" - I Am a Janitor (Red Rose)
1:57pm Jimmie Haskell - "Rockin' in the Orbit" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
1:54pm Jan & Dean - "Baby Talk" - Golden Age of American RocknRoll vol. 4 (Ace)
1:52pm Mothers of Invention - "Deseri" - Cruising with Ruben & the Jets (Verve)
1:50pm Miriam - "Not for Me" - Nobody's Baby (Norton)
1:49pm Fabian - "Hypnotized" - Greatest Hits (Trip)
1:47pm Robin Clark - "Daddy, Daddy" - Donna Lynn Meets Robin Clark (Rare Rockin)
1:45pm Davila 666 - "No Crees Que Ya Cansa" - Forever Singles (Suicide Squeeze)
1:42pm Phil Seymour - "Precious to Me" - s/t (Boardwalk)
1:39pm Reigning Sound - "My My" - Shattered (Merge)
1:31pm Extra Classic - "Crashing Waves" - Showcase (Nopal)
1:29pm Today'sHits - "Why Baby, Why?" - Sex Boys (Randy)
1:26pm The Clean - "Tally Ho!" - Compilation (Au-Go-Go)
1:23pm The Chills - "Heavenly Pop Hit" - Submarine Bells (Slash)
1:20pm David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - "Lose Myself in Sound" - End Times Undone (Merge)
1:13pm Allah-Las - "Ferus Gallery" - Worship the Sun (Innovative Leisure)
1:08pm Greg Ashley - "Bruises" - Another Generation of Slaves (Trouble in Mind)
1:05pm Jesus and Mary Chain - "My Girl" - The Complete John Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
1:02pm Roky Erickson - "Starry Eyes" - Clear Night for Love (New Rose)
12:55pm Mary Monday & the Bitches - "I Gave My Punk Jacket to Richie" - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Richie (HoZac)
12:52pm Strychnine - "Ex bx" - Paink: French Punk Anthems (Born Bad)
12:50pm The Shapes - "(I Saw) Batman (in the Launderette)" - Messthetics #103 (Hyped to Death)
12:48pm J.D. Buhl - "Do Ya Blame Me" - Do Ya Blame Me (Driving)
12:45pm The Steadys - "Dancing in My Life" - Grandma's Boyfriend/Steadys split 7" (Dirty Rabbit)
12:43pm The Sorrows - "Bad Times Good Times" - Bad Times Good Times (Bomp)
12:39pm Dwight Twilley Band - "Burnin' Sand" - Shark (HoZac)
12:37pm Games - "About Me" - Little Elise (HoZac)
12:30pm The Barbaras - "Only One" - 2006-2008 (Goner)
12:28pm Box Elders - "Atlantis" - Alice and Friends (Goner)
12:25pm Outer Minds - "Ordinary" - Bloodshot Eyes (HoZac)
12:22pm Sonic Chicken 4 - "Neon Nights" - s/t (Dusty Medical)
12:20pm Los Apson - "Triste Luna (Mr. Moonlight)" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
12:15pm Eddie Platt - "Cha-Hua-Hua" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
12:13pm Johnny Dole & the Scabs - "Psycho-Analyst" - Go and Do It (Small Axe)