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Live in the KALX studio, local musicians of varied styles perform at the beginning of the show (9 pm to approximately 10:30 pm). Then at around 10:30 pm there will be a live broadcast from a local club and/or rerun of a previously taped live performance from a local venue.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 9:00pm to 10:59pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time

11:57pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Been Caught Stealing" - Skidmarks (Hot in the Hole)
11:51pm --- - "Gravel Spreaders Interview" - ()
12:05am KC Booker - "2007-07-08" - KALX Live Archive (KALX Live!)
11:47pm KC Booker - "2007-09-08" - KALX Live Archive (KALX Live!)
11:46pm --- - "" - ()
11:41pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Killing in the Name of Love" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:39pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Loser" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:36pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Fat Bottom Girls" - Live Performance at KALX January 31, 2015 (KALX Live!)
11:30pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Ghost Riders" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:26pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Shut Your Filthy Mouth" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:21pm The Gravel Spreaders - "You Shook Me" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:17pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Brick in the Wall/Folsom Blues" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:12pm The Gravel Spreaders - "You Kicked My Heart in the Nuts" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:08pm The Gravel Spreaders - "I Want to be Sedated" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:05pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Walk This Way" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
11:01pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Beverly Hills" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:56pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Crazy Train" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:36pm KC Booker - "2007-09-08" - KALX Live Archive (KALX Live!)
10:32pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Red Wine Cigarette" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:27pm The Gravel Spreaders - "The Ballad of Darth Bitter" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:20pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Aqualung/Easy" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:11pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Number of the Beast" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:06pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Up Shit Creek" - Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:58pm The Gravel Spreaders - "TNT/Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Live Performance (KALX LIVE!)
9:52pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Cum on Feel/Immigrant" - Live Performance (KALX LIVE!)
9:47pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Been Caught Stealing" - Live Performance (KALX LIVE!)
9:44pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Plastic Bottle of Whiskey" - Live Performance (KALX LIVE!)
9:21pm Misisipi Rider - "2008-11-05" - KALX Live Archive (KALX LIVE!)
9:16pm Derrick May - "The Dance" - Innovator (R&S)
9:14pm Derrick May - "A Rest/Beyond Kaos" - Innovator (R&S)
9:12pm Derrick May - "Freestyle" - Innovator (R&S)
9:08pm Derrick May - "Another Kaos Beyond Kaos" - Innovator (R&S)
9:02pm --- - "" - ()
11:49pm Ski Lodge NY - "archive recording from dj Poindexter show" - 4-29-13 (KALX)
11:07pm Cool Ghouls - "archive recording" - 8-10-13 (KALX)
10:45pm Katie Garibaldi - "interview with dj Bison Run" - live performance (KALX)
10:26pm the Stone Foxes - "archive recording" - 1-15-10 ()
10:18pm Katie Garibaldi - "Follow Your Heart" - live performance (KALX)
10:14pm Katie Garibaldi - "A Love Without Chains" - live performance (KALX)
10:09pm Katie Garibaldi - "Stand In My Way" - live performance (KALX)
10:05pm Katie Garibaldi - "Hey Hey Darling" - live performance (KALX)
9:59pm Katie Garibaldi - "Whispers & Rumors" - live performance (KALX)
9:55pm Katie Garibaldi - "Say the Word" - live performance (KALX)
9:50pm Katie Garibaldi - "Love the Hell Out of You" - live performance (KALX)
9:46pm Katie Garibaldi - "Lock the Door, Lose the Key" - live performance (KALX)
9:42pm Katie Garibaldi - "Close, Close, Close" - live performance (KALX)
9:37pm Katie Garibaldi - "Make Them Go Away" - live performance (KALX)
9:33pm Katie Garibaldi - "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" - live performance (KALX)
9:04pm Marquis Melody - "archive recording" - 11-24-07 (KALX)
11:24pm Barara Steele - "Archived Performance" - May 13, 2006 (KALX Live!)