Tiger Lily

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A manic, sleep-deprived stew of '70s punk, glam, rockabilly, '50s rocknroll, doowop, '60s girl groups, pub rock, garage, punkrocknroll, and whatever else provokes riots on your own personal dance floor.


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2:59pm Sir Lord Von Raven - "Bare Bottom Time" - The Age of Machines (Guitars & Bongos)
2:57pm Nelson Riddle - "Lolita Ya Ya" - Cocktail Mix vol. 4 (Rhino)
2:55pm Conchita Velasco - "Chica Ye-Ye" - Leyendas del Pop Rock Espanol (OK)
2:52pm Frank Alamo - "Le Chef de la Bande" - Pop! Pop! Pigalle! (Triage Music)
2:50pm Katsuko Kanai - "Mini Mini Girl" - Nippon Girls vol. 2 (Ace)
2:44pm Mary Monday & the Bitches - "I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie" - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie (HoZac)
2:41pm Taxi - "Je Tombe en Bas" - I'm Dead (Hang Over)
2:38pm Menace - "Electrocutioner" - G.L.C.: The Menace Final Vinyl (Get Back)
2:35pm Eater - "No Brains" - The Album (The Label)
2:33pm The Equals - "Diversion" - Glam-o-Rama vol. 2 (Kiss Kiss)
2:29pm Jook - "Bish Bash Bosh" - Jook Rule (Sing Sing)
2:27pm The Honeycombs - "She's Too Way Out" - s/t (PRT)
2:21pm Jimmie Haskell - "Rockin' in the Orbit" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
2:19pm Dead Boys - "Down in Flames" - Young, Loud and Snotty (Sire)
2:16pm Channel 3 - "Catholic Boy" - Fear of Life (Posh Boy)
2:14pm Bad Religion - "We're Only Gonna Die" - How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Epitaph)
2:10pm Nick Lowe - "Heart of the City (live)" - Jesus of Cool (Radar)
2:07pm The Damned - "Neat Neat Neat" - Neat Neat Neat (Stiff)
1:57pm Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - "Born to Lose (instr.)" - L.A.M.F.: the lost '77 mixes (Jungle)
1:54pm Sorrows - "Teenage Heartbreak" - Bad Times Good Times (Bomp)
1:52pm J.D. Buhl - "Do Ya Blame Me" - Do Ya Blame Me (Driving)
1:50pm Cocktails - "A Little Bit Faster" - Adult Life (Father Daughter)
1:47pm Sonic Chicken 4 - "Neon Nights" - s/t (Dusty Medical)
1:44pm Anna & the Spectors - "Ups to You" - Space Escapade Unit 1 (Elefant)
1:42pm Parker and Lily - "My Apartment Complex" - Here Comes Winter (Manifesto)
1:40pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe" - s/t (Infinity Cat Recordings)
1:38pm Nouvelle Vague - "Teenage Kicks" - s/t (Luaka Bop)
1:32pm Nutley Brass - "Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones Songbook (Medicine Label)
1:30pm Butthole Surfers - "Something" - Piouhgd (Rough Trade)
1:27pm Elf Power - "Upside Down" - Nothing's Going to Happen (Orangetwin)
1:24pm Jesus and Mary Chain - "Ambition" - Never Understand (Blanco Y Negro)
1:22pm The Vandelles - "Swell to Heaven" - s/t (Safranin Sound)
1:20pm Wide Smiles - "Fool for You" - Always Tomorrow (Sunday Best)
1:12pm Mike Rep and the Quotas - "Mama Was a Schitzo" - Mama Was a Schitzo (HoZac)
1:09pm Pagans - "Not Now No Way" - Buried Alive (Treehouse)
1:07pm Electric Eels - "Wreck and Roll" - Accident (HoZac)
1:05pm Calcinator - "Electrifie" - Skydog Commando (Skydog)
12:58pm Eddie Platt - "Cha Hua Hua" - Iron Giant soundtrack (Rhino)
12:56pm Carbonas - "Frothing at the Mouth" - s/t (Raw Deluxe)
12:53pm Ex-Cult - "Clinical Story" - Cigarette Machine (Castle Face)
12:51pm Warsaw - "Warsaw" - An Ideal for Killing (Galaor)
12:47pm Wedding Present - "Brassneck" - Bizarro (RCA)
12:38pm Circles - "Constant Party" - Shadowgraph (Diminished Arc)
12:33pm The Cure - "How Beautiful You Are" - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Elektra)
12:29pm JoBoxers - "Just Got Lucky" - Just Got Lucky (RCA)
12:26pm Camera Obscura - "If Looks Could Kill" - If Looks Could Kill (Merge)
12:24pm Linda Scott - "I've Told Every Little Star" - Donna Reed's Dinner Party (Sony)
12:22pm Robin Clark - "Daddy, Daddy" - Donna Lynn Meets Robin Clark (Rare Rockin)
12:20pm Lesley Gore - "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" - The Golden Hits (Mercury)
12:13pm Nelson Riddle - "Lolita Ya Ya" - Cocktail Mix vol. 4 (Rhino)